Will our Creator allow His creation to be Hijacked?

After hearing today’s report, you will have a better reason than ever to trust in the words of Jesus when He said, “So have no fear of them, for nothing is covered that will not be revealed, or hidden that will not be (made) known.” (Matthew 10:26).

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After a full year of injecting people with an experimental gene altering shot for a patented infection that has never been isolated, called COVID-19, we can conclusively state that this is most definitely a weapon of mass destruction. It was intended to be from the start. It not only kills and cripples people in the present, it destroys unborn children in the womb as well. It is set to make a great part of the next generation of females infertile.

Geert VandenBoosch from Austria, the lifetime scientist – vaccinologist – who has created shots for major companies, has dared to make public statements informing people that giving the plandemic vax to children is essentially committing societal suicide. Let’s listen to his brief summary: (you can listen to it later at this link: https://t.me/chiefnerd/1643 )

VandenBoosche says: “it’s at risk of inducing autoimmune responses, autoimmunity in children. That’s why I’m saying ‘Never ever use a vaccine that cannot block transmission, when you are in the battlefield’ (example: during a pandemic). If you have a vaccine that cannot prevent the transmission… you cannot control this pandemic. The virus will escape. You cannot win this. It’s impossible. So, in other words, with this mass vaccination, you’re doing exactly the opposite. You are generating a breeding ground for even more infectious variants to replicate. Scientifically, there is no rationale whatsoever to vaccinate children.  This cannot be justified. There is no added value whatsoever for children. There is only major concerns and major risks. So, we know definitely that the risk benefit ratio is going in a completely wrong direction. So, how on earth can you, with that knowledge, can you even think of such a thing? It’s – I have no other words – this is criminal. And you know, as a scientist, we don’t use these words lightly. … Well, you hear me saying exactly the opposite that when you get vaccinated, there is no chance that you can contribute to herd immunity. And my advice is very, very clear… under no single circumstance should you allow to get your child vaccinated.”  Join @voiceforscienceandsolidarity

Based on official military reporting data for miscarriages following COVID-19 shots of pregnant women among the US military, Dr. Rose calculated that the unreported factor across the nationwide population for miscarriages is X49.

Since VAERS is now reporting 3,389 [almost 3400] fetal deaths following COVID-19 shots, the true number would be closer to 166,061 fetal deaths following the COVID shots. Keep in mind that this is just for pregnant women. What about all the other child-bearing age women who took the shot and are now infertile?  Do you see why the charge of deliberate GENOCIDE is being used to describe what is going on?!  [see:  https://healthimpactnews.com/2022/genocide-military-medical-whistleblowers-reveal-miscarriages-birth-defects-and-infertility-rates-exploded-in-2021-following-covid-vaccines/ ]


Sofia Smallstorm is interviewed at length on the SGT Report to dissect After a full year of injecting people with an experimental gene altering shot for a patented infection that has never been isolated, called COVID-19, we can conclusively state that this is most definitely a weapon of mass destruction. It was intended to be from the start. It not only kills and cripples people in the present, it destroys unborn children in the womb as well. It is set to make a great part of the next generation of females infertile.


Before we see some of the remarkable things in this report, let’s be reminded that God has given his weapons for us to overcome the battles of this age.

“For though we walk in the flesh, we do not war according to the flesh, for the weapons of our warfare are not of the flesh, but divinely powerful for the destruction of fortresses. We are destroying speculations and every lofty thing raised up against the knowledge of God, and we are taking every thought captive to the obedience of Christ.” 2 Corinthians 10:3-5.

“By this we know that we love the children of God, when we love God and observe His commandments.  For this is the love of God, that we keep His commandments; and His commandments are not burdensome.  For whatever is born of God overcomes the world; and this is the victory that has overcome the world—our faith.” 1 John 5:2-4

Nothing less than an all-out global attack by the arch enemy of mankind can be behind the deceptive manipulation of human minds to destroy themselves because of fear.

