Credible Scientists Are Risking their Careers and lives to expose World government fraud set to kill millions

By Dennis Petersen

If you think about it, there’s a particularly good reason why one of the most oft-repeated warnings of the Bible and Jesus Himself, is the familiar phrase, “do not be deceived.”  Anyone who reads the Bible is familiar with the fact that the devil’s most glaring identity is “The Deceiver” (Rev 12:9), And his chief strategy to “steal, kill and destroy” (John 10:10) is the clever art of deception. It has now become widely recognized that those who routinely get their knowledge and understanding from main stream media, and those who listen to all the corruption that is there, are inevitably more likely to fall for their deception. And almost every statement that is made on those public platforms are laced with dishonest, misleading and downright destructive intentions. If anything has awakened millions of our peers to the reality of evil in our world, it is the blatant distortion of reality presented in today’s anti-Christ portals of news and entertainment.

Isn’t it remarkable that so many, who rarely ever show interest in trying to lead a healthy lifestyle, are so willingly obedient to the deceptive claims of totally compromised modern medical bureacracies and commercially corrupted tyrannical régimes? Thank God for raising up courageous warriors for truth, willing to risk their careers and their very lives, to alert people to the horrible deceptions that have been ravaging the entire world of humanity like never in the history of mankind since the Tower of Babel, when the entire world was unified in speaking a single language. I want you to think about that deeply, because God is about to intervene again, as He did then, with a “reset” that will astonish all mankind.

In a video report titled, Bio-Terrorism By Vaccination! – Dr Peter McCullough, a highly respected medical doctor at Texas A&M, interacts with German attorney, Reiner Fuelmich, about the many controversies around the falsely labeled “vaccine” jab being coercively injected into millions of under-informed subjects. See it at: .

At  SEE Dr Peter McCullough’s 6-minute prescription protocols for covid patients, most of which can be administered at home or with a visit to a primary care doctor.  And for some basic immune system strengthening supplements, listen to the short interview with Dr. Bryan Ardis that I’ll refer to in today’s program.

Hear a short overview by Dr Peter McCullough about the only inevitable understanding about the purpose of the entire covid show that has been orchestrated by “stakeholders” from day one of the announcement of the Wuhan flu. See it at

I think you’ll see here why you have every right to thoughtfully refuse any attempts by powerful influences to inoculate you or your loved ones with any chemical concoction that you suspect might be dangerous to your well-being. Millions of Americans and citizens of other nations all over the world are experiencing great tension right now, because they are alert to a fact – they could die … not from the virus… but from the so-called “vaccine.”    As you watch Dr McCullough’s powerful presentation, note that in just over a month since the recording was made, the six-month death statistics reported to the CDC called VAERS, increased by as many deaths in one month as all the deaths from all vaccines reported to the system in over 30 years since its start in 1990. Yet the limit to shut down a normal clinical trial is about 25 to 50 deaths overall.  Now, after just seven months, the death toll is over 10,000, not counting half a million reported adverse events, including thousands of long term, life-altering, career-ending injuries.

This is the most lethal, toxic, biologic agent ever injected in a human body and it’s going strong. No mention of safety, wild enthusiasm by hospital officials, doctors supporting it. It’s not about the virus. It’s about the vaccine.

Keep in mind that this worldwide injection program is officially still an experimental trial.  Everyone participating in it assumes full responsibility for any liability. The stakeholders who are intimidating everyone with fear to take the shots have absolutely NO liability. And neither do your insurance companies.  If you die or suffer a cruel disruption of your life because your organs and bodily systems are infected and injured by the poisons in these shots, you will be obligated to foot the bill on your own.

Many respected scientists worldwide are calling for a complete halt in the injection program, but the media and governments are turning a deaf ear to them. Some are even top-level, Nobel scientists.

People are getting “vaccinated” to something that doesn’t even exist anymore. The original Wuhan flu is extinct now.

The so-called “vaccines” are not safe. Yet stakeholders are insisting that children be injected, even without the consent of their parents. This has never happened in modern science in the free world.

Americans and people worldwide should be extraordinarily alarmed.

The shots are a globalist way of marking people to include everyone in a database to be used for trade, behavior modification and compliance.

