A Sensible Action to Preserve Your Constitutional Rights in Today’s Unstable Situation

Unless we want the "new normal" citizens must take discreet actions seriously

American patriots in 2020 who are committed to defend the constitution of our nation built on the principles of God-given rights, and limited government that is accountable to the nation’s citizens, are reaching a “tipping point.”  In their frustration over abuses of power and distortion of truth in our traditional sources of information (like schools, media and academic professionals in various professions), law-biding citizens are praying, listening, watching and taking action to reverse the ominous course of self-destruction that has reached unprecedented depths of corruption and depravity.  Thankfully, our Creator/Savior is providentially raising up influential leaders to create sensible initiatives to change our destructive course.  One such initiative is provided by a growing association of respected and brilliant leaders who have demonstrated their loyalty to our basic freedoms of speech, of association and of assembly.  These are clearly under attack today by a daunting and powerful collaboration of powerful people/groups who deny personal and national sovereignty and who disdain open expression of ideas that confront “politically-correct” non-sense.

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Send this NOTICE of NON-CONSENT to say NO to the “Big Brother” bill (HR 6666) and preserve YOUR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS!

Solutions for Humanity

On May 1, 2020, 45 congress members co-sponsored Bill HR 6666, proposing to spend $100 BILLION dollars in 2020 to hire “contact tracers”, coronavirus testers, and reporting agents. If passed, this would create an unprecedented new mega-industry for what appears to be a type of “medical martial law”.

Proponents of this bill apparently want to hire a massive number of staff to enforce “social distancing”, administer tests in our homes — apparently whether we consent or not — and apparently even grant themselves the right to take people who “test positive” from their homes!

The full name of this bill HR 6666 — yes, that’s the actual bill number — is the “COVID-19 Testing, Reaching, And Contacting Everyone (TRACE) Act”. As many of you know, what is referred to as “contact tracing” is more aptly called total Big Brother surveillance.

Ventura, California recently announced their own draconian measure threatening to forcibly test and remove people from their homes if “necessary”… though they subsequently backtracked probably due to the massive pushback.

As many of us have come to realize (not a comfortable process), there is INDEED an agenda to lock humanity into a so-called “new normal” reality of technocratic policing and constant monitoring. Self-appointed technocrats and their organizations want to have us vaccinated and tracked with wireless and, it strongly appears, biometrics.

But millions are waking up and sharing information. This is a fight for the soul of humanity, and we’re learning what it means to combine love and action.


This instant action is the first step. It will be sent to each of YOUR elected reps, at the Federal, State and Municipal level.

We have about 80% coverage at the local level… i.e. so for most of you, you’ll be able to instantly send to your Mayor and Councillors. Also, we currently have USA nationwide coverage, and will add several other countries shortly.

In this action, we’ll use strong yet respectful language to 1) ask them to stop HR 6666 and all similar legislation, *AND* 2) remove our consent for all violations to our Constitutional Rights — including those occuring during this crisis.


Doing this simple action is powerful! In legal and contractual terms, there’s a mechanism called “implied consent”, or “tacit acceptance.” That means that, once you’ve been notified of (or even learned about) a thing, if you haven’t said NO, you’ve said YES.

Because this is a free-will universe, those that pull the strings in our society want us to be informed of their agenda… to be in fear about it… and to not go further than sharing information, signing petitions (which do not remove our consent), and perhaps demonstrating.

These types of actions are all well and good, but they do not go deep enough, because we can do all of these things and still be in a position of legally / contractually having consented to the situation — or, in contractual terms, to their “offer”.

But when we begin to realize who we are, the power we have, and the terrible charade happening in our world that is intended to bind us, we can turn the tables, then create what we want instead. Removing our consent and standing with our unalienable* rights, granted by our Creator (as recognized in the Constitution), is a significant and powerful first step.

* unalienable: that which cannot be seprated from you.


NOTE: Since you are the one with power, you are the reponsible party. It’s important that you read the Notice in full; and since it’s editable, customize it accordingly (on Step 2) so that you are in full agreement with what you are sending. 

Dear [Elected Rep’s Name],

Below are critically important questions, evidence, facts, and my NOTICE OF TERMS to you in your public and private capacities.

Transmission of this notice has been electronically recorded. Thank you for reading this notice, sent to you in good faith, and without ill-intent. Please respond ASAP.

In this current crisis, measures have been undertaken which are harming me against my consent. Further malicious actions are being threatened against me, and against the rule of law itself.

A central example is the TRACE Act (HR 6666), proposing $100 BILLION in 2020 to create an industry of “contact tracers” – a ubiquitous, fascist surveillance network – to enforce testing and apparently to grant the “authority” to remove people from their dwellings. See: bit.ly/bill6666

This action is egregious and, for federal officials, I ask you to immediately stop this bill. For all officials: stop all anti-Constitution legislation, and pass laws preserve all Constitutional rights and the rule of law in this country.


