Has God lost control of this world? Are we all doomed to become cyborgs?

Anyone who is well informed by truth-seeking sources and avoids the main stream media, knows that all humanity is under attack as our world has never seen before. Many are wondering if there is any hope for the future. What if these evil Luciferian serpents actually get their globalist ways?

Let’s see why there is 100% assurance that Truth and Freedom wins, and the good people will overcome. But first, let’s quickly outline the severity of the attacks on humanity.

Millions are finally learning the sobering reality that the entire population is under attack through:

  • planned pandemics,
  • orchestrated food and gas shortages,
  •  weather warfare causing natural disasters to create the hoax of climate change,
  • forced vaccinations poisoning millions and potentially billions, severely weakening survivors,
  • insane plans to end humanity and make everyone a 100% controlled cyborg,
  • and so much more.

The plans being rolled out by the psychopath so-called elites who have managed to occupy the highest places of influence in almost every land of the world, are too absurd for words.

  • the removal of all rights and freedoms from humanity,
  • the installing of vaccine passports creating inhumane societies where only those repeatedly injected with poisons are free to function normally, if they don’t die or suffer life-time disabilities.
  • the building of a world where every soul will be monitored day and night by an omnipresent surveillance system and a third of the population taking the job of ‘snitch.’

Did you know that the president of Chile said on national television that 5G will read everybody’s thoughts but also insert thoughts and emotions, thus becoming the central nervous system of our societies?

Klaus Schwab, leader of the World Economic Forum, confirms that, with the statement that one of the results of making every human a cyborg will be, that we will all be elevated to one and the same consciousness. See


The insane professor Yuval Noah Harari is promoted by the United Nations and the World Economic Forum to voice their agenda even more, by stating that the era of free will and faith in God is over, since every human can now be hacked and programmed through nano-technology (sub-microscopic injectables).

These are the kinds of ideas we have come to expect from sci-fi apocalyptic movies!  But now these insane criminals are publicly declaring their official agenda for mankind. The attack being launched on humanity right now is beyond description. Their plan is to crush humanity under these orchestrated catastrophes, so we would accept their one world government of unprecedented control and tyranny to “save” the planet for the so-called “greater good.”

For those listening more to fear-mongering reports of the secular press rather that the faith-filled Word of the Lord of Hosts, they understandably wonder if there is any hope for our world.  Be assured that, according to His promises, we can…

“Be of good courage, and He shall strengthen your heart, all you who hope in the LORD.” Psalm 31:24.

The insane plans of the Luciferian cultists who have been stealing honest tax-paying citizens’ money for generations, are so extreme that they are exposing themselves for who they are. Hundreds of millions have awakened in the past year. This is just the start of what will be an explosive disruption of our world. Even though these monsters own literally all the mainstream media worldwide, and have a total monopoly over the information flow, they cannot possibly persuade the independent thinkers of the world, and especially those who have the good sense to call out to Almighty God for discernment.

Consider this: they own thousands upon thousands of newspapers, radio stations, TV networks, and the major book publishers. They own most hospitals and virtually the entire worldwide heath care system, which allows them to dictate policies so cruel and criminal, that some doctors have killed themselves, because they no longer could go along with it. Their control over the world is unimaginable.

The documentary MONOPOLY shows this in detail, with all the evidence on screen at https://stopworldcontrol.com/monopoly/.  See how essentially every major brand name, every global corporation, and every big industry in this world – be it food, travel, agriculture, energy, automotive, healthcare, entertainment, clothing, technology – EVERYTHING – is owned by the very same small group of astronomically wealthy satanists. They own the world, so to speak!  They also “own” virtually all governments, through bribery, blackmailing, and brainwashing, giving them full control over almost every single nation on earth. This brilliant documentary is one of the most relevant of our day and should be required viewing by all humans on earth.

Yet… despite all this control, power and wealth, despite their all-encompassing grip on media and the flow of information, despite their massive censorship deployed worldwide … despite all of that, and much more… they are not able to control the world as they wish.  In the midst of their greatest assault of all time, they have caused a mass awakening on a scale nobody can miss. And it’s only just starting!

