The Real War is About to Be Fought

– Reclaiming Your Legacy show Nov. 15, 2016

trump-thumbs-up-winThe Thanksgiving of 2016 should be remembered as one of America’s most notable times to give thanks for a major deliverance that God has done.

But like the victory of the allies over the greatly oppressive empire of Japan in 1945, I will always remember the historic commentary about the plea of General Douglas McArthur after World War 2 ended.

Do you know what happened?

General MacArthur pleaded with America’s churches to send a thousand Christian missionaries to Japan.  Did they do it?  No.  The result?  Japan is now a secular nation, mostly hardened against the gospel and waiting for a new generation of deliverance from a different kind of tyrannical bondage than the tenacious emperor who commanded kamikaze allegiance by his zealous fighters.

When God used Joshua to lead the Israelites to victory over the Canaanites to take possession of the Promised Land they were given a job to do.  Remember? The individual tribes of Jacob’s family were given a province that they had to battle continuously in order to occupy their new home in freedom.  Because the valiant Israelite settlers of Canaan didn’t stick to the mission they were given, their children wound up tolerating the immoral lifestyle of the Canaanite idolaters they were supposed to overcome.


God prophesied through the prophet Isaiah in chapter 44 and 45 that He would raise up a “shepard” named Cyrus, who did not have a previous knowledge of the Lord, beside whom there is no other God.  That pagan king, was used by God to fulfill God’s purpose of restoring Jerusalem for the Israelite nation.

In our day, we must remind ourselves and the ignorant people around us that God is the sovereign King of kings who sets up kings and puts kings out.  And we dare not forget that the founders of the only nation in the world to experience the freedoms of peace to proclaim the kingdom of God like no other in history has placed the authority in “We the People.”

People might mistakenly think we are a democracy where the majority rules.  Let’s remember that we are a democratic Republic.  Decisions are not made by the majority.  They are made by the majority of those who make themselves heard and who vote.  That is an entirely different thing.

One of the great gifts this season that I am so thankful for is that enough freedom loving Christians took action and voted.  God allowed us to participate in the election of perhaps the only person on the political horizon who could actually be type of Cyrus the Great.  He has the skills that God has invested in him to create an environment in this amazing land of ours to bring healing to people in nations all over the world.

Voting is the only way we can elect freedom loving representatives to govern our nation.  Then we can confidently pray for our generation that the influence of the gospel of light and life and love and prosperity can bring the knowledge of our Savior to the remotest parts of creation.  It takes hard work to diligently elect the right peopleAnd that also means the right people have to be willing to sacrifice the conveniences of their life to represent the people.


Some people have a fatalistic world view.  Unfortunately, many of them are Christians.  They think that whatever will be, will be and all we can do is pray and hope for the best.  Prayer is unquestionably the element of faith that trusts in God for the outcome.  But faith without works is dead.  People of faith in Germany in 1939 did not exercise their influence for God’s priorities.  They allowed a vocal minority of wicked haters of life to sweep over their land and all of Europe.  Because God’s people did not take action and add their work to their faith, they allowed millions of senseless deaths and the continuation of suffering that still plagues much of the world today under communism.

The American Renewal Project is one notable Christian group of influencers that worked hard to wake up American citizens and vote in the recent election.

They hired seventy bi-vocational pastors to reach out to a million Evangelical American voters who rarely voted in the last 20 years.  Without telling anyone who to vote for, their impact was profound.

Several states were strategically worked like in North Carolina.

In 2012: 35% of the vote came from Evangelicals, and Romney received 79% of those votes.

In 2016: 38% of the vote came from Evangelicals, and Trump received 81% of those votes.

A 3% higher Evangelical turnout in 2016, with 2% additional votes for the Republican candidate, is a massive number. It’s the difference between winning and losing an election. This is what bringing Christian values to the public square looks like.

Many people don’t realize the efforts that God used among committed warriors to secure the victory in our recent election. In just the last sixty days before the election, this one influential group of God-fearing, freedom-loving patriot believers:

* made One million contacts

* had 500,000 personal interviews

* engaged 1,500 participating churches in four states

* placed 35 million social media ads targeted at Evangelical and Pro-Life Catholic Christians online.


