Equipping Soldiers in Wartime with Truth and Strategy

By Dennis Petersen

We’ve been praying fervently that God raise up a generation of warriors willing to fight in this historic battle against wicked forces. Those forces are operating through satanically inspired enemies of all that is good and Godly. And it takes all kinds of equipped and faithful soldiers to fight in the many fronts of this war.

Are you in yet? If you are, you better know why you fight. And it’s not about you. You know very well that soldiers are called into battle to defend the defenseless. If selfless courage doesn’t motivate you to fight the battle raging today, whether on your knees or with your strengths and skills, then you are simply accommodating the enemy by your slackness.

The war being fought in our world today has come out in the open. It’s come out in the open because the enemy has been emboldened. It’s a war between two kingdoms and we should know it better than most. Evil wickedness is on the rampage against God’s kingdom of truth and light.

“if you are slack in the day of distress, your strength is limited. Deliver those who are being taken away to death, and those who are staggering to slaughter, O hold them back. If you say, ‘See, we did not know this,’ Does He not consider it who weighs the hearts? And does He not know it who keeps your soul? And will He not render to man according to his work?”

Proverbs 24:10-12

We – living in this time… in this hour… are being challenged to step up to give our lives in this present dark world filled with evil of all sorts.  If we slack off… if we make excuses… if we rationalize… if we do anything less than step up to the plate and give our best shot, just remember what the Holy Spirit said to us in Proverbs 24. God is the one who measures our heart’s intentions… our efforts.  He not only provides every breath you take and the strength for each day’s work… He will render to every one of us according to our work. Did we give Him our best? If we are bought with the price of Christ’s blood, are we not completely His? Are we not willing to be faithful to do whatever He calls us to do at such a time as this?

On April 6, 2021, we broadcast a radio program touching several of what I felt could be, even for Bible-believing families, the most urgent and eye-opening controversies of our generation. If you didn’t hear it, you can read or listen to it at http://reclaimyourlegacy.com/2021/04/06/destroying-speculations-raised-against-the-knowledge-of-god/.  Check it out on the Radio archive tab of the reclaimyourlegacy.com website.

When I sent out an announcement about the program to subscribers for our occasional email updates at our website, I wrote: “You’re about to receive links to insights to give you perspective that you probably won’t get otherwise. The bar has been raised for Christians to engage in the battle to protect our children and ‘Destroy Speculations Raised Against the Knowledge of God’ (2 Corinthians 10:5).”

 One of the topics discussed briefly on that episode was the then-upcoming, 2-day event in Tulsa called the Health and Freedom conference. I hope you got to watch a good portion of it. Having just heard some of the more than 50 remarkably gifted presenters at that event, I must say that most all of our KFIA listeners in the Sacramento region are soon going to be hearing things presented there that the MSM most certainly is doing their best to discredit and villainize. This alone should be a huge warning for all of us to be like the Berean believers mentioned in Acts chapter 17. Apostle Paul made special note of the fact that those first century believers who lived in the town of Berea were more honorable than some other Christians elsewhere because they searched the scriptures daily in order to see if these things were true. In other words, they took the time to personally examine ideas carefully before embracing them.  That principle has been one of the core motivators of my life for over 45 years. When the Lord called me out of my chosen career devoted to presenting historic facts in public museums in compelling ways, He put me on a path of providentially directed ministry. That ministry has been about urging everyone to “put all things to the test” just as Paul admonished readers of 1 Thessalonians 5:21.

The recent Health and Freedom conference in Tulsa is the first of its kind… ever.  It is an answer to prayer for millions of prayer warriors who are fervently praying for God to raise up spiritually mature warriors to engage in the battle raging all around us. And there’s no doubt now that we are in an all-out war for the future of our precious freedoms and even the very lives of our precious families.  Now, many have felt the heat of that war in disastrous ways that most of us never imagined could happen even a year earlier. The evil architects of global tyranny have now proven to use society’s programmed trust for the medical establishment to engineer a pandemic of fear.   But with the evil being forced into the light through recent events, the real storm has yet to hit society full force.

The enterprising businessman, Clay Clark, saw the Lord providentially enable him to put this event together in just 45 days. He enlisted the participation of some of the most gifted voices of righteous leadership we’ve been privileged to hear in recent times. General Michael Flynn, attorney Lin Wood, and businessman Mike Lindell were just some of the brilliant people God brought together for this event. Watching just some of them has reiterated to me how the Lord raises up so many very unique people to serve His divine plan of turning the bright lights of truth on the diabolically evil deeds of darkness. Unique personalities and temperaments. Unique backgrounds and walks of life. Unique careers and interests. Unique lives, serving unique callings, in unique niches of society… but all with a common thread of passionate love for God, for families, for human life, and for freedom.  They all are zealous for the Biblical values that God wove into the forefathers of our very unique traditions. These are the special threads that weave together all of my peers and my family in this special creation of God, known as the united states of America. It was all about God and His purposes from the beginning. It will be a fight to keep it that is equally all about God and His purposes.