Here are some notes from a talk with Sofia Smallstorm  about the GLOBAL COUP TO HIJACK GOD’S CREATION,  from https://www.sgtreport.com/   at this episode: https://zbbb278hfll091.bitchute.com/nLPcg68RnP97/lvjfhYIVxGm5.mp4

Much of the secular domain of modern biological research has been consumed with the evolutionistic ideal of improving the condition of natural human life through genetic manipulation. They have gotten to the point that they can now manipulate the natural coding of the Creator’s design on the nano level.

The phenomenal success of modern science to engineer biological repairs to the human body has emboldened them to think they have the potential of working virtual miracles like human gods with no acknowledgment to the Creator. The WHO has now promoted human genome editing to attain improved public health. While ignoring the responsibility to think of the divine implications of this, many of them believe in the concept of ‘transhumanism.’  Ray Kurzweil, director of Google Engineering says we’re going to be hybrids by 2030. Their vision for the future of humankind is anti-human – against the nature of what the Creator has made.

Keep in mind that those who follow this line of thinking are confirmed atheists. They are totally incapable of seeing their ethical dishonoring of anything to do with what we would call God’s order for nature. Unfortunately, the directing board members of large multi-national corporations agree with them. The WHO has publicly endorsed the scientific goal of editing the human genetic code for all humans on earth. (see Human genome editing: recommendations (who.int)  https://www.who.int/publications/i/item/9789240030381).  They truly believe their noble goals justify even their deceitful means, and they are now using mass mind control to globally convince people that their secret formulation in the shots is the one scientific solution to the public’s perception of their health crisis.

What are these atheist scientists intending to do? Simply make all humans dependent on artificial codes from an artificial outside source to supposedly improve on what our Creator designed. They have now launched a strategy to accomplish this, and it’s not far-off futuristic science fiction. It’s happening now… if we allow it to continue. Do you think God will allow it to continue?

Our biology works pristinely until we become toxified. Disease conditions develop when we allow our bodies to become toxic, often when we’ve allowed our environment, and our diet to become toxic. We are now facing critical changes in our bodies, all of which will be labeled as ‘covid.’  Immune nanotech irregularities are becoming the norm for those infected by injection with genetic editing technology. 

When you see just a bit of the research on a condition called Morgellons syndrome, you’ll understand why Sophia Smallstorm calls this the dark agenda of synthetic biology. You’ll begin to see the conjunction of nanotech biology with radiation biology using microwaves. She forecasts that subsequent ‘boosters’ are designed to introduce new infusions of nano devices that gather and organize nematodal materials into structures to generate more nano-devices. This invasion of what she calls the sacred ‘citadel’ of the living cells of our bodies, is the target of those enemies of God who would hijack your cells to manufacture weapons of death. “It’s a cleverly engineered coupe on a global scale to throw off the rulership of God over His creation.”

As fantastical and fearful as this might sound, when I heard in the interview the mention that anti-parasitic Ivermectin is being banned by powers that be because it prevents the advance of this nanotech biological invasion… at least one other component in the information war began to make sense to me. [Stew Peters interviewed Dr. Ariana Love October 27, 2021. She said that recipients of the covid shots are being ‘transfected’ with MERS and SARSv-1 that induces HIV (AIDS) by the spike protein (viral particle) that is ‘gain of function’ and very lethal.]

Hearing this discussion, as technical as it is, and as sobering as it is, heightens the priority we all must put on helping our loved ones to be informed before they consent to any kind of technological intrusion into the sacred space of their human biology. It also accented for me the need of developing parallel communities of trusted relationships with those who understand the absolute necessity for us to be independent from these coerced conformation aspects of tyrannically controlled human society.

What’s truly sad is that many of the highly conditioned ‘sheeple,’ even in our God-fearing communities, are unwilling to unplug from their steady diets of mind-controlling manipulated media news. Hopefully, some of them will take the time to think through presentations like what I’ve been referring to our listeners on this program. When they do, only the Holy Spirit can open their hearts so they can receive the love of the knowledge of the truth (2 Thes 2:10) and willingly ‘renew their minds’ (Romans 12:2) so they can understand the things that are spiritually discerned (1 Co 2:14-15).