Two largest malfeasances in all medical history are clear-cut examples of deliberate harm being done.

  • No updates on treatments available
  • No safety updates on vaccines.

What we are seeing globally now is unprecedented. We never vaccinate in the middle of a pandemic. We’ve never had an effective vaccine for a respiratory virus. We know that the vaccines can have less than a one percent benefit to the population. We knew from the clinical trials that the vaccines will not prevent the virus. Dr McCullough insists that the word “vaccine” ought to be the most disturbing word for people to hear. It is being weaponized to put fear in everyone for their freedom to work and socialize. And that’s why over a million people marched in the streets of France in mid-July 2021.

So, do you Know the 3 Major Reasons Christians Should Not Get the COVID-19 Vaccine?

To help others discern how to test what is true and right, it’s time for all of us to launch dialog about the COVID-19 vaccine.  Because there is a lot of confusion and disagreement in the Christian community about whether Christians should get the COVID-19 vaccine or not, here is a fast road to common horse sense:  Read this short list first and then watch the illustrated video at the next link…

My good friend who authors an excellent website and blog called FreedomMan helped me focus on the foundational Biblical imperatives that simplify this confusing matter for all who seek to be set free by the truth of abiding in our Lord Jesus Christ.  See it at:

Most Americans today have almost no problem with vaccines, medicines, medical treatments, or medical technology. We should all be glad when Christians are at the forefront of medicine. They should use their skills, talents, and knowledge in the field of medicine to heal the world in the name of Jesus Christ.

However, we must be candid to admit that not everything that calls itself “medicine” actually heals. Likewise, not everyone who calls himself a “doctor” actually helps or heals. And not everything that is called a “vaccine” is even remotely close to being a vaccine, by the most commonly accepted definition of a vaccine.

The Definition of a Vaccine

According to the CDC itself (an institution that no longer deserves our trust), the definition of a vaccine is this: Vaccine—A product that stimulates a person’s immune system to produce immunity to a specific disease, protecting the person from that disease.

The simple theory of vaccination is that you can inject or otherwise expose a patient to a small or weakened dose of a virus, which would therefore “stimulate” your body’s own immune system to destroy the virus and therefore create the natural antibodies to prevent the virus from ever making you sick. It’s actually a simple and natural process as it is using your body’s own immune system to fight and ward off disease. However, acquired immunity is far more than antibodies. T-cells and other complex creations of God’s genius are all part of the big picture.  The early vaccines from modern medical science, credited with eliminating diseases like smallpox and polio, generally had 1 ingredient!

But the so called COVID-19 “vaccines” don’t do that, don’t fit that description, and have a multitude of known poisonous ingredients and other unknown substances! There are currently 3 vaccines that are primarily being administered: one from Pfizer, another from Moderna, and the third from Johnson and Johnson. However, in contradiction to the definition of a vaccine, these “vaccines” don’t introduce weakened forms of the virus that causes COVID-19 in order to stimulate your body to destroy it and create antibodies against it. Not even close!

On the contrary, these “vaccines” are rightfully classified by the government as “experimental injections” that simply cannot be defined as “vaccines” by any known definition of a vaccine. In short, to call the COVID-19 vaccine a “vaccine” is to tell a lie. It should be called the “experimental injection for COVID-19.”

You should share a short video with your friends you care about.  It does a great job of easily demonstrating and explaining how the COVID-19 “vaccines” aren’t even vaccines at all and they aren’t safe.  See it at After seeing just some of the adverse effects being reported, we have to ask, ‘what about the effects that appear 5 or 10 years after taking the jab?”

So, what are the essential questions we should ask as Christ-followers before allowing a fear-based government program to inject a poison into our body?

1. Christians are supposed to hate lies and denounce falsehood

Christians should be the forerunners and promoters of all truth and the exposers and enemies of everything false. It doesn’t matter where it comes from—in the field of art, science, history, government, civics, economics, or medicine—if it’s a lie, Christians should denounce it (Ps. 10:2 “In arrogance the wicked hotly pursue the poor; let them be caught in the schemes that they have devised.”  Pr. 12:22 “Lying lips are an abomination to the LORD”, Co. 3:9 “Do not lie to one another, seeing that you have put off the old self with its practices”, Re. 21:8 “all liars, their portion will be in the lake that burns with fire and sulfur, which is the second death.”). In truth, Christians should literally hate every false way (Psalm 119:104). Yes, Christians should HATE things that are false and all lying lips should be silenced! (Psalm 31:18).