Thanks to alternative patriot media online, at least 50% of all Americans by now, are somewhat aware that something very evil is at work. They have all seen the craziness of Fauci and his pawns, observing how the injections are murdering and crippling people all around them. They are beginning to wake up. In other nations the percentage of awakened people varies from 5 to 30%. If you know Christians who are not awakened and somewhat informed, that can be resolved easily, when you just ask them for their feedback after seeing the links in today’s program notes at ReclaimYourLegacy.com

What I see is that the One who is above all, works in the hearts of people, despite the insidious and incessant brainwashing assaults by the news and government propaganda.  Hundreds of millions – and soon it will be billions – are beginning to respond to a broadcast that is stronger than the 24/7 propaganda through the gadget display screens.  They hear a voice that is deeper, stronger, clearer and that removes the blindfold over their mind. And this is just the early start of something that will transform our world. The so-called “alternative media” and “truthful patriot platforms” are being accessed daily by millions of people, thanks to the Internet and the concept of “sharing” important things we discover with even one other person.

Desperate, the criminals try to shut down the voices of truth speakers, but they can never shut down the voice of the Eternal One, who speaks into the hearts of innumerable people worldwide. He convinces them of good and evil, and encourages all of us to choose light over darkness, truth over deception, and courage over cowardice.  He is causing an awakening this world has never seen.

So, despite the fact that there is a massive worldwide disruption of evil, the likes of which humanity has never seen, there is an even greater and stronger movement of light, truth, freedom, right, justice, and hope breaking through.

Listen to The Most High. His call to you is clear – DO NOT sit back. Don’t be a coward who shuts up, out of fear of consequences. Don’t betray your world, your beloved ones and all of humanity by choosing security over truth. We all must rise up and speak out. We have a mission.  Share the truth more than ever. Spread it in ways you never did before. Find new ways, be creative, smart, effective.  Do something!

We all have a mission. No one is excluded. Those that refuse, are traitors to humanity and everyone dear to them. Now is the time to show that our Creator has made us for such a time as this. Our Redeemer has prepared good works of actions for each of us to carry out (Eph 2:10).


Let the voice of freedom roar. Expose evil like never before (Eph 5:11). Pray with more intent than you ever did. And be full of hope and courage, because a new day is dawning, even during the darkest night of history.

When Jesus proclaimed Isaiah’s prophecy in Isaiah 61 to be fulfilled in Him – “the Spirit of the lord God is upon me because the Lord has anointed me to bring good news to the afflicted…” – don’t miss the verses that follow the part of Him “proclaiming the favorable year of the Lord.” After “the day of vengeance” (Isa 61:2), his promise is to give His people “the oil of gladness instead of mourning; the mantle of praise instead of a spirit of fainting…” And what happens next?  He says, this happens “so they will be called oaks of righteousness, the planting of the LORD, that He may be glorified.”  Who calls them that?  Could it be those who respond to their message of hope (Isa 58:12) “those from among you will rebuild the ancient ruins.”  He reiterates the good news in Isaiah 61:4 saying, “then they will rebuild the ancient ruins, they will raise up the former devastations, and they will repair the ruined cities, the desolations of many generations.”  There’s lots more. Read it all the way through.  This is Yahweh’s Messiah working through His Spirit filled family.  The chapter ends saying, “For as the earth brings forth its sprouts, and as a garden causes the things sown in it to spring up, so the Lord GOD will cause righteousness and praise to spring up before all the nations” (Isa 61:11).

When you read the horrifying reports exposing the plans of the wicked, never see them as declarations of doom. Understand they are a blazing light that is revealing a great evil, so that we can resist and stop it.

Jesus said in Luke 8:17 “For nothing is secret that will not be revealed, nor anything hidden that will not be known and come to light.”

All of us can do our part to reveal the plans of the satanic criminals. We must expose them by all means, to the world.

Please take the reports and videos you get on this program’s website, ReclaimYourLegacy.com, and spread them like refreshing rain on a thirsty garden, shattering the shackles of mind control over people everywhere. Use them as tools for awakening.

But never allow despair or fear to rule over you. The truth sets us free, and it can be terrifying at first. But once we understand the purpose of this truth, we can use it to deliver our beautiful world. Once works of evil, prepared in darkness, are exposed by the light, they are no longer hidden, and can be dealt with.

Let’s be this blazing light.

The agenda for world domination by the World Economic Forum


Since the beginning of time, power hungry madmen have attempted to seize control over the entire world. Egyptian pharaohs, Asian emperors, European warlords, Roman emperors, Russian tsars, and British kings waged relentless wars, trying to gain absolute power over the rest of humanity. One world empire succeeded the other: the Assyrian, Babylonian, Persian, Roman, Chinese, Spanish, British empires all had one goal: conquer the nations, and if possible… rule the entire world.

