Informed Action generates community reformation when truth comes first

In an age of widespread disinformation and polarized opinions, how can honest, God-fearing people ever expect to see a positive transformation in society?

There’s a strong correlation between community transformation and the humble informed action of godly people in response to truth.  The observation of Isaiah’s generation in Israel parallels what we see today, but we have one big difference. He said:

“Our courts oppose the righteous, and justice is nowhere to be found. Truth stumbles in the streets, and honesty has been outlawed. Yes, truth is gone, and anyone who renounces evil is attacked. The LORD looked and was displeased to find there was no justice. He was amazed to see that no one intervened to help the oppressed. So, he himself stepped in to save them with his strong arm, and his justice sustained him.”

(Isaiah 59:14-16).

It sure sounds a lot like today’s warped world, doesn’t it? So, what’s the big difference? Don’t forget that we’re on the other side of the biggest alteration in the history of the planet since Satan deceived Eve in the garden… Jesus now holds the keys to death and the grave (Rev. 1:8) because He’s been given all authority in heaven and on earth through His resurrection. And he’s equipping men through the power of His Holy Spirit to be built up in love (Ephesians 4:12, 16). Read all of chapter four and five.  It’s so we can “make the most of our time, because the days are evil” (Ephesians 5:16).

Anyone who is noticing the extraordinary disconnect exhibited in the preaching, teaching, and even praying in many pulpits across our nation, and the nations of the world, can’t help wondering what world they’re living in.  All of us want honest and relevant answers to the challenging issues of the time in which we’re living. Are we getting relevant answers regularly from our trusted sources of spiritual insight? Even general information insight?  With all the conflicting opinions and advice, how do we confidently make the best choices, especially when those choices become life-and-death choices for our family?

Life is filled with choices, not just about decisions regarding our eternal salvation – heaven and hell. We need answers to deliver us from evil destructive forces right now?  “Deliver us from evil” is a practically irrelevant prayer if it only concerns our condition after we die.

There are Bible insights to help us with genuine hope in times of seemingly hopeless circumstances. And they do directly relate to the topics that are on everyone’s minds these days.

The comfort of God’s promises

The first is the discovery that the living word of God (Hebrews 4:12) is filled with powerfully expectant promises that the Holy Spirit uses personally to bring reassurance and comfort to our anxious thoughts.

Jesus said in Luke 8:17 – “For nothing is secret that will not be revealed, nor anything hidden that will not be known and come to light.” He reflected a promise from Jeremiah the prophet, who said God would show great and mighty things in answer to those who call on Him by name (Jeremiah 33:3).

God sovereignly guides the exposure of His hidden secrets to those whom He has called and chosen to fulfill His purposes. When we recognize that our times are in His hands (Psalm 31:15), and that He is actually at work in us supernaturally to accomplish His will (Philippians 2:13), then we can peacefully rest in His providence for all the outcomes to bring glory to Him.  And we can boldly step out and speak up to issues confronting all of us today.  Proverbs 28:1 says, “The wicked flee when no one is pursuing, but the righteous are bold as a lion.”

The guidance of God’s wisdom

Secondly, God guides His eternally loved children through the experiences of life to discover and choose the transforming wisdom that God provides to honor Him through those experiences.

The knowledge of God and His will is dependent on our humble response to two Scripture benchmarks. They demand our intelligent commitment to Truth.

  1. Do not be conformed to the world’s ways, but be transformed to God’s ways by the renewing of your mind (Romans 12:2). Your mind is how you think – your reasoning, your opinions, your world-view, how you operate in the present world.
  2. Destroy faulty speculations and high thoughts pitched against Godly knowledge (2 Cor 10:5). This is in harmony with the firm command to not allow anyone to capture you to philosophies, deceptions, and traditions that are elementary to human society but contrary to Christ’s kingdom (Col. 2:8).

What’s the first step toward transformation?

Do you know anyone who genuinely wants to know the truth so they can act on it?

If so, the first step after finding like-minded friends who want to make a difference, is to continuously discover and share sources of trustworthy information, inspiration and advice. Without conscientious, prayerful and humble cleansing and edifying being a continuous enterprise, we are all, in our human weakness, vulnerable to being led astray by our own flawed tendencies. James chapter four guides us with wise counsel to resist the devil’s influence by submitting to God (vs 7). It ends with the powerful axiom: if you know the right thing to do and don’t do it, you are missing the mark completely (vs 17). That can lead to personal danger and even death.  Study James four. It’s a feast of practical spiritual nourishment.

It’s absolutely vital for us to have trustworthy sources of information in times when so many previously trusted sources have been compromised by financial ties to those with questionable or outright antagonistic philosophies and motivations (agendas).

We all know, don’t we, that the enemy of the “imago Dei” has successfully used fear and deceit, in the realm of personal physical well-being, to lead billions of people into self-destroying behaviors?  It’s a mass propaganda campaign with many stake-holding elitists steering the whole society to self-inflicted genocide. If you’re a truth-seeker, you have to put a high priority on identifying the sources that you’ve questioned, tested, and continue to find trustworthy.  In today’s disturbing chaos, we don’t have time to waste listening to those we know are reading the scripts of satanically motivated commercial influencers – the main-stream news media. Isn’t it refreshing to see that God has raised up truth-tellers who constantly urge their listeners to test everything they report? Let me name a few.

