Christmas is a time of remembering and anticipating the greatest gift to all mankind – Redemption

When you think about it… really think about it… the season of each year when we celebrate the remarkable advent of our Creator’s incarnation that we call Christmas… it’s truly amazing how God, in His providence, can use this season every year to personally communicate and commune with our deepest soul.  Even with all the distracting commercialism and misguided paganized myths that our society has amassed around the occasion, God is still profoundly using the Christmas season to bring light into the darkness of many minds whom He has chosen to receive eternal redemption. What a gift! 

The beloved disciple John, guided by the Holy Spirit of God, recorded the event straight to the point in the opening of his gospel.  He even showed the distinction between the Savior from the man, who also had the name John – the baptizer – who announced the anticipated Redeemer’s entry into our world. He wrote it this way.


Awakening to the Reality of Spiritual Warfare

episode #324

More and more people in our country and in the world are awakening to the reality that we are all on the stage of the greatest spiritual battleground imaginable. 

As the darkness of evil becomes increasingly invasive, the brightness of the Light of God’s Truth and Righteousness becomes all the more apparent to those who have eyes to see. Unfortunately, we realize from recent history that people who have been pickled in mass-media deception and coddled by a public indoctrination mindset that coddles the stubbornness to cling to their self-serving idolatry and wicked passions… those people are often too hardened to hear God’s invitation to repent and receive the peace of eternal life.


Living in Victory when it Looks like Defeat Surrounds You

by Dennis Petersen

Can you think of times in history when victory seemed remote and defeat was all around? What is God saying to His Ekklesia – his true family of believing members of the body of Christ – in the midst of the pervasive darkness and fear that is so obvious in today’s world? One would have to be completely unaware of history and current events to not see that the challenges facing the human race today are historic.  And, if you’re a child of God, following the Lord Jesus Christ as His disciple, you’d have to be spiritually asleep to not perceive that God is preparing His true church for unusually special times of living in the conscious awareness of His sovereign guidance, God-glorifying purpose and victorious destiny.


Thanksgiving 4 Centuries after Our Pilgrims’ First Celebration #323

November every year in America is historically a time of remembrance and Thanksgiving. What other culture in the world has a tradition like that?

To better appreciate the roots of this special season for us as a people, let’s unravel the chain of events that helps us understand the implications of what led to the divinely innovative beginning of a whole new national identity.

Nobody I know does that better than my friend Bill Federer – Listen as he describes parallels between the treacherous 16th century time of the Pilgrims and our time 400 years later.

You can watch this interview at:  Start at 6:08 of 1/22/2023 America Unhinged: Dr. John Diamond interview with Bill Federer

Here is a partial Outline of Bill Federer’s talk:

Kings typically killed some of their own country’s population that they didn’t like

The St Bartholemew’s Day Massacre described.

John Calvin wrestled with Romans 13.  What do you do when the authorities have a mandate to kill your wife and kids?

Eph 6 .. children obey your parents… is he required to obey an ungodly parent’s demand to do something against God’s expressed will.

Martin Luther King comments on unjust laws… obey government as long as it lines up with God’s word.

If you remove a king… chaos results. Another king comes in to change things… followed by more chaos.  how do you remove a king to restore order without another chaos?

The Pilgrims, following Bible concepts, began a “Covenant” form of government, where everyone follows a covenant with God and with each other. Everyone is taught the “law.” What motivates them is that they are personally accountable to God. Second, everyone is in a covenant with each other and with God.

05:35 The Pilgrims looked to ancient Israel as their model – particularly the first 400 years after Israel’s exodus from Egypt, before King Saul.

After Joshua’s time, there was no king in Israel for 400 years.

The kings of England adopted the ‘divine right of kings’ paradigm from the Biblical time of kings Saul and David and afterward.

06:35 The Calvinist puritans of New England looked to the pre-King Saul Bible period.

Kings of England were a theocracy. The king was head of the church. From 1535 onward people were required to take the “oath of supremacy” which forced all English subjects to obey the King in all matters, even of a religious or spiritual nature.

King James had several attempts on his life because of the discontent fomented by royal heavy-handedness.

Guy Faux assassination attempt.

King James was paranoid of dissenting groups whom he feared might assassinate him. This included the Pilgrims.

America’s founders came to get away from a “theocracy.”

09:36 Book of Common Prayer… The government raided those who prayed without this book being used to pray. Dissenters were officially condemned as ‘heretics’ and branded without fair trial because they dared to defy the king’s regulations of even their thoughts and prayers.

10:54 Conventical Act became The Riot Act in England because the government feared the “covenanters” could be planning a riot in their secret meetings as Christians wanting to gather in their homes to worship God.

John Bunyan was subjected to arrest and imprisonment for 12 years because of his boldness to meet privately in his home church.

