Understanding the Culture with historian, Bill Federer – Part 2

Isn’t it remarkable how the events recorded in God’s Word can often provide insight for the roots of discord that our generation faces even today?

After Gideon died in the book of Judges, the people of Shechem gave a wicked son of Gideon seventy pieces of silver … which he used to hire worthless and reckless fellows, who followed him.

In his historical review of how wicked rulers of the past used identity politics and community organization tactics to gain power, Bill Federer explains at a recent series of presentations he did for Pastor Jack Hibbs some very eye-opening principles. Be sure to access the complete illustrated presentation at the link here – https://youtu.be/aOysMK5xK5c . Seeing how notable villains of history built a pattern for modern treachery helps us all identify some of the subtle schemes the devil is using to condition impressionable people to follow immoral, illegitimate elitists until God’s providence uses others to overthrow them. A big part of their strategy is to create discord.

Today, picking up from where we were last time, Bill’s talk at Chino Hills Calvary Chapel wisely guides us to understand how evil people follow deceitful tactics to overthrow a society. They did it many times in the past and they’re doing it today.

This part of the talk starts at 21:15/1:08:13 in the YouTube recording.

here are some highlights from Bill Federer’s talk.

Following the Marxist Critical Theory strategy of creating division, the British even created racial distinctions in Rwanda Africa where there were none before, creating such strife that the factions brutally killed one another.

Imagine creating groups just for the sake of pitting them against each other – i.e Vaxxed vs unvaxxed?

Castro voiced the need to create revolutionaries and counter revolutionaries.

So, how did this Marxist Critical Theory start in America? (starts at 22:00)

In 1894, the Pullman Railroad car company workers went on strike because of the downturn in the national economy. The company couldn’t pay all their workers. Eugene Debs, a socialist, organized workers to sow discord, protest grievances, riot and commit acts of violence. Starting in Chicago, they destroyed 80 million dollars’ worth of rail cars in 27 states.  The movie, “The Newsies” was built around this event. Imagine rioting and burning property all across the country. The entire country was brought to a stand still because the railroad shipped the mail and all goods.  Then Debs started the Socialist Party of America. He ran for president five times, once from prison, between 1900 and 1920.  In 1920 a new branch began – the Communist Party USA, running presidential candidates each year from 1920 – 1940.

In 1940, FDR made a treaty with Russian Communist dictator Stalin. So, the communist party in USA discontinued running presidential candidates. They had a socialist in charge now anyway and continued infiltrating the democrat party from then until now. President Reagan famously said, “I didn’t leave the Democrat party. The Democrat party left me.”

In 1920, Hitler began a new party in Germany when the Weimar Republic was in charge. It was called the National Socialist Workers party – in German it rendered as “NAZI.”  Like Abimelech’s “worthless persons” and Machiavelli’s paid rioters, Hitler’s violent arm was his group called the “brown-shirts.” They were nicknamed ‘Storm-troopers,’ because they would storm into and disrupt meetings of Hitler’s opponents, creating chaos.  The brownshirts would lock arms and block buildings.  Then they smashed windows, looted and burned over 7,000 stores owned by Jews throughout the country.  Then they set on fire their capital Reichstag building, using the crisis to falsely accuse Hitler’s political opponents, arresting and executing them, until he had not opponents left, transitioning Germany from a Republic to a dictatorship.

Likewise, Tucker Carlson reported a security video of the first group of people to enter the capitol building on January 6th. They are all a team of men dressed in riot control gear who were ‘almost certainly’ FBI operatives.

Blame-shifting was described by Sigmund Freud as “psychological projection,” when ‘rude and hateful and bigoted people accuse those they do not like of being rude, hateful, and bigoted.’  Karl Marx taught: “Accuse others of what you do.”  This is common today where the intolerant and hateful people will accuse civil-minded people of being intolerant and hateful.