Truth-Telling Reports to Replace the Corrupted mainstream media

At the top of my list is “The Highwire.”  Get excellent, researched and carefully non-compromised, information so you can truly “test everything” without giving in to the corruption of stakeholders with commercial and political motivations.

Find answers to discussions like these at The HighWire | Watch  :









All these, and many more questions, are discussed openly and honestly with the input from many experts who are typically avoided and censored without any open discussion in the MSM.

Did you see the interview with one of the key world’s leading scientists who has worked for 30 years with the world’s major pharmaceutical companies, Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche?  He sent a scientific letter to all the leading scientists in the field of virology and immunology saying:

“Basically, we’ll very soon be confronted with a super-infectious virus that completely resists our most precious defense mechanism: The human immune system.”

In his Open Letter to the WHO: “Immediately Halt All Covid-19 Mass Vaccinations”, Dr. Bossche explains that:

  • Ongoing mass vaccination deployments are “highly-likely to further enhance ‘adaptive’ immune escape as none of the current vaccines will prevent replication/transmission of viral variants”.
  • And so, “The more we use these vaccines for immunizing people in the midst of a pandemic, the more infectious the virus will become”.
  • And “With increasing infectiousness comes an increased likelihood of viral resistance to the vaccines”.

His real worry (he puts it, “beyond worried”), is that the humankind may severely damage it’s own, natural ‘innate’ immunity, because Specific Antibodies in the vaccine will suppress our own natural killer (NK) cells. On a wide scale, our ‘innate’ immunity would be lost (a rich, variant-nonspecific, form of natural immunity).

“From all of the above, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to imagine how the consequences of the extensive and erroneous human intervention in this pandemic are not going to wipe out large parts of our human population. One could only think of very few other strategies to achieve the same level of efficiency in turning a relatively harmless virus into a bioweapon of mass destruction.” ~Geert Vanden Bossche, PhD virology, previous SPO at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and SPM at GAVI

See Dr. Bossche’s interview and report with Del Bigtree on the Highwire at

Other highly trustworthy sources are

Dr Sherry Tenpenny  has a treasure of informative resources. Her many interviews on podcasts and news shows everywhere put her as one of the leading, sound-thinking authorities on the current health issues facing everyone today.  Her talk with Dr Delores Kahill is inspiring at

Dr Bryan Ardis Many interviews with podcast hosts are helping get Dr Ardis’ insights to the needy world. This one is excellent

Dr Christiane Northrup  Dr. Northrup is a veteran Women’s Health Expert, NYT Best-selling Author and collaborator with several other renowned medical doctors who care deeply about the natural, God-given freedom and insight for individual health freedom.  Her discussion with Dr. Ardis and Dr. Stillwagon is extremely eye-opening at

Dr Carrie Madej has many interviews on several channels. 1. Dr. Carrie Madej, the Medical Director at 2 large Medical Clinics in Georgia

Transhumanism is no longer science fiction. In this extremely informative video, Dr. Carrie Madej explains that the elites peddling the COVID shots are also pushing transhumanism – and the two are closely related. This is the interview with Alex Newman.

Dr Peter McCullough is interviewed on many platforms as one of the very highest respected American medical authority on immunology and the current health crisis who has been severely censored by the old and fading main stream.

News sources on highly relevant controversial topics that are often avoided, watered down or totally misguided on other platforms are available from highly respected sources that you simply have to plug into.  As the power-controlling stake-holders of our world are openly deceiving the naïve and gullible, who are wasting their time on frivolous entertainment, lost in their fear and appetite for free stuff that is toxic waste for their minds, you and I have a mission to do. We cannot waste another day in the delusion that some kind of normal will return without an aggressive determined effort to find and tell the truth to everyone we possibly can.

Now, I’m going to list several sources that you should write down. The links to their websites are included deliberately for you to share with loved ones.  If you’re listening to this information today, it’s not by accident. God is sovereignly giving you a mission… and to whom much is given, much is required. You don’t want to miss your mission that God is giving you today. It may seem like a little thing, but that’s the way seeds grow into trees that produce a flood of fruit. And God is in the fruit-producing business among those who receive His seed on good soil that is well watered with His word, prayer and interaction with like-minded disciples of Jesus.

Stew Peters  One of the most bold, articulate, and prolific news commentators on the Internet, speaks from a fearlessly Christ-honoring world view.

Victory News  Godly and fair-minded coverage of American and world news stories offers two half-hour shows daily for a broad Christian audience.

Flashpoint  Lively discussion to discover how prophecy and current events are aligning to usher in God’s greatest awakening. Host Gene Bailey, with regular contributors Mario Murillo, Hank Kunneman and Lance Wallnau, are joined by special guests including prominent prophetic voices in the Church today, as well as political, governmental, business and church leaders. Aired live every Tuesday and Thursday at 8 p.m. ET/7 p.m. CT.

Doug Billings  interviews with many experts in the front lines of live action news from a committed Godly commentator.

Health Impact News Timely and personal reports of health and humanitarian issues from a sound Biblical perspective.

Brighteon TV  A full daily weekday schedule of live news and commentary programs from some of the finest God-honoring journalists and researchers in the patriotic, constitutionalist, Biblical and common-sense world.

World News Daily  headline stories you won’t hear on the fake news, pharma-controlled main stream from a God-fearing perspective that is committed to the truth of the Bible.

Several summary documentaries are worth investigating for yourself


Stop World Control This is one of the most researched and referenced resources available. You’ll see here some of humanity’s leading voices in the fields of science, healthcare, law and journalism speaking out. Listen to these heroes of humanity, who risk everything to inform you about what is truly happening in the world today.

