Medical Doctors Speaking out for Freedom from Tyranny

Citizens are seeing historic grassroots push-back to misguided policy makers

We are all experiencing what is fast becoming one of the most historic turning points in the history of the world – namely the grass-roots uprising to resist global tyranny.  It’s the confluence of three major rivers of human experience, all of which are discovering deep roots of evil manipulation and corruption – medical science, civil government, and philosophical religion in academia.  This authentic plea from a local medical doctor for accountability and policy corrections in public affairs must be seen by every citizen and their young people to see the making of historic changes of influence from humble people who are just trying to do their jobs.  Hopefully, this recording will not be censored, but it probably is just a harbinger of more outcrys in coming weeks like we haven’t seen in civil society in the Western Hemisphere in many generations.  May God give us warriors with the courage to bravely declare and fight for the truth for the sake of future generations that will be gathered by the Judge of all human nations before His righteous declaration of eternal truth.

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