Understanding the Culture with historian, Bill Federer – Part 3

Get Wisdom – Hate Every False Way

The Bible tells us, “From Your (God’s) precepts I get understanding; Therefore, I hate every false way. (Psalm 119:104)

Can there be any better advice than Proverbs 4:7?  “Getting wisdom is the wisest thing you can do! And whatever else you do, develop good judgment.”

Proverbs 16:16 reminds me, “How much better it is to get wisdom than gold! And to get understanding is to be chosen above silver.”

Isn’t it enlightening to see how God opens our understanding of life’s issues as we get acquainted with the history of our human family, especially in light of God’s Word?

Historian, Bill Federer, gives us a historical bird’s eye view of how evil influencers in human history have sown discord to produce disruption in society, leading to a socialist tyranny. It happened in ancient times and it happened in modern history too.

In two previous episodes of Reclaiming Your Legacy we shared with our listeners parts of a presentation that Bill Federer did for pastor Jack Hibbs.  The link for those programs is at the program notes for today’s program at ReclaimYourLegacy.com.  He unpacked for us one of the most proven ‘schemes of the devil.’  It’s called discord. And it’s remarkable to see how effective it’s been to disrupt society, causing all sorts of agony and death, in cultures down through history.

In order to recognize the roots of demonic philosophies of mankind – the doctrines of demons and vain philosophies of man rather than the cornerstones of a Christ-centered love of the Truth – Bill Federer does a brilliant job of giving us all a gift.  He calls it “understanding the culture.” And in today’s third part of his talk, he explores some of the roots of why modern governments have responded to the covid crisis in the way they have done.  Let’s pick up where we left off as he showed us the way governments of the past have deliberately created disruption and unrest in social order in order to intervene and assert their dictatorial power.

The covid response of 2020 – starts at 43:39/1:08:13

Here are notes of some highlights of Bill’s talk.

Summarizing the remarkable recent history of modern America’s response to the covid crisis, Bill notes that the first thing the government did was release prisoners from jail. Then everyone observed crime going up disastrously in the big cities. When some people feel unsafe in those cities, who are those who move out? That would be those with families who can afford to move out. Since those more affluent and stable families who move tend to belong to one political party, who does that leave behind? Those dependent on entitlements who tend to align with the other political party.

As some small businesses are closed, looted, and vandalized along with the move to defund police, pro-business people tend to move out of town.

What happens when churches shut down?

As churches are shut down by the government’s response to the “pandemic,” people who are pro-life, social conservatives are not able to meet together and organize.

Schools are closed. Students who have been indoctrinated with ‘hate America’ rhetoric are more free to riot. The net covid response was that people of one political party move out of big cities, leaving the other party in monopoly control of city politics. In presidential election years, whoever wins big cities wins the state. Voter fraud is more likely since ardent supporters of the opposing party have moved out. Then whoever wins the state gets all electoral votes for the state which guarantees a presidential candidate wins since all electoral votes are heavily slanted toward one party.  This is a clear result of the covid response by letting crime go up in the big cities.


Deconstruction is a socialist tactic following defined narratives. First, a country’s past is portrayed negatively. This causes emotional detachment. Then people are in a neutral mindset, not knowing where they came from. Then propaganda can portray a future crafted by the infiltrators. It’s an effective sales technique like deprecating a popular toothpaste and introducing the features of a new competitive product. It’s a gene-editing program for a culture… take out the old and put in the new.

This is what has been effectively pounded into public academia in recent decades, portraying America’s founders negatively, exaggerating flaws like slavery while eliminating positive aspects from the curriculum. Socialists have deliberately eliminated the reality that America’s founders gave us a government where you get to be in charge of your life. When students are repulsed by their idea of what they are programmed to think is their heritage, they are in a neutral mindset to receive brainwashing positive pitches for things like LGBT, Sharia Islam or socialism.

Europe’s culture went through this, going from a Judeo-Christian past, including a thousand years of catholic tradition, cathedrals, protestant reformation, and Jewish neighborhoods. Then Europe’s culture degenerated to a predominantly secular one that fell prey to the French Revolution, LGBT, and other anti-Biblical ideals. Now it’s collapsing into a Sharia Muslim and socialist-dominated mindset.