The health and freedom conference is a landmark in the war we are called to fight.  It’s a guarantee that you and all your peers will be hearing about in coming days. It’s because God is opening up doors of opportunity for Light to shine on the darkness, exposing the evil, and bringing the good news of God’s kingdom that results in Glory to the only king of all righteousness, Jesus Christ.

At this strategic event, Courageous Scientists, with insights that have been famously censored by globalist monopolies like Facebook and Google, were given world-wide exposure of their honest discoveries. They have nothing to gain and lots to lose by bravely telling their findings. When you hear what they presented you’ll be more equipped for the battles you face.

Legal experts who know how to dig deep for evidence of what’s really true showed that they are willing to sacrifice their careers to shed the light of truth on the darkness of evil in every community in the land. When you see their fire you’ll know better how to pray for the victory’s ahead in this historic war.

Business men and women, who care more about the next generation than most religious people have even demonstrated for the present generation, voiced initiatives and strategies that will come to be known as devastating nuclear bombs on evil schemes. They are exposing the evil agendas of corrupt elites committing the most wicked atrocities imaginable… and you’ll be able to take part in the exposure.

We don’t like to talk about heinous crimes like human trafficking, but it’s now the biggest selling travesty of vice against humanity in all of history. It’s even bigger now that the illicit drug trade.  Wait till you see the movie production called Sound of Freedom that’s being completed now. Actor, Jim Caviezel, shared his compelling passion to portray the brave warrior of the true story. It’s coming out later in 2021. Please… see the clip of Jim Caviezel’s heartfelt interview about the human trafficking tragedy, including the movie trailer, at this link: https://www.brighteon.com/12c646a7-062a-4ebd-ad92-fee033415f09 .  His talk at the Tulsa conference even included a live-feed discussion with the brave soldier whose life the movie is all about. His current highly secret work is setting free hundreds of young boys and girls who’ve been kidnapped and enslaved by evil monsters. It’s happening as we speak. This human tragedy is funded by some of the richest people in the world. This is the hard-core heart of the war we are in today.

This entire 2-day event was nothing less than a series of major truth-bombs delivered by God-fearing Pastors and patriots from all over the land.  They presented inspiring, informative and directive steps for all of us to take in the days ahead.  Because of ‘such a time as this,’ we are all targets of a war on humanity. It’s a matter of not just the survival of our little space on the planet, but for the survival of millions of children all over the world. The Tulsa meeting enabled some 4,500 folks to sit indoors without useless face diapers and anti-social distancing. As more online platforms are being built to advance the impact of the many messages delivered there, you can watch many of them on Rumble.com and Brighteon.com by just searching for “Health and Freedom Conference.”

All of us today are being confronted with a harsh reality. Just like Jesus confronted the politically wicked Pharisees of his time, we are assigned to expose and confront the devastatingly evil elites of our day. When you see and hear the zeal that God has infused with wisdom and courage in those who spoke at this conference, I think you will be not just encouraged. You’ll be energized. That’s why you’ve got to make use of the links I’ve provided on the post for today’s program at ReclaimYourLegacy.com.

Attorney Leigh Dundas delivered a compelling first-hand confrontation she had with her local school board in California that is stunning. See it at this link: https://www.brighteon.com/d5746a70-c7df-4d10-9caa-558aafeab4df

Dr. Christiane Northrup, presented a highly informative illustrated talk about “What’s In the COVID-19 Vaccines?” That you will want to share with your family.  See it at this link: https://www.brighteon.com/d5746a70-c7df-4d10-9caa-558aafeab4df

Dr Simone Gold, founder of America’s Front Line Doctors, introduced several key legal team members, including a powerfully effective fighter named Joey Gilbert from Nevada. All of us citizens will come to know about the work being done in the days ahead  in the “The Path Forward.”  See it at this link: https://www.brighteon.com/85c5b1df-e532-4f40-8b4f-11d415b4f4cc

And don’t miss the inspiring story Mike Lindell told about God’s deliverance in his life and his journey of Exposing the Truth About Election Fraud. The things he is doing now will affect every American and many freedom-loving, God-fearing warriors all over the world. See it at this link: https://www.brighteon.com/8ccb7fbf-6ffe-4b32-a69e-856151f7c7d9

General Michael Flynn tells a moving story of his own investment in what this war is really all about. He follows a series of short stories by lesser-known warriors that are making a difference in today’s war-torn world. See it at: https://www.brighteon.com/a59ea56c-024b-4d75-b464-1e3e7140a93c

Founder of Overstock.com, Patrick Byrne, gave an insightful talk on our constitution’s history and what is being attempted in our government today. He called it “Why We Fight.”  See it at this link: https://rumble.com/embed/vd7drh/?pub=7d5md

Attorney Lin Wood delivered one of the most courageous and exposing messages I’ve ever heard. It was so hot and controversial that you will be challenged in ways you might never have imagined. I was. And you don’t want to miss it. See a portion of it at this link: https://www.brighteon.com/950d6ba6-564a-415b-a67b-ab567f2739a1  His full first presentation on April 16th is at this link: https://rumble.com/embed/vd7hcv/?pub=7d5md . To see a series of 10 Lin Wood truth bombs (short clips) on the Telegram app go to this link: https://t.me/linwoodspeakstruth.   And to hear what he knows to be true about the real president of our country, you’ll want to hear this short link and share it everywhere: https://www.brighteon.com/6519b052-6cb7-43bb-bab0-64539b681466  

Why is all of this urgent for you to know now?  Remember, we’re in a war. And you have an assignment. You are a soldier in God’s army whether you like it or not. And you have been given gifts and special situations in your own life to engage in the battles that God is orchestrating. That’s why we need to know the truth and know the strategies that we can participate in today. You start with prayer, interceding for those on the front lines… asking for direction to use your strengths in the war.