The age-old desire for world domination is one of the most basic realities in the history of humanity.  Today this diabolical lust is more alive, and dangerous, than ever. New technologies and the omnipresent mind control by the news media is creating unprecedented opportunities to enslave the entire human race, without most people even realizing it.

In the past, invading other nations was hard: iron clashed against iron, and every blast was answered with an even louder blast. Today the game has changed. All the invaders need to do, is tell the world that a terrible danger is threatening them, and most people will immediately surrender all their rights and freedoms, in order to be “safe”.

After World War II the psychopath Nazi criminals were prosecuted during the historic Nuremberg trials. Judges were puzzled by the fact that Hitler had been able to get the support from the majority of the German people, for his insane and inhumane mass murdering of millions of innocent people. Hitler’s right hand, Hermann Goring, explained how they did it:

“It’s easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked, and… they will follow their leader. This works in every nation.”

Just make the people afraid, and they will do whatever you want.

The method to make the world terrified of some “great danger” is the news media. With news media you can control exactly what the public thinks, believes, fears and trusts. A synonym for news media is mind control. It’s basically the same.  Most people brainlessly believe anything they hear on the news. Tell the masses a dangerous virus threatens them, and they throw themselves at your feet, willing to do anything you demand, to keep them “safe”. Even drive around in their car, all by themselves, wearing a dirty, bacteria-infested cloth over their mouth that keeps pure air out, and toxic air in. They even bring you their babies, and beg you to inject them with an experimental, untested, gene altering cocktail of various undisclosed toxins.

People will literally do anything, no matter how devastating it is to the well-being of themselves, their beloved ones, and their fellow citizens, as long as it goes along with the hypnotizing mantra “this will keep you safe”.

Because of this, it has become a piece of cake for criminal rulers to subject the masses to their slightest whim. Especially because they have full control over all mainstream media. They acquired it for this very reason: to have the ability to invade the mind of mankind and mold it exactly according to their agenda.

Although the lust for world domination has been the common theme throughout history, in our day the mind control has reached the supreme level where many don’t even believe there is a plan to rule the world.

“Hahaha, that’s a conspiracy theory”, they echo loudly, brainlessly repeating what “the Lord of the News” told them.

Those who know history, are stunned by such display of stupidity, yet it is the perception of the majority of the public. Explain how powerful people with unlimited financial resources are planning to dominate the world, and many will give you a blank stare… as if you just claimed the moon is one giant ball of vanilla ice cream.

The supreme level of brainwashing is when an entire population calls human history a “conspiracy theory”.

Who are the present-day pharaohs, who lust for world domination?

We know that our world suffered under the cruel oppression of merciless pharaohs and emperors in the past. But who are the present-day tyrants desiring to gain complete control over the world? In other words: who are the “pharaohs” of our time? There are two answers to this question: a simple version, and a more complex one.

The easy answer is that, on the surface, the leading entity aiming at world domination, is the World Economic Forum.

The WEF controls the United Nations, World Health Organization, and many other globalist organizations. It gathers thousands of billionaires and millionaires under its wings, and convinces them to go along with their agenda. They position world leaders in politics, and determine the direction of health care, business, governments, finance, etc.

The World Economic Forum literally positions itself as the big bully over all of humanity.

Their official agenda for world domination is called the Great Reset, Agenda 2030, Agenda 21, Build Back Better, and so on. Nobody has elected or even asked for the WEF, but they positioned themselves as the god of this world, ruling over governments worldwide, telling all of humanity what to do.

The WEF invites the world’s richest and most influential people to their yearly meetings in Davos, where they openly discuss the future of our world, and how they can steer humanity in the desired direction. Naturally they claim that imposing their undemocratic system of totalitarian control is to “improve the state of the world”.

As I said, the WEF is the easy answer. They are the visible entity on the worldwide theatre stage for the public. Behind the WEF are the real culprits who plot for total domination of our world. They are obscured superrich entities – not just billionaires, but trillionaires – who use their unlimited financial resources to spread their tentacles of influence into every aspect of society. They are also referred to as “the cabal”.