China did this too. In the 3rd century B.C., a Chinese emperor revolted against traditions held for generations and demanded that historical records be destroyed. Classics of history were burned and those who discussed them were executed. It was intentional cutting of ties with the past.  Mao Zedung did the same thing in the 1960s in the ‘cultural revolution,’ destroying over a thousand years of Chinese history. Even Genghis Khan was ordered to be erased from Chinese history.  Pol Pot did the same thing in Cambodia during the Khmer Rouge, killing 25% of their people.

Sharia Islam has done the same thing. The Caliph Omar burned the great library of Alexandria, Egypt.

Italian socialist, Antonio Gramsci, insisted in 1937 from prison, that America can’t be defeated on the battlefield. It must be deteriorated from within. This was called the ‘long march through the institutions.’  He wrote that “socialism is precisely the religion that must overwhelm Christianity.  In the new order, socialism will triumph by first capturing the culture via infiltration of schools, universities, churches, and the media by transforming the consciousness of society.”

George Orwell’s dark socialist novel, 1984, characterized a “ministry of truth,” with the job of editing history and putting all evidence of the real past down a memory hole.”

Carl Sandburg wrote: “When a nation goes down… one condition may always be found; they forgot where they came from.” 

A Key Note

  • Country is controlled by laws. 
  • Laws are controlled by politicians.
  • Politicians are controlled by voters.
  • Voters are controlled by public opinion.
  • Public opinion is controlled by media, education, church and the Internet.

Ends at 51:00/01:08:13  …the above portion of Bill’s day one talk begins at https://youtu.be/aOysMK5xK5c ] …

Bill’s Day 2 talk begins at  https://youtu.be/my4314Sywlo?t=1189

How to Brainwash a Nation

Bill Federer continued his presentation – going deeper into how to brainwash a nation.  Listen to part of what he shared. Be sure to link to the whole recording at ReclaimYourLegacy.com for this episode called Understanding the Culture part 3.

beginning at 19:50

How to brainwash a nation.  In the 19th century in America, marketing relied on Sears catalogs and Wells Fargo freight. Every feature of items was described in print. In the 20th century, magazines dominated in advertising, in which features were not typically described in detail. Ads made it look popular; everyone’s using it.  Popularity became a matter of “keeping up with the Joneses.”  Sensationalism prevailed through print media.  William Randolph Hearst popularized the notion that Americans must wage war in Cuba, using Fredrick Remington’s pictures to mobilize public sentiment and free Cuba from the oppressive Spanish government.   The press realized they could not just convince (market) the public to buy consumer goods. They could also change foreign policy.

In 1938, the radio drama of Orson Wells, The War of the Worlds, was staged as a real threat that created widespread fear. It was totally fake. Panic temporarily prevailed across the nation through radio.  German NAZI propagandist, Joseph Gerbils, studied this effect and organized rallies to create a crowd mentality built on peer-pressure.  Create fear and with big crowds, make it look like everyone is doing it. Fear mongering is the manipulation of people into hysteria. America started something similar with the Army and Air Force motion picture service. Though legitimate, it shows how media can be used to get people to not just buy a product but buy an ideology.  The 1944 movie, Gaslight, exemplified this strategy.  26;50

Discovering how to manipulate perception for an entire nation (Gaslighting) began in ancient Athens. Greek city-states were governed by the entire populace. How do you pitch your agenda to an entire city? The invention of ‘theater’ is key. Put on plays in a big amphitheater filled with all the citizens of the city. Whether tragedies, comedies or satires, they would ridicule some points of view and honor others. From then until now, theater is always used politically to manipulate public sentiment in a country where it’s the people who are in charge. Someone is in charge of the writing of scripts. As characters are developed to convey opposing ideals, values, and motives to win the approval of an audience, in subsequent sequel stories changing traits are introduced that subliminally are tolerated or excused by the sympathetic viewers. Thus, positive characters can be used to move an audience to accept their negative evolution as excusable.