You’ll also want to see the entire interview on the SGT Report with author, WAYNE JETT on the century-old NWO plan to depopulate the planet, now being fast-tracked.

The roll out of the mRNA experimental gene therapy shots is so evil and obvious now that millions of sheep are beginning to wake up. Hear the entire discussion at: https://zbbb278hfll091.bitchute.com/nLPcg68RnP97/iQMEj53PMS4y.mp4 . Wayne Jett’s book, “The Fruits of Graft” is available at his website Economic Principles Apply In Forecasting Policies | Classical Capital https://classicalcapital.com/ .

This is very informative and worth hearing when you have the time. If you’re interested in international economics, gold standard issues, and crypto-currencies, you’ll want to hear this insight.

Wayne Jett’s remarkably astute insights are prefaced by the recent year-end speech by Italian Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano. He is one of the rare heroes in the Roman Catholic Church. Fearless, he speaks out against all elite power structures, including the Pope himself. Now, he came right out and said it: “a global coup has been carried out.”

“Italian Archbishop Vigano: “A Global Coup Has Been Carried Out All Over The World”, December 19, 2021 https://prayandbeready.wordpress.com/2021/12/23/the-vatican-official-italian-archbishop-vigano-has-issued-a-warning-all-should-heed-a-global-coup-has-been-carried-out-all-over-the-world/#:~:text=The%20Vatican%20official%20%E2%80%94%20Italian%20Archbishop%20Vigano%20%E2%80%94,The%20World%E2%80%9D%2C%20We%20Love%20Trump%2C%20December%2019%2C%202021

“This coup was made possible by an emergency pandemic that is based on the premise of a virus that has a mortality rate almost analogous to that of any other seasonal flu virus,… on the delegitimization and prohibition of effective treatments,… and on the distribution of an experimental gene serum which is obviously ineffective, and which also clearly carries with it the danger of serious and even lethal side effects. “

 “Those Who Resist the New World Order Will Have the Help and Protection of God” – Italian Archbishop Vigano

Shawn, in his SGT Report interview with Wayne Jett, quoted Archbishop Vigano from another source [he showed but didn’t reference], saying: “it is typical of any totalitarian regime to seek to delegitimize any and every form of dissent, at first by ridiculing the adversary, making him the object of derision so as to discredit him in the eyes of public opinion. Then, after delegitimizing the person as pathological, or in need of psychiatric care, suggesting that the adversary is mentally unstable who should be hospitalized in a mental institution. Finally, this process ends with the complete criminalization of all dissenters. In this way, the regime creates the necessary premises to separate all its adversaries from civil society.”

Thankfully, the growing resistance of huge numbers of citizens in many countries is raising the likelihood that an alliance of nations will defy the globalist cabal and realign with their citizens. If godly character and allegiance to the rule of law prevails, especially in America, the stronghold of the cabal will crumble along with their long control of fiat currency systems. Behind the scenes, and away from all journalistic reports, the emerging ‘Alliance of Nations’ is already having “surgical” military victories that will lead to the hopeful dismantling of the UN and its globalist tyrannical control.

English scientist, Dr. Michael Yeadon and German Attorney Reiner Fuellmich released an important video discussion on January 9, 2022.  [source: RED VOICE MEDIA – Genocide, Premeditated Mass Murder Evidence –[VIDEO] – BY RED VOICE MEDIA- JANUARY 9, 2022]

https://www.redvoicemedia.com/video/2022/01/genocide-premeditated-mass-murder-evidence-dr-michael-yeadon-attorney-reiner-fuellmich/ 2hrs 12 minutes.  The entire recording is worth listening. I’ve condensed the Cliff notes for you to easily see some of the key information being hidden by the mainstream press and government reports even though their policies will often show you clearly what’s being hidden.