Our title today is “Informed Action generates community reformation when truth comes first.”

Just because we believe in Romans 8:28 and take our peace and rest in the fact that God has our times in His hands, doesn’t mean that we are to sit back and wait for God or the government to bail us out when the going gets tough.

Are you ready if, for any reason, you or your loved one has to go to the hospital for anything?

Dr Bryan Ardis describes 2 documents that you must have before entering a hospital at:

Current hospital policy/protocol in America says the only permitted hospital treatment for covid19 is remdesivir and intubation. This is their secret lie to the public.

If you go to hospital with difficulty breathing or flu-like symptoms – Two Documents must be taken.

  1. NIH characteristics of Antiviral Agents that Are approved or Under evaluation for the treatment of Covid-19 – print this out; hand it to each hospital and nurse you encounter–characteristics-of-antiviral-agents/
    1. From
    1. First drug on list is remdesivir
    1. Second drug on list is Ivermectin – doses are listed

Give 0.2 – 0.6 mg per kilogram of body weight for 5 days straight

You can demand this if they tell you they don’t allow it when you hand them this chart and show them the doses prescribed by the CDC.  Tell them it’s just as approved and evaluated as remdesivir.

It is much safer – look at the side effects of each on the chart. Show them the liver and renal (kidney) failure that appear with remdesivir but not with ivermectin.

Organ failure occurs in 31% of all patients given remdesivir.

  • New Covid-19 Treatments Add-on payment (NCTAP)
    • From – Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services
    • CMS is offering all doctors and hospitals 20% payout for patients treated with remdesivir. They are bribing them to use these codes @ $2400-$3100 per treatment
    • Say: “my loved one’s life is worth more than the 20% bonus you’re being bribed to accept to choose remdesivir.”
    • Ask them to document on their patient’s medical record that you do not want them treating you with remdesivir or intubating you (venting you).  If they still do it after you ask them not to and give them these documents, you have grounds to charge them with battery for administering something medically that you demanded them not to. [you may want to ask them to sign it on the record as you photograph them doing so].

Go to – see the button saying “all the facts”

The supposed “polio-like illness in children” predicted to bloom in the fall is actually something else.

See Fact sheet on CDC titled, “Acute Flaccid Myelitis (AFM) in children.

Go to > AFM > cases and outbreaks on left side by year.  It happens every year since 2014.

See ‘Acute flaccid myelitis (AFM) on … most children who get this experience a mild upper respiratory infection one to four weeks before the AFM appears, including paralysis in legs, etc.

In 2013 the FDA approved a new fluzone vaccine for children.

Go to > fluzone side effects > respiratory  

AFM is really Guillain Barre’ syndrome

Guillain Barre’ syndrome is top listed adverse effect from flu shots.

Mayo Clinic define the syndrome as an attack by the immune system on the nervous system. Weakness and tingling are first symptom, paralyzing whole body.

How can we know that flu shots are causing this syndrome?  See Texas state health services Dept, immunization branch; Seasonal Influenza Vaccination July 10, 2012

From the satanic tyrants who see your life’s only value is that of a lab rat, we are all finally learning that the mindset of the globalist stakeholders is really about controlling the human race by means of using medicine to control the masses.

When you see an actual panel discussion among some of the leading sociopaths who are pulling the strings on the world stage, you can’t help asking, “Who appointed these people as caretakers of humanity to decide what is good for the entire human race?” The heart of medical tyranny is a fundamental difference of how one views life. This panel represents the Luciferian, Satanic worldview that completely excludes God as the Creator of Life.  Their talk of “deficiencies” in natural immunity, this is a Satanic attack on the human family, created in God’s image.  The modern “science” of vaccines assumes that stance.

This worldview of this panel believes they are a higher life that can dictate to the masses how to live, because these people honestly believe they are tasked with saving humanity, and saving the planet, and that everyone else is too ignorant to make these decisions.

They are psychopaths driven by greed and the desire to control. But that conclusion is only clearly seen by those taking the time to actually see and read their views.

Millions of people around the world are waking up to the fact that they’ve been duped. They’ve been viciously attacked, maimed, and loved ones killed, by elite demonically sold-out people who pretend to offer solutions when, in fact, they are luring millions to satisfy their warped vision for a reset world, controlled by the devil who they think is God.

If you know anyone using podcast platforms like Spotify, Apple, iHeartRadio or Stitcher, be sure to link to Reclaiming Your Legacy and access each of our recorded programs. Start at .

Be sure not to miss Dr Bryan Ardis detailing prevention treatments and nutritional supplements that you need to help you with your immune system! Whether you have been injected or not, this is one of the most important videos you will watch. Tons of life saving information. Please share this interview with your family and friends.

Pam Popper has been creating a nationwide coalition of informed patriots, recommended by many knowledgeable Christian professionals like Dr. Christian Northrup in her interview with Doug Billings.  See and sign up for updates from Make Americans Free Again at

Jacqueline from Deep Roots at Home wrote a helpful letter with links to a valuable basic exposure to some of the leading expert witnesses who give insight on the present critical crisis in our world.

She shared a selection of very carefully selected videos in October 2021 that inform all of us about knowledge recently gained for us to be more informed in how to pray for ourselves and others. 

Read and watch the facts here (October 15 section)The single message of this post is to provide proof that these so-called “Vaccines” are not the answer for a disease that has a recovery rate of over 99.97%.