After World War II, Germany, France and Britain gave independence to their former colonies that became new nations. Things looked hopeful, but the KGB sent agents into these new countries and sowed “critical theory.” They effectively divided people groups in each country to create ethnic and religious distinctions and racial strife.  Organizing the victims and oppressors gave rise to protests and resulted in riots, violence and bloodshed. Once people are emotionally upset over bloodshed, they can be manipulated easily by ‘fear-mongering.’  Then they would co-opt the media to blame the new leaders of the new countries for all these problems.  Once the country was destabilized by all the violence, they would stage a ‘rigged election’ or ‘coup.’   Leaders were replaced by soviet puppets and violence would suddenly stop, and then the populace would realize they gave up their sovereignty. Forty-Five countries fell to communism this way. They were all inside the “iron curtain.”  Mao in China did a similar tactic with a tweak.  He conceived the “continuous revolution.”  Keeping the pandemic of fear sustained became their normal.

 When Britain appealed to Eisenhower for help after Iran took over their Anglo-Iranian oil company (BP), the US approved the first CIA operation to overthrow a country’s leaders – Operation Ajax.  A descendant of Teddy Roosevelt worked behind the scenes in Iran to recruit radicals, stage riots, and subvert their military. When the country was panicked over the unrest. Their leader was arrested and imprisoned for life as a new government was installed under the Shaw of Iran.  The CIA did the same thing in 1954 in Guatemala, the Congo in 1960, South Vietnam in 1963, Brazil in 1964 and others.  The KGB did the same thing, helping Arafat bring division in the mid-east, Castro taking over Cuba, and hundreds of attempted coups in Latin America and Africa. This was called the “Cold War.” The tactics have been perfected over decades. Different federal departments coopted under Obama, like the IRS targeting conservative organizations.  Castro got Che Guevara to execute people. The culture became the opposite of Christian reconciliation.

Another tactic is economic. Karl Marx and Fredrich Engels devised strategies to ruin small capitalists and destroy the middle class, leading to a social revolution.    When Lenin took over Russia, he killed all the Kulak farmers. Stalin influenced communists in the US to foster increased federal debt. That ultimately translated to “stimulus programs” to dilute the monetary system until the savings of the middle class are worthless, when the helpless worker class cries to government to help them.  The Cloward Piven strategy designs the acceptance of socialism through economic collapse.

Lenin dubbed those believing propaganda as “useful idiots.”

Communist KGB defector, Yuri Bezmenov, in 1980 outlined the strategy to 1) demoralize, 2) destabilize, 3) Crisis, and 4) Coup & Normalization.

A declared tactic of the communist goals in 1963 was to “infiltrate the churches and replace revealed religion with ‘social’ religion.” Discrediting the Bible is key.  Manning Johnson, a young black leader in communism, discovered that they were sowing division in crisis. He learned that communists were the noble fighters of capitalist money changers, like Jesus. They convinced young people of a twisted identity for the Biblical savior.

Alexander Solzhenitsyn called Americans to be alert to prevent those using the struggle for social justice to divert them from a false road.

Saul Alinsky discovered and taught that “the first step in community organization is community disorganization.”  Just like all others in history, sowing discord was the plan to create upheaval in society. He espoused that ‘organizers’ must search out controversy, for unless there is controversy, people are not concerned enough to act. In the introduction to his book, he acknowledged the first radical who rebelled against the establishment, Lucifer.

You’ll appreciate hearing the entire talk Bill Federer gave. It’s at the link in the notes for today’s program.

Hearing Bill’s brilliant application of his study of history really gives us insight. It helps us grasp more of what Jesus meant in Luke 16:8 when he said, “the sons of this age are more shrewd in relation to their own generation that the sons of light.”

Again, “my people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge.” And hopefully, when we’re equipped with this kind of understanding, we’ll make better choices to be the ‘salt and light’ that God wants us to be in our culture.

Get Bill Federer’s book on the roots of socialism at AmericanMinute.com and see his illustrated talk at the link: https://youtu.be/aOysMK5xK5c?t=1282

There’s more to come next time as we explore God’s wisdom for being an overcomer in perilous times.

While it lasts, you’ll want to see the entire first talk at: https://youtu.be/aOysMK5xK5c    – Part 1 is titled Understanding the Culture. 

Today’s program is taken from the part starting at https://youtu.be/aOysMK5xK5c?t=1277

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