A. I have unalienable rights recognized in the original U.S. Constitution that cannot be superseded by any agenda, nor be removed from me. I understand these laws of the land to be active and currently valid. If this is not the case, please send verification in writing within 72 hours.

B. My unalienable rights are being harmed by agendas implemented by oath-sworn elected officials, corporate executives and/or non-elected officials (collectively “Agents Of Harm”). These include, without limitation:
i. My free rights to speak, travel, do commerce, work, assemble, and be free of surveillance without warrant.
ii. A threat of medical procedures or experimentation without my consent.
iii. Threats of punitive detention, violence and or assault for non-compliance.

C. My unalienable rights are NOT conditional – i.e. subject to proving I am not contagious, nor submitting to surveillance, nor anything that would cause me harm – properly called “extortion”.


Effective immediately, and until each of the below questions are answered to my satisfaction, LET IT BE KNOWN throughout all jurisdictions and dimensions that:

A. I DO NOT CONSENT to being harmed by any imposition of quarantine, or restriction on my right to assemble, work, travel, speak or do commerce.

B. I DO NOT CONSENT to being told to live in fear, nor made to wear a mask, nor being mandated an allowable proximity to others.

C. I DO NOT CONSENT to any offer of forced medical experimentation or testing; nor forced medical procedure (i.e. vaccine, or substance delivered by air, water, or other means without my knowledge and consent); nor exposure to radiation from 4G/5G/wireless deployments; nor being tracked by any technology or biometric device on or adjacent to my body.

D. I HEREBY ACCEPT YOUR OATH OF OFFICE as your sworn statement that binds you to uphold my Constitutional rights, protect me from harm once noticed, and to liability when acting with negligence or without duty of care.

E. I RESERVE ALL OF MY RIGHTS, nunc pro tunc, to pursue remedy for ALL harm AND THREATS OF HARM, which may constitute CRIMINAL ASSAULT, and or tort, caused or contributed by Agents Of Harm. I intend to seek remedy and lawful justice unless and until the stated harmful actions cease and desist.

If you do not agree with my lawful ability to state and realize these claims and terms, please make your case in writing within 72 hours. If I receive no response from you, or if you offer any response that violates the supremacy of the original U.S. Constitution and you do not disprove my claim that the U.S. Constitution is active and valid, I will deem you to be in agreement and will proceed accordingly.



2. Why are hospitals paid $13,000 for EACH claimed CV-19 patient and $39,000 for EACH ventilator request? bit.ly/2wFxH4i

3. Why are testing methods being used which DO NOT confirm CV-19, and which the test inventor said should NOT be used to identify a specific disease? bit.ly/2LfTdAw

4. Why are goats and even fruit apparently testing “positive” for CV-19? bit.ly/35Skx1

5. Why is the media suppressing a study showing CV-19 may be up to 50-85x LESS fatal than was thought? bit.ly/3cxTyd5

6. Why are hospitals empty if CV-19 is a legitimate pandemic? bit.ly/3cn11

7. Why do you not tell us social distancing costs us $2 trillion dollars, contributes to depression and suicide, and will CAUSE the “second wave”? bit.ly/3ezOdno

8. Why is 5G being fast-tracked in our cities and schools during lockdown? bit.ly/34Jr9hN

9. Why are the economy, jobs, and freedoms being destroyed, allegedly to save people, when alcohol, cigarettes and junk food kill 21 MILLION people/year AND ARE STILL ALLOWED? bit.ly/3dt31

10. Why is Bill Gates, who is neither an elected official, nor a medical professional, saying vaccines are the “final solution” when vaccines can reduce immunity, increase disease, and harm or kill us? bit.ly/3clw1fG

11. Why did Bill Gates say, “eventually, we will have some digital certificates to show who has recovered or been tested recently or when we have a vaccine who has received it”? bit.ly/3fBzw

12. Why did Bill Gates say, “we’re taking genetically-modified organisms and we’re injecting them into a little kid’s arm — just shoot ‘em right in the vein”? bit.ly/3dwO1

13. Why does Microsoft own a patent (#060606, Mar 2020) for a cryptocurrency system using microchipped humans? bit.ly/3fyQ71

14. Why are doctors CENSORED for reporting that their CV-19 patients recovered from vitamin C? bit.ly/2xHpGfD

15. Why are YouTube and Google allowed to censor videos from hundreds of CREDIBLE EXPERTS, expressing grave concerns? See what’s been censored: bit.ly/2zsH1bit.ly/34DiM79

16. Why has mask-wearing been forced when the Surgeon General, the WHO and even Dr. Fauci say to not wear them? bit.ly/3ckVtbit.ly/3dw81

17. Why does gov’t and Hollywood co-fabricate stories intended to control our thoughts and behaviors? bit.ly/2RDSBbq


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