Dr Yeadon left the Pfizer company 10 years ago. He has had positive interactions with the company and was well-treated there. He has had no interaction with them for five years since Pfizer bought the business he started and Pfizer made profit as well as Yeadon being able to retire. Dr Yeadon has been alarmed and frightened by the world’s reactions to the ‘pandemic.’ 

Prior to Covid-19, over 20 countries had official pandemic preparedness plans for dealing with epidemics. They specifically concluded policies that were simple: if sick stay home until well and wash hands more frequently than usual. They all excluded border closures, school closures, business closures, mass testing of the well, lockdowns, masking and any other extraordinary policies. Yet, all these national plans were discarded completely in March 2020. This is the most glaring evidence that something global was underway to enact the worldwide actions we’ve experienced. Every one of the 8 “covid lies” are completely untrue. He thinks the objective was to frighten people to death. It’s worked. The fact that all the major nations enforced this simultaneously shows the collusion. The details of his expose’ are on Del Bigtree’s interview on www.TheHighWire.com .    see PFIZER VP: “THE THING TO BE TERRIFIED OF IS YOUR GOVERNMENT” – The HighWire post on https://thehighwire.com/videos/pfizer-vp-the-thing-to-be-terrified-of-is-your-government/.  This is regarded as the most meaningful, “BREAKTHROUGH” video / interview on the topic of Covid19, the pandemic and the lies that are being propagated.  You really ought to take the time to watch it with your family.

Dr Yeadon defines clearly that the blue medical masks are actually like splashguards to prevent fluids getting on medical attendees. Cloth masks and others were never intended to filter air that you breathe.  They do cause anxiety in many.

You may remember the widespread message that caused much fear in 2020 that nationwide lockdowns were supposed to slow the spread of the infection. The lie was the popularization of a totally new concept in virology: “asymptomatic transmission.” Dr Yeadon declares emphatically that it’s a flat lie. Those who espouse this are not ‘mistaken.’ They are patently lying.

Why would nations enforce lockdowns that do not prevent transmission but do cause economic destruction?

Another lie – and a big one – was the notion that there are no treatments for covid. Everyone needs to refer to Dr Peter McCullough, who has written more professional papers on covid than anyone on the planet. Multi-phase infection (replication, inflammation, coagulation) makes this the most treatable respiratory illness ever. Yet the use of proven treatments for these phases are denied to the point of censoring honest proven medical experts and taking away their jobs and certifications.

Another lie – is the outlandish idea that enforcing that personal immunity is the objective must be proven clinically. The default understanding of the immunology profession is that once you’ve shrugged off the virus, your system identifies any variants for many years.

Another lie – the now thoroughly disproven propaganda that vaccines are safe and effective… this is another whole story with many well-researched and circulated professional studies to set the record straight.

Dr Yeadon surmises that the ultimate aim appears to obviously be the control of whole societies worldwide… plus the destruction of economic strength and currencies… through tracking of people who are injected.

 If you’ve researched about the Edward Bernays school of mind control, you’ll see that it is now being ultimately executed globally.

The evidence that things are a mess are so stark that when you finally realize what’s reality and ask how people like Dr Yeadon could know it so early on, the question becomes why did everyone else not see it?

It’s been said that “If you’re one step ahead of everyone else you’re a genius. If you’re two steps ahead… you’re a lunatic.”

In light of the scientific implications, showing that the courses of action being taken by national governments globally are inappropriate, Dr Yeadon concludes that their actions are not because of public health priorities at all. Children who are not in danger of contracting the virus and pregnant women which have never been indicated to receive toxic injections since the horrific discoveries of the thalidomide debacle in the 50s, should never be demanded by governments to receive experimental shots. People under 60 should generally not receive them. With good therapies abounding, there was no need to vaccinate the world. If this concern were about public health, the insistence on the use of ‘vaccines’ would definitely exclude, children, young healthy people, and those who have had the virus and recovered.

