Why Should Anyone Reclaim Their Legacy?

Reclaiming Your Legacy

is a Bible-centered pathway to help learners restore

a personal and community vision of peace

that God’s wisdom has established for the five pillars of purpose in life.


Our goal is to provide a clear and Godly roadmap for ambitious and “meek” (coachable) people to “inherit” their portion of the “earth” that our Creator has intended in His kingdom.


“The meek* shall inherit the earth and delight themselves in abundant prosperity.”
Psalm 37:11

What are the five “Pillars of Purpose in Life?”

  1. Finding, embracing and manifesting divine character in the earth.
  2. Discovering the knowledge, the truth and the skills to inspire others and help set them free to fulfill more of what their Creator has made them to be. Proverbs 8:8, 9
  3. Discovering the principles and resources to enable divine health in every area of life.                       3 John 2
  4. Discovering the divine principles of success that lead to wealth and prosperity.                        Proverb 8:18, 21
  5. Reestablishing divine influence in every sphere of life. Salt preserves. Light removes darkness, exposing the path to peace.


*When we see that ‘meek’ people are ceaseless learners actively implementing the wisdom and knowledge accessible by the Creator to those who pursue insight and discernment, THEN it is apparent WHY He accomplishes His purpose in His creation through those who are given the role of ‘salt & light.’