Your freedom to choose is why Truth tellers must Resist tyrants by obeying God

We’re all facing a lot of censorship and rampant disinformation and propaganda these days. If you’ve been a sincere follower of the Way of our master, Jesus the Messiah-the Christ for very long, you’ve likely been reminded of the answer of Peter and John to the Sanhedrin in Acts 4:19-20. Do you remember it?  Dr Luke records it this way.

“But Peter and John answered them, “Whether it is right in the sight of God to listen to you rather than to God, you must judge, for we cannot but speak of what we have seen and heard.”

Honest people can’t help when confronted to give a straight-forward testimony of what they have personally witnessed. This applies not only to our testimony of what our Lord has done in our lives. It is a principle that applies to every area of what we know to be true, especially if that knowledge can make a life-saving difference in the choices that someone else will make, even after making a chain of bad choices.

You have a choice… you have always had a choice.  But there comes a time when once you’ve made the wrong choice, there is no turning back from your inevitable destruction.

The classic Biblical example of life and death choice is given by Moses to the Israelites in the days and weeks before their Creator escorted them through the parting of the Jordan River to enter the promised land of Canaan.  You can read about the choices in Deuteronomy 28. It comes down to the conclusion of chapter 30 verse 19.

“Choose life that you may live, and your descendants, by loving the Lord your God, by obeying His voice, by holding fast to Him.”

The Bible is filled with promises that this will truly make all the difference in your very survival and how long you will live.

But the choice to live will always require the refusal of temptations for temporary gratifications. Most of us seem to have to be fed up with the empty promises of those destructive distractions before we are willing to change tracks… get off the broad path leading to destruction and onto the narrow path that leads to life (Mt 7:13).

You can choose to believe the truth or believe the convenient lie.

You can choose to take the time to seek God with all your heart… or seek convenience and pleasure as your priority.

You can choose to serve God by serving others or serve yourself.

You can choose temporary comfort and peace through compromise with what is clearly wrong… or you can take the path of courage to stand against the challenging forces of darkness, even be willing to get out of your comfort zone to expose the darkness.

You can choose to either concede to the enemies of God and freedom, letting them rebuild our system according to their evil and tyrannical plans… according to their ‘image’…  or you can fight to do your part to help rebuild it in the image of what our founding fathers saw as the first and only nation built on the principles of God’s word.

You can choose to do a host of things that the majority of peers lack the honest integrity to reject… or you can join those willing to lay their life down for honor and righteousness to do what is right.

Like Thomas Payne’s essay that George Washington’s men heard read out loud to them at the pivotal Christmas in snowy Pennsylvania at the beginning of the conflict for our liberty, “these are the times that try men’s souls.”

Christopher Scott in his “translation” to modern English of Thomas Payne’s book said, “The moderates will cause more harm to America than the other two kinds of men” (common sense rewritten in common English by Christopher Scott) at

Confusion creates conflict.  Those at war with the God-given natural rights of liberty and common sense deliberately complicate everyday matters with confusion.

You’ve probably observed how wise men make complicated matters simple while fools make simple matters complicated. Notice that the kind and degree of formal education has far less to do with this than experiences with the challenges of life and the kind of company one has kept through those experiences.

The book of Proverbs in the Old Testament section of the Bible gives us this warning:

Rescue those being led away to death; hold back those staggering toward slaughter. If you say, “But we knew nothing about this,” does not he who weighs the heart perceive it? Does not he who guards your life know it? Will he not repay each person according to what he has done? (Proverbs 24:11-12)

Did you notice that Jesus elaborated on this even further? He spoke (in Matthew 25:31-46) of the final judgement when the nations of the earth will be divided between the sheep nations and the goat nations. He clearly promised condemnation for those who did not do even the charitable ordinary actions that God-fearing, merciful Samaritans would do for their fellow man.  The sum of it all is in verse 45, where He said, “Truly I say to you, to the extent that you did not do it to one of the least of these, you did not do it to Me. And these will go away into eternal punishment, but the righteous into eternal life.”

I simply ask, does this not amplify the example given by the prophet Ezekiel in chapter 33:6?

“But if the watchman sees the sword coming and does not blow the trumpet, and the people are not warned, and a sword comes and takes a person from them, he is taken away in his iniquity; but his blood I will require from the watchman’s hand.”

Do you have blood on your hands?

Multiplied millions of parents have been deceived by main stream influencers in practically every sphere of modern life. Because they do not know the truth, they are making choices that already are causing unbearable grief.

These are truly some of the darkest days in the history of our nation.