The outcome of the vaccine is consistent with predictions from a number of doctors speaking out as far back as November of 2020:

See video interviews by Alexis Newman of The New American with Dr Madej and several other interviewers with leading doctors with extremely credible insight on the relevant topics that is being censored from the mainstream.  See them at

See it at

Spectacular Conspiracy About to be Exposed?

Could you imagine how the enemy of humanity might possibly scheme to deceive the masses by employing professional institutions that were once trusted to be a friend?

If there exists one clearly understood fact about the devil, of which practically every true follower of Jesus is very aware, it’s his number one characteristic – he’s the master deceiver.  Revelation 12:7 identifies that serpent of old as “Satan, who deceives the whole world.” 

Can you imagine… tricking the whole world of humanity to almost universally believe in a lie?

Have you ever been deceived?  We all have. Did you realize it, when you were going along with the trap of deception? Of course not.  It often isn’t until we’ve felt the pain of being trapped in a deception that we wake up to the reality of the trap.  Just like it is with ignorance, we all have to admit that ‘we don’t know what we don’t know.’ 

Fortunately, until now, most of us haven’t had to think a whole lot about being wary of the possibility of being poisoned to death.  It’s not been like the so-called ‘good old days’ of the wild west, when you had to be constantly on guard for thieves and murderers.  Afterall, we’ve got policemen and sheriffs to keep us safe from those kinds of threats, right?

The ethic of self-reliance and personal independence were the common fabric of American life before the industrial revolution.  All that has given way to a modern culture of consumerism and complete dependency on faceless systems supplying everything we need. It’s all taken for granted.  It’s what we have thought was normal, even if over half of the rest of humans on earth are living in a far more precarious world.  We’ve been conditioned to trust the many systems that are beyond our control to protect us from harm.  We trust that the container of food or medicine is safe because it has a seal on the bottle that is really hard to take off. And surely no one would secretly inject a deadly poison inside the item to harm us.  Think of all the layers of trust that are built into our society.

We trust food growers because … well, we think they do what is scientifically responsible.

We trust manufacturers because they are regulated by the government.

We trust delivery companies because they have to maintain their good reputation in order to stay in business.

We trust the law enforcement agencies because we think they’re there to protect us.

But all that trust has become increasingly suspect in recent time for those who are knowledgeable and wary.  While generations of devious people have been allowed to infiltrate our institutions with subtle lies, the general public has gradually morphed into a society of sheeple that have proven to be easily led to their own slaughter.

Think of the most basic lie that has become seemingly accepted by the whole world… the ridiculous idea that all of creation just happened by blind chance, without a plan, without an awesomely omnipotent Creator-Designer.  And yet, most of the people on earth – maybe 90% – actually believe that natural forces did it all.  They don’t even have a reasonable myth story that everyone can make any sense of.  People’s minds are warped by the absurd.  Yet God’s Holy Spirit challenges us all in His Word to “put everything to the test.”

All of us are now awakening to the fact that we are literally on the brink of what could be a complete collapse of society and the death of hundreds of millions of people… all because of the manipulated mass exaggeration of a diabolically engineered flu season through an epidemic of fear.  That’s no exaggeration. Consider just one factor upon which the life of every single one of us is completely dependent.

Every citizen depends on the economics of the national and global “supply chain.” Every supply chain for every product and service needed by the general population is dependent on workers to be employed to produce their goods and services. When masses of lower income workers are incentivized to not go to work, that means those companies cannot produce all the things that everybody in society wants and needs. The whole society, along with all the economic backbones required to function, are then inevitably at the brink of chaotic instability. That causes most people’s minds to be so overwhelmed, they simply go into a sort of mental shock. They are incapacitated.

This is why it’s very appropriate that this pivotal issue be raised from every citizen who can possibly communicate with their governmental representatives.

I just sent a letter to my elected federal representatives with the help of a timely service provided by a private company that our family has grown to trust over the last 30 years. I’m sure there are many organizations that are doing what they can to help you make your appeal.

[You can find it yourself at this link… to contact your elected officials]

This really is a historic and highly dangerous crisis that doesn’t need to happen if only individual voters like you and me take at least the time to do this… I pray that 10 million of us will do it.  I know some people think fatalistically, and that their voice means nothing, because the only force behind our letter is the possibility that we might vote… and now that the voting process is so highly compromised, the bad guys seem to think they can get away with murder. That’s why we need God’s intervention like never before in our life-time. I wonder if enough millions of those of us who honestly trust God are willing to even pray in faith, expecting God to intervene. Because we barely hear a peep about it in church circles.

Here is the text I wrote to my congressmen…

It’s highly unusual for me to write to my elected officials like this, but I am very concerned about what is happening in our country right now. Almost, everywhere I go I see Help Wanted signs. When I talk to shop owners, they tell me the difficulty they have finding good employees willing to come to work.  It appears that many able-bodied individuals are not going to work because of all of the government subsidies. We need to stop the types of programs that are creating incentives for people not to work. It should be obvious to all that these programs will only lead to economic disaster. I understand that some of the unemployment subsidies are coming to an end. But I also understand that there are plans to add new subsidies and programs amounting to trillions of dollars.

Honestly, I do not blame people for staying home, when it is to their financial advantage to do so. I blame the government who is paying them to not go to work. I am concerned about the myriad of shortages that are being created right now as a result of an inadequate workforce. I am worried about the inflation that will come from these programs and the trillions of dollars being poured into the economy by never-before-seen government spending and subsidies!