And since Christians are supposed to be the light of the world (that proclaims truth – Matthew 5:14) and the salt of the earth (that preserves truth and righteousness – Matthew 5:13), then it is our duty to DENOUNCE the lie of the COVID-19 “vaccine” and proclaim the truth.

Any Christian who is promoting, condoning, or pressuring others to get the COVID-19 vaccine has failed to obey the Bible’s principles and has aligned himself with the enemies of God. How?

Simply take a look at the high-profile “stake-holders” who are  promoting the lie of the vaccine. Who are they? They are political leftists, social liberals, and the God-hating, corrupt globalists like George Soros, the WHO, the Democrat party, and the mainstream media. The usual suspects who despise God’s Word and who blaspheme His work in this earth are the same who are promoting the vaccine. That should be enough to warn true Christians about the true nature of this vaccine.

“A wise man will hear and increase learning, And a man of understanding will attain wise counsel,” Proverbs 1:5

What shame we have in the Christian community to have so many alleged Christian leaders aligning with evil men and sinister forces to promote this proven poisonous injection instead of denouncing it as a demonic lie. It is our duty and obligation to study (2 Ti. 2:15), learn (Pr. 1:5), and discern (Ez. 44:23).  We must make our decisions and announcements based on facts and never on lies. But Christian’s lack of knowledge and understanding will continue to be the source of our destruction. Hosea 4:6 “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.”

2. Christians should never succumb to Social Pressure.

The Bible is replete with examples of people succumbing to social pressure and in every instance, the consequences are terrible (even Jesus Himself was crucified simply because of peer pressure – Mt. 27:24). God set his law forbidding His people to succumb to peer pressure, “Do not follow the crowd in doing wrong. When you give testimony in a lawsuit, do not pervert justice by siding with the crowd.” (Ex. 23:2.) The Authorized Version says it this way, “Thou shalt not follow a multitude to do evil.” And that’s what succumbing to peer pressure is all about—following the multitude to do evil.

In the case of the COVID-19 vaccine, we have already established that it is a fraud. It is not even an actual vaccine. It is a poisonous unknown substance that is untested and has already killed many innocent, healthy citizens. So why is everyone getting it? Because they are following the multitude. They are succumbing to social pressure.

Christians, by God’s law, should uniquely be a monolithic group of resisters corporately and unitedly saying, “NO! We will not obey false messages nor succumb to peer pressure.”  Just like first lady, Nancy Reagan taught a whole generation to “just say no” to drugs, all of us who favor the truth must do the right thing and urge fellow believers to “just say no” to injecting a known poison into your God-given temple – your body.

3. Christians are not exempt from the consequences of natural law

God is the Creator of all things—including natural law and the consequences built into obedience or disobedience to said law. Gravity, for example, affects you whether you are a Christian or an unbeliever. The Bible plainly tells us it “rains on the just and the unjust” (Mt. 5:45). So ignorant and foolish Christians who voluntarily accept poison in their body are not exempt from the devastating consequences of an ill-advised decision.

When Christians get sick from the fake COVID vaccine, have all sorts of health complications, lose their immune system over time, and in many cases even DIE, they cannot blame or question God. The famous but useless line, “God, why would you let this happen?” is a foolish and ignorant question asked by spiritually weak and impotent Christians. These things happen because you are not exempt from the consequences of your bad decisions.

When you choose to disobey the principles of the Bible, succumb to peer pressure (follow a multitude to do evil), and accept lies instead of denouncing them, you will face the consequences—no matter what. Your “faith” in God will not prevent the consequences of disobedience to God’s Word. And jabbing yourself with a fake vaccine known to be full of poison, unknown and untested substances, that cannot even be scientifically defined as a “vaccine,” just because the enemies of God are pressuring you to take it, is GUARANTEED to bring you remarkably negative consequences over time. In many cases, the negative consequences came immediately for foolhardy Christians who have already died, lost their immune systems, or suffered other outrageous side effects of the vaccine.