The headquarters of these oligarchs are in so called “sovereign states” like the City of London (sovereign area in the heart of Greater London), the District of Columbia (sovereign area in Washington DC), and Vatican State (sovereign area in Rome).

The same goes for the Bank of International Settlements which oversees more than fifty central banks. They are one of the most powerful financial entities in the world, pulling many strings of world domination behind the scenes. In 1987 the “Headquarters Agreement” was negotiated with the Swiss Federal Council, a treaty that formalized the special position of the BIS. Some noteworthy articles from this treaty:

✔︎ Full immunity from criminal and civil prosecution and proceedings for the bank as such.

✔︎ No payment of taxes on transactions and salaries of personnel.

✔︎ No disclosure to governments regarding the activities of the BIS.

✔︎ Not subject to any jurisdiction.

These independent “states within a state” are above the laws of the land in which they are situated. They pay no taxes, answer to no government, and are literally untouchable.

Public personalities – like politicians and businessmen – are mere puppets of these puppet masters, whose strength is obscurity. By remaining concealed, they are able to operate unchecked, without being held accountable by humanity.

The World Economic Forum, United Nations, World Bank, World Health Organization, and all other big globalist entities are all set up by these hidden rulers. The public never sees or hears them, yet they determine what happens in the world.

Many in depth books and web articles have been written about these entities. One great resource you can download for free, is shown below.

Top experts from the British Intelligence Service, British Navy, US Marine Corps, World Health Organization, United Nations, the CDC, etc. testify before 11 lawyers and a judge, about the official plan for world domination by financial elites, who operate from within sovereign “states within the state”. The expert testimonies are summarized in the Grand Jury Evidence, which you can download for free.


The World Economic Forum cloaks itself with white garments of shining statements like “improving the state of the world” and “global goals for sustainable development”. Making the world a better place is of course praiseworthy… What is less applaudable, is the fact that the WEF was clearly involved in planning and orchestrating the pandemic, in order to manipulate humanity into accepting their Great Reset (see the documentary THE PLAN).

THE PLAN shows how the World Economic Forum and other globalist entities have planned the pandemics, with the purpose of implementing worldwide tyranny.

Their intentions for our world might not be as admirable as they appear on first sight. Let’s have a closer look at some of their “sustainability goals”. There are, for example, the goals “Global Governance” and “Internet Governance”. These speak for themselves: the WEF wants to establish full control over the entire world. And they wish to be the ones who determine what information is allowed online.

On July 31, 2022, my friend, David Sorensen, creator of StopWorldControl.com, sent me his update email announcing that:

For the first time in history:
The cabal is falling!

He started out saying, the greatest fear of the worldwide criminal network that terrorizes humanity, is that they will be exposed. And that is exactly what is happening today…

I hope your experience has led you to see that many voices are calling God’s people to pray… to intercede for God’s intervention and help for the millions… indeed billions… of confused and misguided people worldwide that have been targets of global democide efforts to reduce the population by 25% by 2030.

Something incredibly promising is happening. For the in the existence of our world, the criminal network that is the cause of most suffering on earth, is being exposed by a blazing spotlight of truth, from which they cannot escape.

Humanity is beginning to see who our ultimate enemy has used to cause wars, kidnap children worldwide, and inflict contrived disease on humanity.  They’ve created divisions among men, corrupted civil governments, and so much more.

Their greatest strength has always been the ignorance of the public.  Lack of knowledge – the one thing God insists is the cause for the destruction of His own people (Hosea 4:6).  Almost nobody had even the slightest clue of their existence. Yet, in the last few years they are being massively exposed.

They cannot hide. The light of truth is everywhere. And that is why you have got to see the phenomenal docuseries that exposes the cabal. It’s one of the blazing lights that exposes their evil.  This is a world-renowned docuseries.  It’s called THE FALL OF THE CABAL. https://stopworldcontrol.com/cabal/

Many brilliant documentaries have been produced the past few years, but this one stands out as one of the very best. Everybody can watch and understand it.  No series on earth has revealed, in such detail and clarity, who the entities are that steer our governments, media, health industry, and everything else in our world, towards a plan of total enslavement of every human on earth.  THE FALL OF THE CABAL lifts the veil and shows you exactly who has been causing so much pain in our world, poisoning your air, water, soil, food and mind. https://stopworldcontrol.com/cabal/

God has made it possible for you and I to put liberating truth in the hands of many who are captive because we each do our part. Will you please visit ReclaimYourLegacy.com today?  Share what you’ve heard. And join our small but vital team of regular supporters to keep Reclaiming Your Legacy going. God is beautifully using all who are doing their part to be not only hearers… but doers to help others know the truth.