The pharma-owned corporate media has been extolling the success of injecting the beginning of what will be millions of children with a known bio-weapon as a great achievement.

See the report prepared by the research team of Health Impact News of just a few of the horrible and completely unnecessary tragedies that have impacted families all over the world. See this is on Bitchute and Rumble.

For those of us who do know the truth, we have a responsibility to warn others. If they reject the truth after sharing it with them, then the blood of their children is solely on their hands, and the hands of those promoting the shots.

When the FDA gave emergency use authorization for these shots to be injected into young children, they provided a Vaccine Information Fact Sheet which lists the potential risks of the shots. It’s required to be given to parents prior to their child receiving an injection. How many of them even read it?


It’s been recognized and publicized widely by many practicing medical professionals that young children are in virtually zero danger from serious harm or death from corona virus-19 unless they are already in great danger from other health complications like cancer, diabetes and lung or heart diseases. Yet the manufacturers of the experimental bio-weapon they incorrectly call a ‘vaccine’ know that their poison puts children at known projected rates of risk from life-threatening and life-long disease complications.

For those who lament that all this medical malpractice is causing so many millions of families to suffer such excruciating anguish, just remember that they all had a choice to do at least a modest amount of research. If they did that research, they would discover that the risks are dangerously high and not worth it.

The question we should be asking is how do we now interact with these grieving people who are often so heavily propagandized that they can’t bear to admit that the corrupted medical establishment killed their baby with their own consent. This is going to take a lot of compassionate understanding and Godly wisdom to sensitively help people face the mentally tormenting implications of their own compliance with the dictates and opinions of untrustworthy Experts whom they trusted. Helping people acknowledge their own mistakes is not always easy. But it’s even harder to help people forgive themselves, let alone forgive the corrupted experts who didn’t bother to even read the risks and effects that were known to happen as a result of the bio-weapon.

“Sudden Deaths” of Children Under the Age of 12 Start Surfacing After COVID-19 Shots Approved for This Age Group

The surge in “sudden deaths” now being reported on a daily basis has apparently begun in children under the age of 12, as children between the ages of 5 and 11 were recently approved for injections by the Pfizer COVID-19 shots. Unless a grieving parent works up enough courage to admit they made a mistake in letting their child get one of these bioweapon shots, and is willing to face the backlash that will certainly come from those in the Vaccine Cult, which will probably include their own family members, do not expect the media to even mention the COVID-19 “vaccination status” of these sudden deaths. Tragically, the two unexpected deaths of these children that were reported a week after they both happened on Thanksgiving Day 2021.

Read More…

“Sudden deaths” are starting to be reported among children under the age of 12, as mass vaccination campaigns to inject children with COVID-19 bioweapon shots between the ages of 5 and 12 are underway.  Listen to a brief video collection of parents who share their pathetic stories of their children who are now dead because of COVID-19 shots. Their voices are being silenced in the corporate media. Please spread this video far and wide, so we can try to save as many children as possible. They’re coming after the little babies soon. See the Full article at:

A member of the Canadian parliament (Rick Nichols of Ontario) recently addressed Parliament about the rising rates of stillborn children in the province, and asked the Minister of Health, Christine Elliot, the following question: “In the Waterloo area 86 stillbirths have occurred from January to July, and normally it is roughly 1 stillbirth every two months. But, mothers of stillborn babies were fully vaccinated. And you have clearly said on numerous occasions that the vaccines are safe. So, minister, what do you say to the doctors who told expecting women it was OK to get fully vaccinated, and what should they tell the mothers who deliver a stillborn baby?” Christine Elliot did not answer the question, dealing with the facts concerning so many stillborn children occurring. Instead, she gave the standard vaccine cult religious answer which is an appeal to authority (the vaccines are safe because we say so). “It is safe. It has been tested. We are recommending that women who are pregnant do receive the vaccine for the protection of themselves, protection of the baby as well. And that has been proven, it has been accepted by the Health Canada, by the World Health Organization, by the FDA.” She never addressed the high rate of stillborn babies. Here in the U.S., the latest update to the U.S. Government’s Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) reports there are now 2,893 fetal deaths in VAERS following COVID-19 shots for the past year (2021). That’s more fetal deaths following ALL vaccines for the past 31 years. So why do pregnant women even give-in to a shot of ANY kind. We all thought mothers would never do that… ever for any medication, let alone for a known bio-weapon given to people who aren’t even sick. They continue to believe the health “authorities” that these shots are safe when all these unborn babies are dying in record numbers. Why? Because this is a religion – the vaccine cult. There is no “science” or “truth” here. Just liars and psychopaths.  [see the report at ]

>> Dr. Vladimir Zelenko spoke in December 2021 at the Dallas Reawaken America tour, hosted by Clay Clark. I highly recommend you listen to all the presentations at that conference and attend one when you can.