My prayer is that someday, the American Christian community, and Christians worldwide, will have a true revival of obedience to God’s Word, and then and only then, will we have a true and lasting “salt and light” effect on this earth, and the world will “see our works and GLORIFY GOD” (Mt. 5:16).

Additional resources concerning the COVID-19 fake vaccine:

The illustrated short video informing of the dangers of the shots is at:

Please see this Interview with Michael Yeadon, former Vice President and Chief Science Officer of Pfizer, where he worked for 16 years. He outlines his position on the pandemic, the vaccine, the issue of variants, boosters and the loss of our civil liberties. It is truly an appeal to the world. As a scientist, he admits that his small influence is no threat to the powerful stakeholders who determine what the public masses are hearing. The master propagandists are controlling the minds of the sheeple who lack the discernment and determination to ferret out the truth.  In essence they have forsaken their God-given love for the truth they had as a child. And God has literally sent them a strong delusion that is drawing them into self-destruction. See it at .

Those wanting extremely credible expert insight from Dr Mike Yeadon can find expanded interviews with him on The Highwire at

One of my favorite practicing medical doctors and scientists on the topic of vaccine and immunology is Dr. Sherri Tenpenny. Her FULL TRUTH, Fact-Based Spew on the ‘Stew Peters Show’ was absolutely astonishing for her ability to simplify the complexities of the science behind this controversy.  The conversation was a   total revelation of exactly what’s happening with the so-called ‘vaccines’.  See it at

Dr Jane Ruby has most recently shown with Stew Peters that the covid experimental injections are clearly poisoning millions. This short interview in July 2021 shows recent microscopic pictures of red blood cells of patients who have been damaged by the introduction of the poisonous shot into their veins. See at

Prof Sucharit Bhakdi has trained over 12,000 Doctors in microbiology and epidemiology in Germany and has won many awards. Because he has willingly countered the mainstream narrative in public, his reputation has been maligned and censored by many of his peers who are bowing to other powerful influences that are getting wider publicity.  See his clear illustrated description at

If you have not yet seen the excellent video presentations as, you must not wait another day. It’s time to take personal responsibility to get knowledge like you’d get a valuable discount special on something that you absolutely can’t live without or a free gourmet meal at your favorite restaurant. Go to

The 3rd video on this webpage features David Sorensen’s interview with Dr. Carrie Madej. He goes into many facts and shares reports surrounding the Covid vaccinations. This was released in late 2020, but is very relevant for 2021. It would be good to share with those who are on the fence about whether they will take the Covid shot or not. It would be good for those who intend to get the Covid shot. It may help them change their mind and save them from negative health issues, injuries and even early death. This video covers a wide range of Covid topics and the real reasons behind the Covid agenda.

Dr Bryan Ardis is a naturopathic healer with a gifted ability to explain scientific medical complexities in a very simplified way. His interview with the Resistance Chicks (their site is  during the recent Tampa, Florida Health and Freedom conference is an excellent example. In 15-minutes he clarifies some of the major problems being faced by everyone on earth today in the way governments have reacted to the corona virus 19 plandemic and how to bolster your immune system: . A more detailed interview with Dr. Ardis by Stew Peters is at where he shares medically how the government’s and hospital’s protocol policies knowingly administered high risk drugs wrongly to cause the death of his father-in-law. More interviews with Dr. Ardis are at:

Texas Senator Bob Hall testified to the Texas Senate in May in regard to the bill to prevent mandatory vaccines in Texas.  This concise summary and following testimony from Dr. Bartlett and others presents a convincing argument that the public is not apprised of the facts needed to know about the risks at stake.