Our country was built by hardworking, productive Americans who endeavored to make sure that their children had a better life than they did. I am concerned that our children and our grandchildren will not have a better life than we do now based on the current trajectory of our country, the policies being enacted, and the rampant spending.

You have been trusted to make decisions for our country. I urge you to consider the long-term impact of the incentives, spending, and budgets being discussed. I urge you to take a stand against this nonsense and to be in favor of the time-tested principles of a free market economy.

=== ==== === === ===

Now, think with me a bit…

… Do you think a nation that is already in full tyrannical control of its people, like China, would ever deliberately permit the possibility of having their supply chain disrupted? Deliberately?

 That should tell us all that we are at war. The problem is that most people don’t really realize their society is at war. They know their society is falling apart but they don’t really understand the deeply spiritual causes behind the destruction. Those who are economically and politically powerful enemies of freedom in the free world countries have been successfully using their proven strategies to bring us to this current crisis.  They are deeply rooted in the subtle evil tactics of ancient secret societies. The list includes blackmail, bribery, demoralization, mind-control, divide-and-conquer, and the complete control of how people are conditioned to think (including brazen propaganda). The people, commonly referred to as “elites” or “elitists” are all parts of a global “cabal” that has been working for generations to dominate the world.  That behavior used to be openly labeled as “conspiracy” but now people have been conditioned by what we universally refer to as “the media” to treat the idea of large-scale conspiracies as some kind of make-believe “myth.”  Consequently, many are accustomed to avoid being lumped in with all who they think society labels as “crazy” so they just refuse to do their own research.  Then they are trained by nameless “fact-checkers” to accuse those who do the true truth-seeking investigative research as people who should not be trusted.  This is just what the globalist-minded elites want.

How did the popular concept of “conspiracy theory” begin?

By the way, I discovered how the popularized idea of “conspiracy theories” came about. Do you recall what happened in America after President Kennedy was assassinated in a moving car among crowds of cheering people being filmed for all the world to see? Most thinking people then realized that a crazy ‘lone ranger’ could not have single-handedly fired a rifle shot from the rear that entered the front of a man’s skull to kill him from the top of a high-rise downtown office building. The grand-master of the US Supreme court, Earl Warren, had his name memorialized by the naming of what was called “The Warren Commission Report.”  The final word of that report began what has now become a stigma in society.  Anyone who dared to publicly talk about the possibility that there truly was a planned, high-level conspiracy to kill our president was labeled as a fringe radical who believed in “conspiracy theories.”

Ever since then, the public main-stream media have gone overboard to add to the stigmatization of any reporter who would dare to suggest that a high-level, insider group within the upper echelons of the political elites could be behind a major crime.

But more and more of thinking, truth-seekers have spoken out to do more research and awaken to the behind-the-scenes realities of the evil that has increasingly darkened our whole society. Starting with dynamic commentators like Rush Limbaugh, the “digital army” of modern podcasters have added their very observant voices to the grandest expose’ in history. The evidence of concerted conspiracies is being exposed! And the exposure is openly revealing that the conspiracies are not just theories. They are actual realities that explain what’s going on.

The public has grown increasingly skeptical of the highly corrupted main-stream media. They have proven to be bought off by their sponsors, 70% of which come from the pharmaceutical industry. About half of the public is at various stages of awakening to the ugly truth about the manipulative charade being orchestrated by the stake-holders of society. Most of the other half seems utterly destined for destruction by refusing the love of the truth and receiving the promised reward of a God-given delusion (check out 2 Thes 2:10-11).

This is the reason those influential elites (corrupted by America-hating billionaires funding all sorts of NGOs) are pushing the influencing media, education, corporate, and political tentacles of society to work overtime now to fan the flames of fear-mongering.  They have synthetically manipulated a planned seasonal flu outbreak in their strategic effort to fragment society. They’ve done it with all the distractions staged by a vast coalition of regressive politicians, financial titans, and media puppeteers to influence the masses to react to controlled fear. They have effectively convinced the majority of the media-driven population to go along with insane measures in the name of “public health” that defy common sense.  They have literally gotten away with a bizarre form of what could be called “mass-hypnosis.”

Modern society has fallen prey to a sophisticated re-invention of pagan idolatry!

One of the most eye-opening, spiritually challenging “rabbit holes” I’ve ever gone down is detailed in a thorough Bible-based essay written by one of my friends who has been researching our Creator’s world of health and common sense for many decades.  See it at:

Deception on a global scale has been mastered by God-hating evolutionistic scientists who influence the elite class. They are the academic and politically positioned people in society. They are typically compromised by their satanically inspired goals to control the masses for their own gain or idealistic objectives, like depopulation and related scams like climate change. They use propaganda-driven mind-control to capitalize on the honest objectives that everyone values most in their lives. What are the two most basic of those objectives? Simply this: their means by which they think they depend for maintaining their physical well-being, and their means of economic stability. Health and wealth. Desperate people will do almost anything they are tricked into believing to preserve their health or their livelihood. And they’ll readily comply with whatever plays into their preconceived ideas of what their trusted sources of influence have taught them before they will dare explore other options offered by those who are marginalized and labeled as “unscientific” or “conspiracy theorists.”

Only those with ears to hear and eyes to see will discover and understand the popular idolatry of the 21st Century.

Ancient cultures had their pagan idols which were really just “fronts” for demonic worship of sensual appetite appeasement.