I was blessed to listen carefully to Dr. Zelenko’s thoughtful comments. You will be too. I transcribed his main thoughts. Here’s what he said. 

The ideology of the German NAZI party did not go away after their defeat in 1945. The belief that they were descendants of a super human (Aryan) race of gods held the core tenant that normal (anglo saxon) people should be their slaves and the less-than-human beings like Jews and gypsies should be eradicated from the earth. The so-called “elite” are not particularly “anti-semitic.” They are highly devolved and depraved pagans. Their warped belief that they are intellectually superior to everyone else makes them think they have the right to determine how many humans can be allowed to populate the planet and for how long they should live. They are totalitarian humanists.

As with all dictators, elitists make it their first aim to rid the land of houses of worship, or at least control them by their ideology. That’s because the idea of any other god but theirs is a threat to their existence.  They know that if I bow down to God (the true Creator), then I will not bow down to them. So, the mechanism they must use to control people is fear.

Using the media, they have found the perfect way to control people is to make them live in chronic anxiety and fear of what is a widely recognized threat to their safety. They mix that with the well-known psychological tactic of isolation to manipulate gullible people. They then offer the masses whatever short-term control factor possible to temporarily relieve their long-term anxiety about their future. Reason is ignored and pure emotion is used to gain mass obedience. If you challenge even a smart person who has compromised themselves for their short-term benefit, you expose their anxiety over the perception of the feared outcome they resist and the reality they chose to ignore.

King David’s psalms give a very good prescription for life.  He says, “turn away from bad; do good; and live.”

For our day, the application is simple. Don’t give into the fear. Don’t isolate yourself at all from the people you love. Don’t take the poison death shot. Doing good means that if you’re in a high-risk category, take simple over-the-counter, natural, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory preventative measures.  If you do get sick, from day one, start treatment with safe remedies. Do not listen to the murderous NIH, CDC, FDA, and WHO.  They are the enemies of the people. Do not listen to their advice. Their advice is a death sentence. They advise you to delay treatment. Do not do that. If you follow those two simple rules (turn away from bad and do good), you will live.  There is no reason to be afraid.

After briefly describing his discovery of how to overcome his diagnosis of a rare and fatal cancer in his body, he noted that when you are forced to face the reality that you’re going to see God soon, you stop fearing humans. That’s a good skill to have when you begin stepping on the toes of the most lethal animals on the planet.

Regardless of our length of life, we are all faced with the reality that we are finite. In it all, God gives us freedom of choice. He enables us to connect with the infinite. When I have to face the possibility of exchanging my connection to the infinite for the sake of temporary convenience, the answer is easily, “no.”  I will sacrifice everything so that the next generation can be free. Just because we have experienced freedom due to the sacrifices of past generations, will our children be free? The answer depends on our willingness to sacrifice. This generation is faced with the ability and responsibility to look the primordial “serpent” right in the eye, declare “NO,” and decapitating it.

The only reason this (present crisis) has happened is because we’re letting it happen. There are many more of us than them. The enemy’s tactic is to divide us and scare us, so they can eradicate us in small units. The solution is (hopefully) non-violent civil disobedience, reject all tyranny. Reject the dictates of the demented puppet in the white house. We must realize we are fighting a well-entrenched enemy that has a head start. But we have something they don’t have – the God “scaler.” This is a David vs Goliath situation. The enemy wants to destroy God-consciousness.

We must instill in our children basic morality. We must take our children out of public schools, that have methodically taught them to normalize depravity. Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed not because of immorality. Every place had immorality. Their unique offense was that they normalized immorality by making it the law of the land. That is a way of saying, “God, we don’t want you here. We reject you.”  We need to go in a completely different direction. 

Remove our children from the spiritual influence of the government schools and remove our children from the physical dangers of the world homicide organization. They (the WHO) issued a decree that if your children are enrolled in a school then you have given that school ‘implied consent’ to anything they deem appropriate to administer to those in their keeping. You didn’t prevent your children from going to their school so they see that as implied permission to vaccinate your children. Government schools are not only attacking the souls of our children but also their bodies. In decent societies, parents sacrifice themselves for the well-being of their children. Every (godly) parent (naturally) wants a better existence for their children in body and soul. In pagan societies, they sacrifice their children for the purposes of the adults.