Batch inconsistencies are another major problem. High quality consistency among product batches is always expected in the pharmaceutical industry. They have proven to be good at this. With the discoveries of independent analysts comparing adverse events across multiple various batches, it was surprising and alarming to find that 90% of the adverse events were from 10% of the batch lots. Stop and think about that.  With the extreme care that has historically proven to guarantee consistent product quality and predictable outcomes, it is mathematically impossible to have one batch produce only a handful of adverse events while a different batch produces thousands of events. Dr Yeadon is prepared to prove in court that such disparity in batch outcomes is a factual proof that the different lots cannot contain the same stuff. 

Researching and writing this report has impressed me how vital it is for us to be absolutely grounded in the principles of reclaiming our legacy according to God’s Word. Our origin, our past, our priorities, our health, our wealth, our values, and our influence for the future must all be rooted in Scripture and an intimate daily abiding in Christ’s Holy Spirit.

Do you know anyone who’s anxious about the future? … troubled about the conditions of society? … depressed over the reports they hear from people? What can we do to help them?

When it comes to the multitude of things around us that are outside of our control, there’s only one way we can regain personal stabilizing peace. We have to develop a confidence level in the promises of One we can trust. And if that’s not Jesus, we need to spend some hours with Him today… letting him speak to us from His living and actively transformative Word. You can believe whatever you want, but there’s only one voice – one authority – who dares to tell us (present tense) “Peace I leave with you, My peace I give to you; not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.” (John 14:27).

This level of personal confidence and peace can only come to the person who makes a deliberate determination to actively do what is demanded of the only Master worth serving. So, what is demanded?

How about starting with this?  The prophet Isaiah (26:3) tells us: “thou wilt keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on Thee because he trusts in Thee.”

Look up all the verses in the Bible you can that say “I will give thanks to you O God with all my heart.” When you have an attitude of gratitude, it’s amazing how you start to notice the little things like the birds singing and the dandelions brightening your path. Why not make it your commitment to God to always start your day thanking Him for breath to breathe and every good thing that are gifts from your heavenly Father?

What we’re talking about here is nothing less than the peace resulting from the manifest presence of the “Comforter” that Jesus promised. He said it this way: “He who has My commandments and keeps them, it is he who loves Me. And he who loves Me will be loved by My Father, and I will love him and manifest Myself to him.” John 14:21.

So when it comes to the question of ‘what should we do to have that kind of peace,’ consider the first step: Eliminate the noise of all the random public voices producing fear over things you can’t control. Just turn them off. That means stop listening to the main stream media, Period.

Next, determine like never before to pursue Truth. Ask questions sincerely and openly, willing to take actions that are even hard for you because truth demands rejecting every destructive influence in your life.

Then, start the best medicine to cure anxiety and depression. Start right now to work toward solving a problem. Not every problem. Focus on helping someone besides yourself. When you focus your attention on the needs of even one other person, your mind is relieved of the burdens you carry for yourself. Even if you’re suffering insurmountable difficulty yourself, you can at least offer to pray for one other person. Help another human being discover a solution that you’ve discovered. Find a need and fill it.  If you do a little bit every day, it adds up. Your frame of mind will improve and you’ll see hope arise in your heart as troubles become always temporary.

The enemy of you and all mankind is desperately trying to discourage whoever he can get to focus on the problems of today. But God is using all the struggles to reawaken millions of people to His solution… following Him.

Stop putting your ‘faith’ in the troubles of this troublesome time. Put all your faith in God who is fully willing and able to guide you into the knowledge of whatever truths needed to endure through and even overcome the troubles. This is a war… and you must ask God for the perseverance of a soldier to fight like a determined warrior.

‘And Jesus answered and said to them, “Have faith in God”’( Mark 11:22). Remember where faith comes from… hearing words!  Romans 10:17 tells us “Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God.”

Make your commitment to truth and to Jesus who declared himself to be “the Truth.”  Decide to agree with Him, that He will guide you into all the truth, just as He said the Holy Spirit would do in John 16:13. Then resolve to do everything He guides you to do while committing yourself to “test all things” and patiently wait for the peace that only He can give as you walk in His ways.