Bonus Segment –

As our understanding deepens, it becomes increasingly obvious that the goals of the WEF, to make THEIR idea of a better world, includes the installation of a comprehensive global system of total control. This is why it’s vital for us to identify patterns of the human behavior of kings and tyrants, shown to us by the records of history and holy scripture.

If our children are not taught to learn that the concept of nations began with the table of nations after Nimrod’s defeat by God at the tower of Babel, they will misunderstand the pattern of human kings down through history to assert themselves as self-appointed human replacements for Almighty God. And they will also miss the truth that the LORD of Hosts has always, and will always, bring about the downfall of any human king who assumes he can demand the complete submission of his subjects.  With a biblical perspective on Satan and the demonic realm, we understand the reality of the spiritual realm that is behind the earthly powers that dominate human societies. Familiar Bible verses take on profoundly timely meaning, like Ephesians 6:12

“For our wrestling is not against flesh and blood, but against the principalities, against the powers, against the world’s rulers of the darkness of this age, and against the spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places.”

Since the Almighty’s dispersion of the nations at Shinar – the earliest post-flood culture called Sumer – competing, demonically inspired rulers have attempted to control vast territories of our Creator’s land. Kings like Sargon and Ashurbanipal ruled sizeable territories centered on cities like Ur and Nineveh.  Eventually came the Pharaohs of Mizraim (the ancient name for Egypt). Each had their run at tyranny… the Assyrians, the Akkadians, the Babylonians, the Persians, the Greeks and the Romans.  Kings and Caesars and Czars were all fallible men. They were empowered by demonic principalities that ultimately took their marching orders from the prince of them all… Lucifer…  Remember, he’s the angel of light who thought he should displace the One called Elohim who created the heavens, the earth, the seas, and everything that is in them all. Their hatred of God and mankind made in His image… is so entrenched, so deep, so bitter, they have never stopped doing everything they can to utterly destroy the human family.  And all the while, the covenant cutting God of Creation, who called Abram out of the pagan society of Ur, has always had plans to be Father to His family of heavenly twice-born children.

Can you see yet another powerful reason why we are given the command:

“And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God” (Romans 12:2).

In regard to what we heard earlier; the World Economic Forum has other sustainability goals that sound like a dream: “No Poverty” for example. Interestingly however, the owners and members of the WEF all have one thing in common: they are astronomically rich, mainly because they have been robbing humanity for decades. How have they done this?

They go, for example, into different nations of the world, and steal all their natural resources, through destructive mining. They keep all the profits for themselves, while the native populations are forced into slave labor, to mine the treasures of their own land for the enrichment of these foreign intruders.

Similarly, they buy up every industry in the world, transferring all wealth towards a handful of their own mega-corporations, while destroying millions whose small businesses cannot compete with these monstrous monopolies.

And what about the money system?  It’s designed to keep the people in perpetual poverty, while most of their tax payments disappear, as interest on the national debts, into the pockets of these super-rich barons, who themselves never pay one dime of tax?

See just a few examples of the pervasive worldwide web of systematic oppression on humanity by the luciferian elites who’ve been the secret cabal for generations. You can learn lots more about this at https://stopworldcontrol.com/domination/ .

WEF is similar to ancient rulers

The psychopathic tyrants of the WEF are no different than the ancient rulers. They may use different words, but the plan is the same.

Just how dangerous are the plans of the World Economic Forum, who is aiming to establish world dominance? See the short list of some of their goals in the notes for today’s show at ReclaimYourLegacy.com.  Do a search there for “has God lost control.”  These plans are openly discussed on their own official websites, and in their videos, books and conferences. Any online research will reveal countless sources for all of this.

Make ongoing vaccinations the condition to partake in society, with vaccine passports and digital ID’s. Banking, internet, working, shopping, gathering, etc. is only available to people who are up to date with the latest booster injection.

Base society on a social credit score: citizens who behave perfectly, are rewarded. Those that step out of line, are punished. Practical example: posting something on social media that criticizes the government will lower your score.

Make masks, screens, and social distancing permanent. Populations must remain in a perpetual state of fear, to justify a vaccination-based world. Please note that every existing virus is patented, meaning all these diseases are man-made.