What has replaced those idols today are beliefs in new idols to accommodate human pride, convenience and more sensual lust. The most common idol in western culture today, by far, is medicine – the new “magic.”

Modern day medicine has existed for a relatively short period of human history, and the creation of a body of licensed “physicians” can be traced back to the start of the vaccine movement in Europe in the 1800s. Health officials wanted more control over the population. They took advantage of what the population perceived were life-threatening diseases like smallpox.

Today, medicine is seen as the solution to almost all personal problems. A pill or vaccine exists now for just about every ailment or problem in life. For those problems that don’t yet have a medical solution, billions of dollars are being spent on research to find one. And the public is convinced that their tax dollars must be tapped to enable massive international companies to research the invention of products that create huge profits for the elite class.

The humanistically-educated experts who control the medical system are trained, licensed, and given great authority to control our lives. Currently they have the authority to take children away from their parents. They can declare someone “insane” or mentally disturbed, and have them committed to an institution.  They can force people (especially children) to use their products via vaccinations. They make sweeping laws and regulations that affect the lives of everyone.

It’s believed that life itself is dependent on medicine, and this belief system is used to justify the authority and power that the medical system has been given in our culture.

If you have not yet seen the well-researched report by Dr. Vladimir Zelenko of New York and David Sorensen of Holland about Evidence of millions of deaths and serious adverse events resulting from the experimental COVID-19 injections, you owe it to your loved ones to do your research in the next few days. Discover what has been hidden from the public by the mainstream. And we’re not just talking about the “media” in this global “blackout” of information.

vaccine-death-report.pdf (

Remember that God’s word clearly defines that “my people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge.” And that condition is proven to exist in modern society because the people who should be God’s preservative salt and darkness-exposing light to their culture have typically not been taught to “test all things” and discover the “hidden” treasures of wisdom, understanding and discernment that are freely available to all who will diligently seek them with all their heart.

The purpose of this report is to document how all over the world millions of people have died, and hundreds of millions of serious adverse events have occurred, after injections with the experimental mRNA gene therapy. Also revealed is the real risk of an unprecedented genocide that is no less than an all-out war on humanity.

Presenting solid facts, and avoiding unfounded claims, the data is clear and verifiable. References can be found with all the information presented in the report. It provides a starting point for your further investigation.

Can you imagine law abiding citizens like you being trapped into complicity with the most grievous crime in history?  The data shows that we are currently witnessing the greatest organized mass murder in the history of our world. This situation is so severe, we are all compelled to ask one critical question. Will we rise up to the defense of billions of innocent people, or will we permit short-term self-preservation to overrule our God-given sense of justice? Will we be complicit or will we dare to join in helping others to expose the darkness? Networks of lawyers all over the world are preparing class action lawsuits to prosecute all who are serving this criminal agenda. Hundreds of millions of people worldwide are rising up against this criminal operation. To all who have been complicit so far, we say: There is still time to turn and choose the side of truth. Please make the right choice.

The Vaccine Death Report has an amazing amount of information and is the most powerful piece of evidence anywhere in the world, that shows how there is a real genocide happening.

Go to the link at now. Read the report at

The report exposes the strategic methods used by governments and health agencies to hide 99% of all injuries and deaths from the global experimental jab. You will also learn who is really behind all of this, and what their true agenda is.  You’re about to learn a tremendous amount of critical information, that you will find nowhere else in such a comprehensive and well-organized format. It ends with a strong message of hope, that will greatly empower you. This report is a critical alarm call to the world. Download it now. Distribute it to your family, your pastor, your boss, your teacher, your doctor, your attorney. Give it to anyone you would tell if you saw an arsonist sneaking around the back of their house intent to destroy their home. You might have to call them, text them and email them. If you think their life is worth saving, I can’t think of any reason you would not take the time to exercise a little of God’s mercy and urge them to interrupt the path of their own destruction – the “lack of knowledge.”

During the current world crisis, the attacks on really credible medical experts who innocently warn of questionable medical procedures, have risen to high level censorship. Medical experts are being completely de-platformed from all social media. Their websites are de-ranked by Google.  Entire YouTube channels are deleted. Many have lost their jobs. In some countries, professional experts have been arrested, in an attempt to suppress the truth about the experimental injections. Several countries are now labeling scientists, who speak out against vaccines, as ‘domestic terrorists’. It is clear that all means have to be deployed by the criminal chemical industry cartel to suppress what is going on with these shots.

Modern day prophets of Baal (the news media) aren’t the only ones that are suffering a massive loss of public trust. When you read or listen to some of the thousands of first-hand reports of those who have been seriously handicapped by accepting a medical intervention without knowing the full risks, you’ll see why millions of people are now aware of how corrupted the industrialized medical world has become. I could tell you my own journey of awakening to the depths of darkness in the rabbit hole of today’s “matrix.” None of this discussion matters to anybody until they are willing to accept the fact that they do not know anything about the things they do not know. That takes humility. We have to be willing to admit we were wrong. We were misinformed. We were cheated. We accepted lies to get along. And if we’re not willing to overcome our natural human arrogance and test to see what’s true, we will suffer loss and ultimately die in desperately dark confusion. God is not the author of that. The enemies of God are the proponents of deception and hopelessness. And you don’t have to settle for that outcome if you can find a place of repentance in your core being so that you can walk in the light of the truth and be saved. That applies in the eternal realm. It also applies in the here and now.