ABC news is reporting the largest turnout of the Evangelical vote in history” blared the headlines on Tuesday night. There is no worse arrow in the quiver of hell than the falsehood that God cannot deliver His people. The old lie resurfaces in each generation- “God has forsaken them” (Psalm 71:11).

Anyone who thinks that Christians just won an election last Tuesday is confused.  The election of Donald Trump is a miracle that even the enemies of Bible believing Christians are realizing. This stunning “miracle” now gives all of us an opportunity to restore America to her Judeo-Christian heritage and re-establish a Biblical-based culture… but ONLY IF we will stay engaged. This opportunity likely will not come around again in our lifetime.

ARP wrote in their online update that “Like a neon sign flashing high in the sky, the Obama Administration serves to remind us that departing from God’s fixed boundaries consistent with His moral character will bring judgment on a nation.”

Pat Buchanan observed: “Few anticipated Tuesday morning what we would have today: a decapitated Democratic Party, with the Obamas and Clintons gone or going, Joe Biden with them, no national leader rising, and only the power of obstruction, of which the nation has had enough.” His Full blog is here:


There are millions of people who are not happy with President-elect Trump’s victory. For some reason they believed that a career criminal masquerading as a politician was somehow more “qualified” to be our president. For some reason they thought that because he was plain-spoken he was “unqualified.” They believe that he’s “unfit” to have his hand on the nuclear weapons codes, and that Clinton – so obviously co-opted and compromised by foreign governments – was somehow a wiser choice to secure our country and protect our people. Frankly, that’s incredible.


What we saw a on November 8th 2016 is the most stunning citizen mandate of modern history. The election of Ronald Reagan in 1980 did not even match Trump’s victory.

Pastor Chuck Baldwin wrote:

“Let’s be clear about what we witnessed. In one presidential election, we saw a man completely demolish the neocon and neolib establishments of both major parties; the media establishment; the globalist establishment; Wall Street; the political machine of an incumbent President; and the Clinton/Bush political/criminal empires. The odds of ANYONE being able to overcome the combined wealth and power of those leviathans was absolutely zero. Each one of the those cabals has enough power to destroy any would-be challenger. That Donald Trump was able to beat them all was truly incredible–maybe even miraculous. And he not only beat them; he trounced them.”

Trump fought “the establishment” for every vote. The entire political machine, both Democrats and Republicans, global corporations, foreign governments, and the lying mainstream media were all allied like the AXIS powers of WW2 against him. Billions of dollars were spent to prevent him from winning. And they all failed.

Why did they fail?  The American people chose a candidate who did not have a three-decade record of failure.  Politicians who are in positions of power is not the same thing as actually accomplishing something.

Trump, by contrast, gave Americans a legitimate record of accomplishment. The billionaire businessman – by God’s grace – built a financial empire that is almost as rare as the success of King Solomon in ancient Israel.  What’s unique is that Trump has always said he wants all Americans who put in the time and energy to have the opportunity to mimic his success. To do what he has done. To achieve what he has achieved.

For Trump, it was never about the presidency. He didn’t need to run. But he wanted to because he has always felt that he was the best-suited to give the country back to the people.  And he knew it would take a big fight to take it back from the big corporations, the lying media and the political machines of the major political parties which both pursue essentially the same policies.

What are the messages sent to Washington, D.C. by a majority of Americans?

D. Heyes, a writer on, observed:

— They trust Trump more than anyone else to bring back their jobs.

— They don’t want open borders and unlimited migration into our country from the Third World.

— They don’t want more of the same kinds of ‘trade deals’ that offshore more jobs than they bring in, raising trade deficits in the hundreds of billions. They are tired of America making other countries rich while we get poorer.

— They don’t want the United States to be the world’s police force.

— They are tired of being discounted by career politicians who beg them for votes and then ignore them after they win and get back to Washington.

— They are fed up with broken policies that never get fixed.

— They are sick of inefficient, wasteful and expensive big government.

— They want their healthcare system back and believe Trump is the one to return it.

— They want a president who respects the rule of law.

— They want a president who protects national security and doesn’t give away secrets (or sell them).

— They are really fed up with “politics as usual” and the co-opted and corporate-owned political class that has gotten more and more wealthy and powerful, as the people have gotten poorer and underrepresented.

They want better roads, bridges, schools, and airports.

They want their rusted, aged, lead-leaching water pipes replaced.