Dr. Michael Yaedon, retired senior vice president of Pfiser, told me (Dr. Zelenko) and the media that for every one child that dies of covid, a hundred die from the vaccine. The vax is 100 times more deadly than the disease it is supposed to prevent (but doesn’t even claim to prevent). In other words, it’s child sacrifice, no different from throwing a child into the flames of some mythical god figure (like Moloch).

We need to (as a culture) reject idolatry, paganism, and child-sacrifice. There’s nothing new under the sun.  This is a biblical war that began at creation itself. Now, it has expressed itself on the battlefield of covid-19 and the poison death shot. But we can reject it and turn to God. Here’s my advice. Creation is dynamic.  It’s created exnihilo. God is making you every moment. Thus, he is with you. We know that fear and anxiety only lives in the emotional and psychological space where the consciousness of God is absent. If you fill that void – hard work – with God consciousness, you must rise up with other decent people. This hill is worth dying on. It’s time for this generation to pay the price so our children can thrive with God-consciousness, and freedom. It depends on what we do now – today. Coalitions of like-minded, God-conscious people must make cities of decency, refuges from tyranny.

As humans who are each made in the image of God, we are all ‘brothers and sisters’ with the same heavenly Father. We all have the gift of consciousness and the gift of free choice. We can all use these gifts in the right way, by choosing to throw off the yoke of our own fears and the agendas of other evil people, and put on the yoke of heaven. There is only one type of person who is truly free in the world. It is someone who chooses to be a servant of God. 

Will you choose the right choice? When you do, you choose to accept the assignment of a warrior. The war all around us is growing more challenging every day. We need to choose the way of the Lord if we expect to enjoy His peace… even in the midst of the battle-storm… just like others who I’ll share in the extension of today’s program that you can hear on our podcast at

The following is bonus content for our podcast listeners here at

The welfare of humanity has always been the alibi of tyrants

On the December 8, 2021 episode of The Highwire called ‘The Slippery Slope,’ Del Bigtree included a 3-minute clip (beginning at 0:14:43) of a member of the EU parliament from Germany, Christine Anderson. 

She issued a message to the people of Australia relative to the dictatorial abuse of Australia’s citizens, in answer to their SOS call to the world. She said, “I will do whatever I can to inform the world that your democracy has been transformed into a totalitarian regime which tramples on humans’ rights, civil liberties and the rule of law. I’m imploring all the people of the world who still think that your governments are looking out for your best interests. At no point in history have the people forcing the people into compliance been the good guys. The ‘welfare of humanity’ has always been the alibi of tyrants. Do you not realize that this ‘vaccine’ does not protect you from covid? It does, however, protect you from governmental oppression – for now, that is. But don’t think for even a second that this is not going to change tomorrow. I’m a German, and we once asked our grandparents how they could have just stood by in silence allowing a horrific totalitarian regime to come about. Anyone could have known. All they would have had to do was open their eyes and take a look.  The vast majority chose not to. So, what will you tell your grandchildren? will you tell them you didn’t know? Will you tell them you were just following orders? You need to understand, it isn’t about breaking the fourth wave. It is all about breaking people.”

Our generation is at war with a Satanic agenda to depopulate the world

Listen to Karen Kingston with Clay Clark on the SGT Report  Published in two parts on December 4 and 6, 2021. Decide for yourself if what is going on is pure evil and a truly demonic agenda.

Like many of the medical professional people I’ve researched lately, listening to Karen Kingston, you can understand how she, as a 20-year expert in the pharmaceutical industry who has become a leading whistleblower, is someone we all need to be praying for with God’s divine protection. Hear another short clip.

Is “The Great Reset” Agenda Truly Demonic? Listen to the second part of Karen’s discussion at this link:

The reality of the demonic attack on humanity to destroy millions of humans through tyrannical manipulation of public fear is being seen by about half the population now. The flashpoint news show from an honestly Biblical and Christian viewpoint is helping many around the world to wake up and take action and make bold choices to expose the darkness with the light of truth and expand the kingdom of Jesus Christ by setting free those trapped in deep deception.