Psyops are psychological operations in military strategy. In the 20th century, opposing enemies dropped leaflets on populations to persuade them to lose heart in their side. This mind game was perfected in China in 5th century B.C. by Sun Tzu in The Art of War. He wrote that the best general is the one who can get his enemy to surrender without even fighting. It’s about psyching them out, tricking the enemy into thinking you’re in control so they lose heart and surrender.

Fifth generation warfare is when you get your enemy to surrender without them even knowing that there was a war. That’s what we are experiencing right now. Another step is what became known as the “cold war.”  Operation Mockingbird, directed by the CIA director of the US, fed interpreted stories to all US news agencies. Now, social media is used by monopolist elite bosses to sway elections.

In America, the Country is controlled by laws.  Laws are controlled by politicians. Politicians are controlled by voters. Voters are controlled by public opinion. Public opinion is controlled by media, education, church and the Internet.  All influencers use the Internet, controlling what the public knows.

… this ends at about 34:48

Isn’t this enlightening? Bill Federer’s treasury of knowledge about the past really does help us see more clearly what’s going on today, doesn’t it?  Now do you see another dimension to Hosea 4:6 – my people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge.  That’s why God wants us to not be ignorant of the devil’s schemes, but rather expose them, to be assessed by all. Bill Federer’s treasury of information is at AmericanMinute.com.  See his whole talk linked at ReclaimYourLegacy.com.

If you haven’t yet accessed the many valuable tools, links, and videos at ReclaimYourLegacy.com, you’re in for a feast worth sharing with friends. And while you’re there, I want to invite you to partner with us as God leads you so we can continue serving you and our entire listening community with these resources. The donate page at ReclaimYourLegacy.com gives you several ways you can help. It’s really true. We depend on the gifts of our growing team of listening friends   

The following notes begin at about 36:30, are not included in the part 3 radio show.

Antonio Gramsci… long march through the institutions.

Recognized that Judeo-Christian values cannot be overthrown until the roots are cut. Unlike all other cultures with caste and class systems, biblical culture respects all men are made in God’s image and have intrinsic worth, regardless whether an individual can contribute much or not. Also, God has no respect of persons. All are equal.

The group must be paramount. Whoever controls the group is in charge. Gramsci said socialism is the religion that must overwhelm Christianity.

George Orwell wrote 1984.

Spin history.

40:00  Classic example in Egyptian history is the battle of Carchemish.  Good King Josiah of Judah tried to stop Egypt’s king and got killed. The Hittite records, when finally discovered, showed the accepted Egyptian story was wrong. Countries like Egypt don’t put negative details on their monuments.

40:55  If there’s no God or absolute truth, what’s wrong with manipulating history to achieve your political goal?

Orwell said, “Those who control the past control the future, and those who control the present control the past.”

41:15   The 1619 Project – Howard Zinn – rewriting American history.

Carl Sandburg wrote: “When a nation goes down, one condition may always be found; they forgot where they came from.”

Brainwashing came from the Buddhist concept of cleansing the mind. The Korean War liberated captive soldiers demonstrated this. After their release they were found to be hating America. Their deprivation torture in prison led them to crave getting back to some kind of normal. After being in solitary confinement, they were accepted among peers only after they were brainwashed by those peers that America was bad.

They found out that if a prisoner had a sense of humor it was hard to brainwash them.

44:53 Emotional Reset… isolation, trauma, and sensory deprivation until they crave acceptance and normalcy. Humans naturally desire acceptance in a group and fear rejection.

Approval of man is an ever-moving goal post.

Most cultures are honor-shame… opposite to Biblical absolutes of right and wrong.

47:20 Asch conformity experiment.

48:20 Spiral of Silence. People self-censor their views if they think they are in the minority.

50:10 We must obey God rather than men.

52:10  Approved by man… or god? 

54:45  Nero persecution.

59:30  Arius . Arian heresy

1:02:45  Muhammad

1:21:00 Christians started hospitals…

:22 now Christians in hospitals are told to set aside their Christian conscience and just do as you’re told.

1:21:40  Pilgrims… top down vs bottom up… dead pyramid vs living tree.

:22:40 1624 Virginia House of Burgesses – uniformity… to canons of England.

Bill’s last talk in the series with Jack Hibbs is at https://youtu.be/zxPf0bave8Y?t=693 – Day 3

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