Do you know anyone who might not yet have discovered what’s going on in the global medical world that’s drawing millions away from the one-sided narrative being pounded by the Main Stream Media? You’re going to want to urge them to check out the presentations being shared by digital soldiers everywhere. They’re using platforms willing to feature honest reporting that dares to tell what politically correct, mind-controlling globalists have hidden for literally generations.

A good way to know if something is good or bad, is to look at what the mainstream media says about it. Since they are entirely controlled by the wicked (= Cabal, Deep State, NWO, etc.), who use it to manipulate the minds of mankind, we can know exactly who their enemies and friends are. Here is the key: their friends will always be praised, protected, and positively presented. The enemies of the wicked however will always be smeared, silenced, and suppressed by the mainstream media. This insight helps you discern who is who in the world of deception.

The mainstream media is the number one tool of the wicked to lie to humanity, control what we believe, and direct the course of our existence. Near the end of 2020 the mainstream media exploded in an all-out witch-hunt against a worldwide grassroots phenomenon of inquiry involving possibly millions of ‘digital soldiers’ who desire to know the truth and expose evil. This distinctive informal network has been characterized by the 17th letter of the alphabet.   The globalist main stream international media and industrial banking complex has vigorously barraged the public in every possible way to discredit them. Most social media platforms were deleted. Anyone talking about them got censored. Thousands of private social media accounts were cancelled if they even looked like they were advocates of the popular motto – “where we go one, we go all.” They are absolutely terrified of anybody saying something about a simple network of truth tellers identified by a single letter of our alphabet.

For listeners who desire to be like the Bereans, noted in Acts 17 as those who searched the scriptures daily to test if these things are true, it’s vital to take the time to study some background. One of the clearest sources I’ve yet found, coming from an honestly candid Biblical foundation of truth is the work of my friend David Sorensen at: https://www.stopworldcontrol.com/mystery/ .  One of the easiest ways the devil gains a totally unnecessary stronghold in the lives of believers is when they fail to take seriously the imperative to do what the Bible tells them they must do in verses like 1st Thessalonians 5:21. We’re urged to “test all things.” Many other scriptures urge God’s children to advocate this principle (Isaiah 1:18, 2 Timothy 2:15, Proverbs 2:1-14; 14:6; 18:13, 17; 13:10, just for starters).

The insights presented through the sensible and benign comments of this Internet source, has played a major role in awakening humanity to the cruel power system, that forms the current grid of our world. This helps us understand why the mainstream media went to war with them, trying to convince lame stream “sheeple” that the WWG1WGA “movement” is just a bunch of nonsense. That’s what they always do with truth: tell the world to believe their insane lies, and consider truth as silly stuff for stupid sissies. The facts of history prove that the CIA invented the phrase ‘conspiracy theory’ to mock those who were beginning to discover what’s really going on. They label them as idiots who believe what, in their view, are ‘unproven’ conspiracies.

For decades the New World Order was described as one of these conspiracy theories, until the United Nations openly said they ARE the New World Order.

Another example is the ‘conspiracy theory’ that Google is deliberately manipulating their search results, to hide truth from the world, and only show their version of reality. Who believed that kind of nonsense, a few years ago? Now hundreds of millions are seeing with their own eyes, how insane censorship is taking over the world. Medical doctors, scientists and experts in any field, are being cancelled by social media, because they don’t go along with the script of the wicked.

God is using the distortions of the public main stream to uncover gross deceptions. He’s motivating more and more people to search out the truth of His Word about both natural common sense and spiritual realities. We broadcast a radio show to highlight some of the specific warnings about what is proving to be one of the most reprehensible assaults on humanity in history. See it at: http://reclaimyourlegacy.com/2021/03/17/common-sense-to-turn-on-the-lights-comes-from-righteousness-and-truth/

We’re in this together. Thanks for your prayers as we work to help our listeners in our area to discover the resources to help us all in this war. Visit reclaimyourlegacy.com and see the radio archive to find today’s episode and previous episodes. Share them with your friends. And if the Holy Spirit impresses you to help us stay on this channel, we truly need your financial contribution and appreciate whatever He enables you to do. There’s a place on the website that you can select different ways to donate. Let us know if you are helped by these resources. It’s all about each of us doing our little parts to the glory of our risen King. To Jesus be all the praise.

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