Being loyal to the Truth is not about being loyal to any mortal person. Jesus is the only one capable of getting you, or any of us, through this valley of the shadow of death.

=== ===

In this Bonus extra segment – let’s expand some more of the deep and controversial topics we’ve opened today.

Genocide through forced infertility

As already stated… After a full year of injecting people with an experimental gene-altering shot for a patented infection that has never been isolated called COVID-19, we can conclusively state that this is most definitely a weapon of mass destruction. It not only kills and cripples people in the present, it destroys unborn children in the womb as well. It is set to make a great part of the next generation of females infertile.

The facts in support of this forecast are in the government’s own database of Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS), And the incompleteness of that data set is openly admitted because up to 99 out of 100 actual events are never even reported.

As of the Friday, January 28, 2022 updates to the VAERS data, there have been 3,389 fetal deaths reported in VAERS following an experimental COVID-19 shot since it was released to the public in December 2020. (Source.)

In contrast, for the previous 31 years following all FDA-approved vaccines, there have been a total of 2,499 fetal deaths total, using the exact same search parameters. (Source.)

    80 fetal deaths per year following FDA-approved vaccines

    3128 fetal deaths per year following experimental COVID-19 vaccines

(Note: we now have 13 months of data on COVID-19 vaccines, so I took the total, divided by 13, and then multiplied by 12 to get the yearly number.)

And these numbers of fetal deaths are only what are reported, and we know that VAERS is vastly under-reported.

A few days ago, Dr. Jessica Rose published an article on the “unreported factor” in VAERS based on what these military whistle blowers revealed from the military medical database regarding “miscarriages.” See:

Calculating the URF for miscarriages using the DMED as a base data set. https://jessicar.substack.com/p/the-true-under-reporting-factor-urf

Based on what the military is reporting for miscarriages following COVID-19 shots of pregnant women, Dr. Rose calculated that the unreported factor for miscarriages is X49.

VAERS is reporting 3,389 fetal deaths following COVID-19 shots, so the true number would be closer to 166,061 fetal deaths following the COVID shots nationwide.

And those stats are just for pregnant women. What about all the child-bearing age women who are now infertile?

Chief editor for Health Impact New, Brian Shilhavey, bluntly calls the obvious what it is… GENOCIDE!  [ https://healthimpactnews.com/2022/genocide-military-medical-whistleblowers-reveal-miscarriages-birth-defects-and-infertility-rates-exploded-in-2021-following-covid-vaccines/ ]

Also see … https://healthimpactnews.com/2022/over-1-million-deaths-and-injuries-following-covid-vaccines-reported-in-vaers-as-second-year-of-experimental-use-authorization-begins/

To arrive at a realistic number of fetal deaths recorded in VAERS Brian had to test several different searches on listed “symptoms” and then see if the search results documented fetal deaths, since there is no demographic for “fetal deaths.”

The following is the current list of “symptoms” in VAERS that reveals fetal deaths: 

Aborted pregnancy
Abortion complete
Abortion complicated
Abortion early
Abortion incomplete
Abortion induced
Abortion induced incomplete
Abortion late
Abortion missed
Abortion of ectopic pregnancy
Abortion spontaneous
Abortion spontaneous complete
Abortion spontaneous incomplete
Ectopic pregnancy
Ectopic pregnancy termination
Ectopic pregnancy with contraceptive device
Foetal cardiac arrest
Foetal death
Premature baby death
Premature delivery
Ruptured ectopic pregnancy

This list may not be exhaustive. But using this list with the last update in VAERS that contains data through December 31, 2021, Brian found 3,147 fetal deaths recorded following the COVID-19 shots into pregnant women, or into women of child-bearing age who became pregnant shortly after receiving one of the experimental COVID-19 injections (such as ectopic pregnancies). (Source.)

Using the under-reporting multiplier of 41X, the truer number of fetal deaths following COVID-19 injections becomes 129,027 fetal deaths.

Using the under-reporting multiplier of 41X, we have 876,662 other deaths after the COVID-19 shots, and that is in addition to the 129,027 fetal deaths.