Redefine free speech as ”hate speech”. Train humanity to despise everyone diverting from the prescribed narrative. Label every information that is not in line with the official storyline “disinformation”.

Govern the internet, so only the prescribed narrative will be available to the world. Delete all the millions of posts and websites that criticize, question, and disprove the official stories.

Limit human interaction by telling everyone to work, shop, school from behind their screens. Isolate humanity behind their devices where they are bombarded 24/7 by the propaganda of the rulers.

Install a universal income, and don’t allow anyone to gather wealth. Being rich is a privilege for the elites. The peasants must be kept poor and dependent on the ruling class.

Use weather warfare technology to cause droughts, floods, earthquakes, wildfires, hurricanes, etc. Blame it on climate change, which is then used as the excuse to further lock down, rob, and control the population.

Seize all private property from all the citizens of the world. Everything must be rented from the elites: homes, cars, equipment, tools, even clothes. Nobody may own anything. The goal is total dependency on the rulers.

Make everyone dependent on controllable, and trackable electric cars. Electric cars are perfect for enforcing lockdowns. Broadcast a signal that disables all vehicles, and the world will not be going anywhere.

People using vehicles with combustion engines will be limited in their movements, as they will have a maximum allowed CO2 “footprint”.

The WEF is preparing to launch a raft the size of Brazil into the sky, to block the sun from illuminating the earth. Casting a perpetual shadow over the earth is needed, they say, to combat “climate change”. 

Decrease the number of small businesses through pandemic and climate lockdowns, and transfer all wealth to mega corporations that are not required to cease operations.

Remove all personal rights and freedom from humanity under the guise of “we are in this together” and “the greater good”. Create hostility towards people standing up for rights and freedoms, by labeling them “selfish”.

Install a one world digital currency that will be controlled by those in power. Banking services will only be available to people who have the required vaccination status and social credit score.

End the natural family by pushing the LGTBQA+ agenda. Make unnatural sexual relationships the norm, and project healthy families as “weird”. This is needed to reduce the world population.

Close off all wilderness areas, so humanity no longer has access to wild, unspoiled nature.

Lock everybody up in Smart Cities, where their every breath is monitored. Nobody can leave the city without required vaccination status or social credit score.

Replace reality with virtual illusions in the MetaVerse. Promote the virtual realm as being “better” than enjoying reality.

Fill the world with billions of surveillance cameras, drones, drone bugs, and satellites that will monitor every move of every soul on earth 24/7. All in the name of “public safety”.

End original humanity and make everyone a cyborg, that can be monitored and controlled from the cloud by artificial intelligence.

Replace the majority of jobs with artificial intelligence. Doctors, lawyers, drivers, teachers, preachers, etc. can all easily be replaced by A.I. Naturally the A.I. will be programmed and controlled by the rulers.

Position millions of 5G towers (in the future 6G, 7G, etc.) to insert thoughts and feelings into the population. Make 5G the central nervous system of every society.

Replace healthy grass-fed beef by synthetic meat, created in factories. Grow genetically modified plant protein, and large numbers of engineered bugs, to feed the people.

Discourage and eventually forbid people to grow their own food, so they depend entirely on the supply by the elites.

Introduce early euthanasia when people no longer produce money. Encourage all elderly to commit suicide, to make room for the next generation, so they will not become a “burden to the global economy”.

All these examples are just the tip of the iceberg of the inhumane plans of the World Economic Forum. Their books, websites and conferences reveal much more, along the same lines.

The New World Order that is forecasted by the cabal is one of total insanity. The world of humanity is trained to brainlessly follow even the most insane orders, and those who refuse, are aggressively punished. Complete insanity and the total loss of a sound mind is the new normal in the New World Order of the World Economic Forum and their psychopathic allies.

The good side of all this unbelievable madness, is that it is going way too far. It’s causing hundreds of millions of people to wake up and to understand what is going on in our world. This means there’s hope for the future. For centuries the masses were clueless about the evil powers ruling their countries behind the scenes. Now, at last humanity is starting to see how raving mad the rulers are, and how insanely wicked their agenda is. It’s time for the greatest awakening of all time…

What can we do to stop this insanity?  This is the time to stand up and do something


Don’t be silent, to protect yourself. Seeing a man rape a child and standing by, doing nothing, is blatant complicity. If you refuse to stop it, it’s the same as allowing it to happen. That goes for every form of crime. When we stand by and do nothing, we are part of the criminal act.