All this alarming data leads world experts, like the Nobel Prize Winner in Medicine, Dr. Luc Montagnier, to issue a grave warning that we are currently facing the greatest risk of worldwide genocide, in the history of humanity. Even the key research scientist responsible for the invention of the mRNA technology, Dr. Robert Malone, warns against these injections that are using his technology. The situation is so severe that former Pfizer vice president and chief scientist Dr. Mike Yeadon came forward to warn humanity for these extremely dangerous injections. One of his best-known videos is titled ‘A Final Warning’. Another world renown scientist, Geert Vanden Bossche, former Head of Vaccine Development Office in Germany, and Chief Scientific Officer at Univac, also risks his name and career, by bravely speaking out against administration of the covid shots. He warns that the injections can compromise the immunity of the vaccinated, making them vulnerable for every new variant. WWII holocaust survivors wrote to the European Medicines Agency demanding the injections to be stopped, which they consider to be a new holocaust.

There are many websites like that show the personal stories of a large number of people who died from the shots. We must understand that nothing like this has ever happened before in history, where thousands of people come forward to share their suffering following an immunization. The reason people do this now, is because their adverse reactions are not at all, like the criminal ‘health’ agencies say ‘headaches, dizziness and flu like symptoms.’ The reactions are extremely severe, often disabling people for life. The injuries are in fact so severe, that people around the world are stepping forward to warn humanity.

One online resource archive to helpful links about many aspects of the pandemic is at this link.  Find websites to find doctors who are successfully and affordably treating COVID-19 patients without dangerous, high-risk chemicals.

Dr. Bryan Ardis reports how Hospital Protocols Are Murdering Americans by Prescribing Remdesivir Which Causes Renal Failure (kidneys don’t work) resulting in death by system-wide poisoning.  Hear Dr. Bryan Ardis explain his research and walks you through each of the reports he uses in his 67+ page Covid Report you can download on his site. See simple facts about the nasty side effects of the current status quo for treating COVID-19 and why you should stand up for your health and the health of your loved ones!

You’ve got to see this interview with Dr. Christiane Northrup telling how to detox and make your own HCQ.  I’m planning to include notes from this in a coming radio show. The tidal wave of remorseful sheeple is already making a huge outcry that truth-tellers must be prepared to share.

The documentary, 2030 UNMASKED, does a remarkable job of CONNECTING COVID19, MASKS, VACCINES, THE BANKING SYSTEM & THE GREAT RESET.  See it at this link:

I’ll be including notes from 2030 Unmasked in another episode of Reclaiming Your Legacy.

The tyrants of ages past have maintained control of societies and capitalized enormously on this fact: “it’s easier to fool the masses than it is to convince the masses that they have been fooled.”

Have you seen The Truth About Vaccines docu-series?

Here is a link to Episode 1 of The Truth About Vaccines (it had MILLIONS of views on YouTube before they took it down to hide the truth). This is a GREAT primer that will help your family and friends start to climb outside the box of lies and understand the truth.

Dr Vladimir Zelenko risks his life by saying what’s included in the essay and video posted at:

Dr Vladimir Zelenko risks his life by saying this – [Must See!] (

The world-renowned Physician of Presidents, and nominee for the Nobel Peace Prize, Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, takes a BIG RISK by speaking out fearlessly about the devastating destruction the current injections are causing worldwide. Before a Rabbinical court in Jerusalem, he testifies how millions may have died and possibly billions may lose their lives in the coming years. Dr. Zelenko helped make the Vaccine Death Report that shows all the scientific evidence for the shocking claims he is making in this video. Make sure to download this revealing report, after watching this video.

Lastly for today, it is extremely important for us to understand the coincidence of the clear corruption of the 2020 general election with the overwhelming global impact of international reactions to the emergence of a planned epidemic. Watch this 15-minute video by David Sorensen to help us connect the dots:  Practically all of humanity is in a very deep sleep of tremendous deception, totally unaware of what is going on around them. Billions are being steered to an even deeper darkness and utter destruction, and they haven’t got the slightest clue.  We, who recognize our calling to be warriors for the Truth of our Creator and Savior, also discern that our awakening is for the purpose of equipping others to redirect an otherwise disastrous outcome, by sharing critical truth.  This video is a major tool for all of us, to help open the eyes of the sleeping masses. It is concise, full of evidence, and cannot be denied. It is crystal clear. This short documentary shows brilliantly what is truly happening in our world, and why the evil influences of our whole world aim to destroy bold voices of liberty, and particularly President Trump. See the source with written commentary at: .  And for further understanding of the depth of control globally, see one of the most stunning documentaries that simplifies in an hour just how deeply our lives are affected by a few. See it at:

If you are already listening to podcasts on places like Spotify, Apple, or Stitcher, you can now link to our channel on several of those podcast platforms from our website.  You can also listen to all the previous recent shows on our website and read the transcripts there. This will be extremely valuable if and when we are prevented for any reason from broadcasting here on your local Christian radio channel.

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Our Time for War is Here Now

By Dennis Petersen

The man who is unquestionably regarded as the wisest man in history, young King Solomon, wrote: “To everything there is a season, ​​A time for every purpose under heaven…” 

That means even a time for war… and it’s here now.

When we read Solomon’s famous statement about the seasons of life in Ecclesiastes (chapter 2), we’re immediately faced with the disturbing reality that life is a continuing roller coaster of ups and downs. In light of the abundance of God’s word, we must draw our security and peace from the sheltering rest of our confidence in God through all of those ups and downs.  As Solomon wrote, there’s…


Is it time for the Righteous to Pray for God’s Justice?