This episode of FlashPoint is worth seeing for everybody: Are You Kidding Me!? David Harris Jr., Sam Sorbo, Lance Wallnau (December 9th, 2021)

One of the most evil slaves of the devil on the planet is being exposed

See Senator Ron Johnson expose Fauci on the Senate Floor, saying ‘He Wants To Deny The Reality Of What He Said, What He Did!’  Forbes posted this Dec 8, 2021 at 

A brave patriot by the name of Christopher Key ( updates his bold stand in Louisiana to show how patriots must peacefully and lawfully resist and arrest an elected governor who enacts life-threatening orders as if he is a declared dictator.  See this short Facebook post at[0]=AZWQ9h5jlMwFfCzIP9JETzmrhS4wD6GwFzNuDEsu1W4I-1AXJxSIEm6SCpXyFaYNSxUbDURnHs7FNyxl_XvLYbnAM1fTvocut1Rr_KgIozX2BfelUKhT6MCNp5KOIvmtp4mSPvAjg2DOUHvpcdhBwxCR&__tn__=*W-R it was posted on Dec 8, 2021 to his Facebook at

2,809 Dead Babies in VAERS Following COVID Shots as New Documents Prove Pfizer, the FDA, and the CDC Knew the Shots Were Not Safe for Pregnant Women

The latest data dump into the U.S. Government’s Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) happened on 12/3/21. It covers data through 11/26/2021. There are now 927,740 total cases reported to VAERS following COVID-19 shots for the past 11 months, out of the total of 1,782,453 cases in the entire VAERS database filed for the past 30+ years. In addition, we found 2,809 fetal deaths following COVID-19 shots injected into pregnant and child-bearing women for the past 11 months. By way of contrast, using the exact same search parameters in VAERS, but excluding the COVID-19 shots, we found 2,168 fetal deaths following all FDA-approved vaccines for the past 30+ years. That’s an average of 72 fetal deaths per year following all FDA-approved vaccines for the past 30+ years, compared to what is on pace to be 3064 fetal deaths in 1 year following COVID-19 shots. That is an 80% increase in fetal deaths recorded in VAERS following the COVID-19 shots. And yet, the CDC and FDA continue to recommend these EUA shots for pregnant women and nursing mothers. Not only do they recommend these shots for pregnant women, we now have ample evidence that they have known since earlier this year that these shots are dangerous to pregnant women, and causing fetal deaths. This article will link to publicly available data that shows the CDC, FDA, and Pfizer have known from early on that these shots cause fetal deaths. With all the links to the publicly available data supplied in this article, there is more than enough information to immediately issue arrest warrants for Rochelle Walensky, the director of the CDC, Janet Woodcock, the FDA director, and Albert Bourla, the CEO of Pfizer, for mass murder and crimes against humanity. Read More…

Registered Nurse Suffers Pericarditis from Pfizer Shot – Put in Hospital Section for Vaccine Injured as She was 7th Patient Admitted That Day for Heart Issues Following COVID Shots – Dec 9, 2021 – by Brian Shilhavy, Editor, Health Impact News

Stallone Edmonds Tepania is a 33-year-old registered nurse and mother of 3 in New Zealand.

She recently went public on social media to share her story of being diagnosed with pericarditis, inflammation of the sac around the heart, after being injected with a second dose of a COVID-19 shot.

She doesn’t mention the manufacturer of the shot, but the government of New Zealand’s pamphlet on “COVID-19 Vaccine” only mentions Pfizer, and no other brand. (Source.)

While these tragic stories of people being injured, especially with heart issues, following COVID shots are all too common these days, what is remarkable about Stallone’s story is what she learned after being admitted to the hospital, and realizing that these vaccine injuries are not rare at all.

She states that she was actually placed in a section of the hospital that was treating vaccine injuries, and that she was the 7th person admitted that day suffering a heart problem following a Pfizer shot.

The nurse allegedly told her that they were not allowed to talk about these vaccine injuries. But they are certainly not rare.

Stallone was given strict instructions to not do anything strenuous to cause her heart rate to go up. This is why we are seeing so many athletes collapse in sporting events.

She was told that about one out of 10 people admitted to the hospital with these COVID-19 vaccine-caused damaged hearts were not surviving. They are dying from cardiac arrest.

She is not sure if she will have to live like this for the rest of her life, which now may be quite short, and stated “I feel trapped in my own skin.”

At certain points in the video she has to stop talking, being obviously in pain, and apparently suffering from heart palpitations or other discomforts. This is from our Bitchute channel

It’s time we all catch up with the growing thousands of medical professionals who are waking up.

Brian Shilhavey notes in

The medical system is actually ahead of most other sectors that are in the Globalists’ system right now, as brave doctors and others in the medical system are now defecting and exposing the corruption and mass genocide, putting their careers and lives on the line to report the truth and expose the bioweapons being masked as “vaccines” that are designed to reduce the world’s population by killing off a significant portion. Those who are part of other parts of the system need to follow their examples!

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