The key to the success of these criminal operations is the ignorance of the public. Once the people become aware of what is really going on, they resist, and the plans of the corrupt leaders fails. Therefore, our main focus must be to use all possible means to inform the people around us.


We can all distribute flyers, posters, banners and memes that we can use in our community to point people to StopWorldControl.com. Since we don’t own the mainstream media, we have to inform people by handing out flyers, distribute brochures door to door, and -put-up posters in public spaces. Place ads in local newspapers, rent billboards, pay for radio commercials, all of which point people to StopWorldControl.com or any other website you want people to visit.

See an example of an informative flyer that you can download for free, print as often as you like, and distribute in your community. With all this report at: https://stopworldcontrol.com/domination/  OR with tips and more downloadable printable fliers at: https://stopworldcontrol.com/download/


Inform the people in your community that are unknowingly the minions of the criminal entities, by unquestioningly executing their insane orders. We must open their eyes. Send short letters, inviting them to watch key documentaries, and interviews. MONOPOLY is one of the best productions of all time, to open people’s eyes. Also send them the Grand Jury Evidence and Vaccine Death Report.

We need to wake up the following people: local government officials, law enforcement officers, school directors and teachers, hospital staff, local media, judges, pastors, lawyers, etc. Many of them are bribed to support the criminal schemes, but some are not, and once their eyes are opened, they can become powerful forces of truth.


Get involved in local politics, industries, school boards, public meetings, local media, etc. Let your voice be heard in your community. Show official documents, talk about the real plans of the elites, explain how the World Economic Forum is an undemocratic organization that is controlling the entire world, point out how the World Health Organization is set up to be a one world government through their pandemic treaty.

Share truth to cause people to start thinking. Don’t expect immediate results, but begin with dropping a few truth bombs, that can activate the critical thought process of good people.


Do not comply with the mandates, that forbid human interaction and force you to inject yourself and your beloved ones with DNA altering toxins. Don’t play their game, but resist. They can never arrest the whole population. If enough of us don’t go along, there is nothing they can do. No government can arrest millions of people!


Step away from being dependent on their services, and start creating alternative solutions. This goes for shopping, health care, media, finances, etc.


Connect with like minded people, so you can learn from them, and help one another. Make sure, however, to never allow anyone to control you. We are here to help others, not to lord over one another. Build healthy communities, not little cults.


Prepare for coming crises, like food shortages, power blackouts, cyber pandemics, natural disasters, financial collapse. Inform yourself about how to prepare for times of crisis. Prepare mentally and practically. Create backups for food, water, energy and medicines.


Educate yourself about the laws of the land. These criminals are violating every imaginable law. They are lawlessness embodied. They trample every constitution, international agreement, medical code, they don’t care about anything. If you get to know the laws of your land, you can resist their tyranny and point out how they are committing acts of terrorism, murder, abuse, treason, and so on.


Pray with passion and authority. Pray for justice to be done on the earth, and deliverance to come to humanity. Use your spiritual authority as a child of the Most High to rebuke and destroy demonic strongholds. When we say “NO!” to these evil powers, they are rendered powerless. Bind the spiritual enemies of humanity, and release creation from their grip.


Support those who fight for the future of our world. Stop World Control for example is not funded by criminal billionaires, like all the corrupt governments, health agencies, and news media. We depend on the goodness of the people to do our work.

Who is really behind the wars that devastate humanity?

Why are breakthrough cancer cures always suppressed? How come most of humanity is unhealthy, weak, tired or depressed? Where do the millions of children go, that disappear every year? What is the true cause of the extensive corruption in governments?

Courageous journalists have been doing in depth research to answer these – and many more – critical questions. What is the true reason for the unspeakable suffering of humanity? Who is pushing the tsunami of perversion, violence, and wickedness in the entertainment industry? How come most non-local food is filled with toxins that wreak havoc on the health of humanity? For what reason are our soil, skies, and water constantly poisoned?

You will find the answer in the world renowned docuseries THE FALL OF THE CABAL. https://stopworldcontrol.com/cabal/

These groundbreaking documentaries expose the hidden entities behind the criminal governments, election fraud, media deception, toxic food industry, corrupt health care, and so on.

They are like the mafia, only much worse…

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