You don’t believe it? Just look around you at the so-called “supply chain” bottlenecks that are getting worse, not better, and understand that there is NOT a shortage of products, but a shortage of HUMAN LABOR!

Using the “apples to apples” analysis of the VAERS data, I performed the exact same search on the symptoms listed above for all FDA-approved vaccines in the database prior to December, 2020, which is the month the first two COVID-19 shots were issued emergency use authorization.

That search returned a value of 2,479 fetal deaths following ALL vaccines for the previous 31 years, or an average of about 80 fetal deaths per year. (Source.)

*Fetal deaths following FDA-approved vaccines: 80 per year

*Fetal deaths following experimental COVID-19 shots in first year: 3,147

That’s a 3,834% increase in fetal deaths, using just the government data reported in VAERS.

Stop calling this a “conspiracy theory” and wake up!

This is population reduction planning. This is genocide. These are crimes against humanity.

THIS IS PURE EVIL!  [source: https://healthimpactnews.com/2022/thousands-of-miscarriages-following-covid-19-injections-reported-in-vaers-are-being-censored-as-an-entire-generation-is-being-sterilized/ ]

Dr Michael Yeadon continued, in the report I referred to earlier, saying…

Financial experts …[Referring to Catherine Austin Fitts]… observe with indiscriminate printing of unbacked financial currencies, that sovereign currencies are already destroyed because of private control of central banks. The great financial reset appears to be imminent with a cashless society.  Also imminent is the deliberate premeditated death of large parts of the population. With increasing subsequent doses of injections that predictably affect the development of increasing lethal genetic sequences in the recipients, we can understand how global genocide is imminent. 

Though skeptics see the indicators of a global conspiracy, the charge is raised that far too many people would need to be complicit and that there would be many leaks that would expose it. [Dr Yeadon suggests looking for a YouTube by Paul Schryer about pandemic simulations preparations for a new era… but I have not been able to find it].  All the actors …like “event 201” …are taking the roles they did in October, 2019, but now in reality. See a COMPILATION about FAUCI & EVENT 201: CLEAR EVIDENCE OF FOREKNOWLEDGE AND PLANDEMIC PREPLANNING at https://rumble.com/vrv3q9-fauci-and-event-201-clear-evidence-of-foreknowledge-and-plandemic-preplanni.html or https://www.bitchute.com/video/ikb6wKFsiCIy/  This is also referred to in the documentary called Plandemic – Indoctornation, produced by Mikki Willis at about the 30-minute mark… at Home – Plandemic (plandemicseries.com)https://plandemicseries.com/   This is a must-view researched background that nobody should miss if they want to be informed on the topic well enough to discuss it with others.

In view of the economic devastation of large industry sectors (travel, hospitality, etc.) because of the adverse events associated with the huge numbers of people in these analyses, the motivation behind the cause cannot be money. As Catherine Austin Fitts describes it, this can only be caused by “Mr. Global.”  The mainstream media is obviously colluding, since all the major networks refuse to give credible platform to major experts in this field like Dr. Yeadon, Dr. McCullough, and Dr Malone. If we were given an hour to present the science reality not being publicly exposed, we could destroy this entire narrative and stop the insanely destructive trajectory we are on.

If the media wants to tell you that the upticks in disease metrics are due to a new variant, there is no way of telling whether such claims are true or not. Dr Yeadon worries that what we are seeing in these statistical anomalies are really “calibration of a killing weapon.”  He says he has never been inclined to believe in conspiracy theories, but rather always been a skeptic in such ideas. Now, as exposure is becoming evident, he realizes what a “schmuck” he has been for 61 years.

Dr Yeadon refers to a 20-minute report showing that the asymptomatic spread theory is pure garbage. He noted that one citizen group in a school district in northern England formed a union that all said no to the continuing use of masks, nasal tests, etc. There is no unusual threat to your health except from your government policies. You’re not doing anyone any good by complying with unwarranted mandates. They can’t arrest everybody. If 10,000 school children resolve to refuse masks, tests, etc. what are the tyrants going to do?