Jesus clearly made following his teaching completely voluntary

Covenant churches were made of those who had no bishops and no requirement to bow to government authorized priests. They decided to not meet in church buildings but in the open fields.

17:18 The idea of having to believe the way the government believes prompted one group to buy passage from England to the Netherlands (the Pilgrims).

Federal is Latin for ‘covenant.’

The constitution is a way to prevent a president from ruling through mandates.

Thanks to Bill Federer, we can better see the powerful influence that rulers have over an oppressed people.

Do you think Jeremiah’s prophetic words speak to our generation today?

“Thus says the LORD, ‘Stand by the ways and see and ask for the ancient paths, where the good way is, and walk in it; and you shall find rest for our souls…’” Jeremiah 6:16

Proclaiming the truth when lies are more popular

“Speak the truth to each other, and render true and sound judgment in your courts” Zech. 8:16

“Should I keep back my opinions at such a time, through fear of giving offense, I should consider myself as guilty of treason toward my country.”  Patrick Henry

If liberty has any genuine meaning in our age of deception, it certainly carries the right to tell people the truth – even when they have been conditioned by their trusted teachers to think they do not want to hear it.

“The LORD is my helper; I will not fear; What can man do to me?” Heb 13:6

Never before in our lifetimes have we been so obviously confronted by what appears to be such a threat of ultimate foreboding loss of freedom, that even the most optimistic Pollyanna must concede that we are all at a crossroads of choice.  Will we choose to bow to God or bow to men who deny their Creator?  Which choice do you take right now for yourself?


Thanksgiving in America – a legacy worth reclaiming #316

 Dr Marshall Foster, the brilliant Christian historian, American patriot, and founder of the World History Institute, was a master teacher of the story of America’s brave pioneers. His remarkable documentary called “Monumental,” produced in collaboration with patriot actor Kirk Cameron, is a profound telling of one of the best kept secrets among the historic places in the story of the birth of the American nation.

Two years before he died, Dr Foster wrote a brief summary of some of the providential events in the story that 21st century families seldom know about the people that inspired the tradition of American Thanksgiving. It was published in the March/April 2019 issue of the World History Institute as “The Pilgrims: The Untold Story.” See it at:

All of Dr Foster’s journal issues are archived at World History Institute | Journals or


Thanksgiving for mid-course corrections on the Master’s Path for our life – Providence #290

Have you ever missed a turn on your road to somewhere and then had to make a mid-course correction?

Sometimes when you go too far down the wrong road, you can never completely retrace your path. You might even get blown off course through no fault of your own. Then you have to find a completely new course to your desired destination. We might not have felt particularly like giving thanks for those detours at the time we went through them. Maybe today we’ll discover some thoughts to help us reconsider – thanksgiving for mid-course correction on the master’s path for our life – the providence of God.

Proverbs 16:9 says “The mind of a man plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps.” This is called the Providence of God.  God guides his children and God provides for their way. It’s one of the key characteristics that all of our nation’s founding men and women knew about their Creator and Savior.


Bible Commands for Gods people regarding Evil Tyrants

By Dennis Petersen


Have you ever noticed the strong words God has for those who deliberately practice evil?  They are sometimes referred to as “evildoers” in the Bible.  Because we often tend to look at Scripture in a more personalized application, we can miss the fact that God’s word of condemnation often refers to the concerted efforts of organized evildoers.  Likewise, it’s important for us to realize that our Heavenly Father is working in us corporately as His body to unitedly pray and work together to “destroy the works of (our enemy) the devil.” With that in mind, hear some of what God says about these enemy “workers of iniquity.”

“evildoers shall be cut off…” Psalm 37:9 …destroyed… eliminated… wiped out.


Americans Rediscovering their Covenant with God

By Dennis Petersen

Are you ready to help people rediscover America’s covenant with God?

America’s people have been dumbed down deliberately by a secular and demonic agenda to make us all ignorant of truth, ignorant of common sense, ignorant of Scripture, and particularly ignorant of our own history.  We should all know the fact that God’s prophet clearly prophesied that His own people (“My people” He said) “are destroyed for a lack of knowledge” (Hosea 4:6). When we speak that message, it can be a prophetic wake-up call for those who might be listening closely to what we’re saying. But another problem is that many, in the true Ekklesia of God, lack the mature personal mentors who can coach them to be guided by the Holy Spirit.  We all need that guidance to discern what is true, and to learn from the events and lives of the past that are able to witness to the incredible grace and power of God.


Has God lost control of this world? Are we all doomed to become cyborgs?

Anyone who is well informed by truth-seeking sources and avoids the main stream media, knows that all humanity is under attack as our world has never seen before. Many are wondering if there is any hope for the future. What if these evil Luciferian serpents actually get their globalist ways?

Let’s see why there is 100% assurance that Truth and Freedom wins, and the good people will overcome. But first, let’s quickly outline the severity of the attacks on humanity.