They want jobs that can support them and their communities’ tax base.

They want opportunities that have long since gone away.

They are tired of Washington’s one-size-fits-all approach.

They don’t want “solutions” imposed on them from five Supreme Court justices or the federal court system in general.

They want their own state and local leaders managing state and local affairs because they are tired of being told what to do and how to do it from nameless, faceless bureaucrats in Washington who doesn’t know them or their community’s needs.

And the majority of voters just said they didn’t believe ‘Ms. Career Politician’ would deliver on any of those things.

So now we have a challenge.  Millions of American citizens have been so severely brain-washed by God-hating secularists that they are not happy with President-elect Trump’s victory. They unfortunately believed that a career criminal, disguised as a politician, was somehow more “qualified” to be our president. Because he talked straight from the hip, unlike a deceptive politician, he was “unqualified.” They mimic the MSM, saying he’s “unfit” to have his hand on the nuclear weapons codes, and that his corrupt opponent – so obviously compromised by enemy foreign governments – was a better choice to secure our country and protect our people.   You would be safe to say that such thinking is NOT thinking at all.  It is irrational.  It is dangerous.  It is WRONG.


Remember that God’s people are called to speak the truth and to stand in the gap for the common people who cannot defend themselves… and perhaps do not have the common-sense to take the courageous actions that risk their very lives to do the RIGHT thing in such a time as this.


What will you do now?  Will you reclaim your legacy?  Will you take the initiative to be a Godly influencer in a dark generation of deceived people… even if you have to politely and lovingly “correct those who oppose themselves” even in the community of believers – the church?


Will you hold others, even leaders, in the church as well as the government accountable?


Will you exercise personal discipline to bring the wayward souls in our communities into a place of accountability and being enlightened… even loved with tough love?

Over the years, Ross Perot, Pat Buchanan and Ron Paul had done the preliminary work of loading the bases for Trump. These men helped awaken the sleeping giant that roared to life Tuesday night. But it was Donald Trump who knocked the ball clean out of the park. And he did it as an outside slugger in the opposition’s home park–a park in which the owners, officials, and gatekeepers had rigged the game to insure he would strike out. To their shock and dismay, he didn’t.

Make no mistake about it: the globalists, neocons, neolibs, international bankers, national media, and power establishment in both major parties are scrambling now to figure out how they were beaten and what they must do to try to reclaim the sudden loss of their power and influence.


We need to pray and work for many positive and even divinely inspired objectives.


Pray that God will continue to surround our leader with Godly counselors and give him the courage to follow through with strict enforcement of our national borders. He needs God’s help to stop illegal immigration. He needs God’s help to deport the Middle Eastern refugees that Obama brought into the country. He needs God’s help to cut off financial aid to the illegal aliens that are already here.

He needs God’s help to immediately lead the charge in a totally Republican Congress to rescind Obamacare. He needs God’s help to put an end to our endless wars of aggression in the Middle East. He needs to leave Syria alone and stop meddling in President Assad’s internal affairs. He needs to pull NATO back from encroaching on Russia’s territorial boundaries, waterways and airspace and let Vladimir Putin know that the United States will stop being a global bully. He needs to instruct our CIA (and find a director who will enthusiastically follow his instructions) to withdraw ALL covert U.S. support for Muslim terror groups such as ISIS–in which case, they would quickly dissolve.

Trump needs to lead the charge in Congress to reduce taxes and government regulation and spending.

He needs God’s help to follow through with his trade policies.

He needs God’s help to appoint a Supreme Court justice that not only recognizes the constitutional rights of life and self-defense, but one that is determined to protect the entire intent of the Constitution.

He needs God’s help to follow through with his stated intention of urging Congress to remove the 1954 Johnson Amendment from the 501c3 tax code. In addition, he needs to sign an executive order rescinding most of the executive orders issued by former presidents Obama, Bush, and Clinton.

He needs God’s help to appoint a special prosecutor to thoroughly investigate and then prosecute Hillary and Bill Clinton along with many of their willing accomplices. Since he has promised to drain the swamp, he needs God’s help to bring career criminal politicians to justice.

These are the things that we need to pray for.

And most of all, we need to pray for God’s help to avoid being manipulated or deceived in any way by the insidious establishment elites.  That will take all the angelic forces of heaven and the prayers of true saints to maintain.



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