Wayne Jett’s interview with SGT Report referred also to the following published report from Wayne Jett:

Italian Archbishop Vigano issues new warning

06MondayDec 2021

Posted by Radiopatriot in American Spirit

”Those Who Resist the New World Order Will Have the Help and Protection of God” – Italian Archbishop Vigano

Archbishop Vigano is the object of evil attacks by the mainstream media and the globalist left because he stands with Catholics, Christians, and even non-believers who have thirst for justice and truth in this upside-down world we are living in.  

Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò:

“The New World Order is neither New nor Order: it represents the foolish ambition of Satan to overthrow the providential plan of God, to cancel the true Religion that leads to eternal salvation and finally to replace the “ordo christianus” (“the Christian order”) with infernal chaos.

In this disorder, the lie replaces the Truth, injustice and abuse of power replace justice, whim instead of obedience to the law of God, death instead of life, illness instead of health, the legitimization of Evil and the condemnation of Good, the persecution of good people and the praising of evil ones, ignorance in the place of culture and wisdom, ugliness and horror instead of beauty, division and hatred instead of harmony and love. Satan doesn’t want to be worshipped by adopting the qualities of God, but by demanding to be an object of adoration through everything that is evil, obscene, false, absurd, and monstrous.

Source: Italian Archbishop Vigano issues new warning | The Radio Patriot https://radiopatriot.net/2021/12/06/italian-archbishop-vigano-issues-new-warning/

Italian Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano, sends a new message to the American people, saying in his December 2021 speech …

  • “those who resist the New World Order will have the help and protection of God,” sends a new message to the American people.
  • [F]or two years now,” he writes, “a global coup has been carried out all over the world, planned for some time by an elite group of conspirators enslaved to the interests of international high finance. This coup was made possible by an emergency pandemic that is based on the premise of a virus that has a mortality rate almost analogous to that of any other seasonal flu virus, on the delegitimization and prohibition of effective treatments, and on the distribution of an experimental gene serum which is obviously ineffective, and which also clearly carries with it the danger of serious and even lethal side effects.”
  • He continues with “[w]e all know how much the mainstream media has contributed to supporting the insane pandemic narrative, the interests that are at stake, and the goals of these groups of power: reducing the world population, making those who survive chronically ill, and imposing forms of control that violate the fundamental rights and natural liberties of citizens.”
  • throughout the world, in the name of a perverted concept of freedom, we have progressively erased God from society and laws . . . In short, we have subverted the entire moral order that constitutes the indispensable basis of the laws and social life of a people.”
  • From there, he argues that the way to defeat the “New World Order” and the “Great Reset” is to “put God back in the first place not only in our personal lives, but also in the life of our society.” Thus, Vigano argues that every single person has a part to play.
  • My appeal for an Anti-Globalist Alliance—which I renew today—aims precisely to constitute a movement of moral and spiritual rebirth which will inspire the civil, social and political action of those who do not want to be enslaved as slaves to the New World Order.”

Source: https://realverifiednews.com/archbishop-vigano-issues-new-warning-about-global-coup-and-great-reset/

Do you think that the leaders of our evangelical churches would be up to giving such a challenging charge to their congregations?  Think about it.

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2 thoughts on “Will our Creator allow His creation to be Hijacked?

  1. This message was deeply profound and very informative. Thank you again Dennis for a message that needs to be shared, even with those who have been fully vaccinated and may disagree. I am certain there are many people who wished they had this information and had not be scared into taking the vaccine. God’s boldness and blessings to Reclaiming your Legacy.

    • Thanks for your encouraging note Daniel. The Lord has impressed me since 2020 to do what I can to alert our listeners to important content on issues they may not be hearing from their other sources, while giving Biblical words in season to amplify God’s perspective on those themes. We grieve with those who’ve suffered out of ignorance or misinformation, praying for God’s solutions for them and for our society’s restoration to Godly principles.