The first 20 minutes or so of the video at this link shows the Texas Medical Doctors Testify Before the State Senate to Oppose Mandatory COVID Shots: The report by Brian Shilhavy following has details worth sharing. Senator Bob Hall, in his opening statements at the Senate hearing stated: “The chief responsibility and Constitutional role of our government is to protect the rights of the individual. Employees can take off their helmets, masks, and uniforms at the end of the work day, but they cannot remove a vaccine.” Dr. Richard Bartlett was the first physician to testify in favor of SB 1669 to Stop Forced Vaccination and Vaccine Passports in Texas.  Dr. Bartlett has over 28 years of medical practice experience and is a veteran primary care and emergency room doctor in West Texas.  Dr. Bartlett is best known since the COVID crisis started as a doctor who has cured many patients using an older, already FDA approved drug, called budesonide, which is an inhaled corticosteroid. (Learn more here.) During his testimony, Dr. Bartlett explained that there are existing treatments already available to treat COVID patients, making it unnecessary to mandate experimental new “vaccines.”  This is also on Health Impact News’ Rumble channel at  for May 8, 2021.

See the whole menu of videos on the Rumble channel of Health Impact News beginning at

Another source is Texans for Vaccine Choice at  It includes C0VID-19 Vaccine Resources and Information like the report of The Epidemic of 1986 that summarizes well the National Childhood vaccine injury act.  Get it at:

My friend David Sorensen, producer of has been working to provide us with exceptionally well-researched, high-quality insights to correct the blatant misinformation and propaganda that abounds. His recent encouragement reflects exactly how I feel about what all of us must do right now.

Realize that we are not the only ones who might be tempted to become very worried. We must always remember that we have a command from Jesus about what we do with what we’ve been given. To whom much is given, much is required. We must lift up others and urge them to ponder these insights not just with their minds, but particularly with their hearts.

The storm may be dark and very frightening. You hear the thunder and the cries of despair in the night. But know this: every dark night is followed by a beautiful bright new day.  This goes especially for this season of great turmoil.

Take heart, have courage, see the promised land beyond the high and dark mountains. Look beyond the raging storm and see the wonderful land that is awaiting in the distance. This is KEY to victory: see beyond the storm. Rise higher, to realms where you can see from the perspective of eternity.

Do not listen to the wolves that only howl about doom and despair. Listen to the lions that give hope. Ignore the vultures, but hear the eagles. And be one of them as well. Lions and eagles are stronger than the wolves and vultures. They don’t just proclaim destruction, but they cry out with a loud sound of victory and power. Lions have a higher power and eagles soar at heights that allow them to see above the clouds.

Listen to these voices, that show hope at the horizon, and ignore all who suffocate you with nothing but fear. Rise up to the place where you see victory in the midst of this eruption of intense evil. THERE IS HOPE! This is not a time to look at how high the waves are, how loud the cries of the wicked are and how dark the night is. This is a time to look deeper, listen more carefully and focus on that which is GREATER. See the NEW DAY that is coming.

Allow the realm of majesty, hope and life to illuminate your own heart, so you can see and feel the beautiful future already before it is manifested. The dawn is here, so open our innermost being to see it rising. Then you can proclaim the hope to others who are still in the dark.

We need to shake off all despair, and drink deep the reality of God who is greater, and who lifts us up to the realms where we see from His amazingly majestic perspective, into the future.

David is preparing a report with dozens of FACTS that prove how the GOOD is winning, despite what you are hearing and seeing. This will be life changing for many. I’ll keep you updated on this program but if you can access the internet, you should be periodically checking Informed minds become purposeful souls. And inspired, mission-minded souls become courageous warriors who know that the victory is theirs.

Now is the time for all of us to take action. I’ve endeavored to give you life-saving information so you can be equipped.  Why?  One reason… to help others who haven’t yet heard the insights being freely offered to the world by highly respected scientists and medical doctors, at great risk to their own futures. If you think this is worth sharing, please help us by inviting your friend to read or listen to this program at  This one is called “Credible Scientists are risking their careers.” And it’s all for the benefit of you to share with your loved ones, about things that could otherwise destroy their lives because of the lack of knowledge.  If you’re willing to obey God and put everything, even what your trusted sources of information and inspiration, to the test… then God will help you discern what is “very good.”  And if you’d like to help keep this insightful information coming on this radio station, please know that whatever God leads you to give is deeply appreciated. The website will enable you to help in several ways.  

Please note: I reserve the right to delete comments that are offensive or off-topic.

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