By Dennis Petersen

“Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour:”

1 Peter 5:8

We are in a war. More people than ever are awaking to the reality of that.  And as we do, we realize there are key elements of warfare – especially spiritual warfare – that every soldier must be constantly attentive to. As Jesus trained his 12 and his 70, and his 120 disciples – learning to work in harmony with each other – so, He is training His modern-day warriors to seek God’s direction, to intercede, to boldly speak up… to cooperatively work together under the guidance of the Holy Spirit… to prayerfully and courageously pursue the expanding work of God’s Kingdom, against which the gates of hell cannot prevail.


The crossroads has become a precipice for this generation

by Dennis Petersen

When the crossroads of decision become a precipice demanding action, only the determined, ‘all in’ warrior overcomers have any hope of seeing God’s ultimate victory.

There are plenty of Scriptural parallels in God’s recorded history of His people to give us ample insights to the challenges of our generation today.  Like God’s gift to the sons of Issachar in first Chronicles 12:32, we desire to have the insight of “understanding the times, to know what Israel – or God’s people today – ought to do.”

In previous episodes of Reclaiming Your Legacy, we’ve seen plenty of encouraging insight the Bible gives us to ‘choose this day to serve God’ as Joshua admonished the successful generation of Israel after the conquest of Canaan.  His call is clear to be courageous warriors like David and his mighty men. We must be active watchmen on the wall for our generation as Ezekiel spells out so clearly. With our Lord’s help, we all must chose to courageously refuse to bow to lies. With the boldness of the Holy Spirit filling us, we can expose demonic deeds of darkness, rather than participate with those who have been deceived.


Understanding the Culture with historian, Bill Federer – Part 3

Get Wisdom – Hate Every False Way

The Bible tells us, “From Your (God’s) precepts I get understanding; Therefore, I hate every false way. (Psalm 119:104)

Can there be any better advice than Proverbs 4:7?  “Getting wisdom is the wisest thing you can do! And whatever else you do, develop good judgment.”

Proverbs 16:16 reminds me, “How much better it is to get wisdom than gold! And to get understanding is to be chosen above silver.”


Understanding the Culture with historian, Bill Federer – Part 2

Isn’t it remarkable how the events recorded in God’s Word can often provide insight for the roots of discord that our generation faces even today?

After Gideon died in the book of Judges, the people of Shechem gave a wicked son of Gideon seventy pieces of silver … which he used to hire worthless and reckless fellows, who followed him.

In his historical review of how wicked rulers of the past used identity politics and community organization tactics to gain power, Bill Federer explains at a recent series of presentations he did for Pastor Jack Hibbs some very eye-opening principles. Be sure to access the complete illustrated presentation at the link here – . Seeing how notable villains of history built a pattern for modern treachery helps us all identify some of the subtle schemes the devil is using to condition impressionable people to follow immoral, illegitimate elitists until God’s providence uses others to overthrow them. A big part of their strategy is to create discord.


Understanding the Culture with historian, Bill Federer

Paul wrote in 2nd Corinthians 2:11 about being taken advantage of by Satan, saying that “we are not ignorant of his schemes.” Today we’ll unpack a treasure of insight of how our enemy has used his number one tool to devastate human lives down through history, and how he’s doing it now.

Historian William Federer is a friend I’ve appreciated for many years. He’s written many books and has a very busy ministry unwrapping the often-hidden details of history and how God has sovereignly guided the affairs of humanity since the beginning of creation. Nothing escapes His notice.  The words of Paul at Mars Hill in Athens in Acts 17 remind us that God “Himself gives to all people life and breath and all things.” And then he dares to declare that the Creator “made from one man every nation of mankind to live on all the face of the earth” … and get this… “having determined their appointed times and the boundaries of their habitation!” 


Propaganda is easily sold to those easily influenced by what they love – money

By Dennis Petersen

For people who don’t follow or even believe in the Creator God and Savior of mankind as revealed in the Bible, the current state of the world is bringing the consideration of Almighty God into their reality.

Psalm 25 verse 8-13 speaks clearly to us if we have ears to hear the revelation: “Good and upright is the LORD; therefore, He shows sinners the way. He guides the humble in what is right and teaches them His way…. Who is the man who fears the LORD? He will instruct him in the path chosen for him. His soul will dwell in prosperity, and his descendants will inherit the land.”

The Lord has repeatedly reminded me of two of the pivotal Biblical motivations He used to drive me into the truth-telling, discovery-focused work of service that has used my meager abilities for over 45 years now. The first is Isaiah 58:12 – “you will raise up the age-old foundations, be called the repairer of the breach, and the restorer of streets in which to dwell.” 


Warriors for Christ’s Kingdom show the world how an Overcomer lives in victory

The Apostle John wrote to the early church in 1 John 2:14 “I have written to you, fathers, because you have known Him who is from the beginning. I have written to you, young men, because you are strong, and the word of God abides in you, and you have overcome the wicked one.”

Dan 11:32  “Those who do wickedly against the covenant he shall corrupt with flattery; but the people who know their God shall be strong, and carry out great exploits.

1Jo 4:4 “You are of God, little children, and have overcome them, because He who is in you is greater than he who is in the world.”

Rev 17:14  “These will make war with the Lamb, and the Lamb will overcome them, for He is Lord of lords and King of kings; and those who are with Him are called, chosen, and faithful.”

John 16:33  “These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.”