Don’t Let Your Body Rust Out

The Importance of OPCs In Battling The Effects of Free Radicals

Apple oxidizing~ You Can Spare Yourself Much Unnecessary Chronic Disease ~

We are all taught that rust on iron is the result of “oxidation.”  A similar kind of deterioration happens on living cells.  We see it when a sliced apple turns brown, but when you squeeze lemon juice on it the browning is prevented and even reversed for a time.  This is because citrus contains powerful “bioflavinoid” compounds acting as “anti‑oxidants.”  They actually reverse the destructive oxidizing effects of what are called “free radicals.”


So… What prevents rusting?  The Tiny “Gems” Among Our Body’s Trillions of Amazing Cells

Free Radicals are simply molecules in our bodies that have become abnormal.  They are counteracted by antio-xidants. The trillions of “cells” in our bodies are made up of billions of molecules, which are carefully designed compounds of sometimes hundreds of atoms.  Often, out of several hundred atoms of things like carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen, the most vitally important ingredient in the molecule is three or four tiny atoms of a precious mineral like iron or copper.


The Destructive Domino Effect Our Body’s Fight Every Minute

Healthy molecules have balanced pairs of electrons in their atoms. Through the millions of biochemical reactions going on in our cells all day long, occasionally one of the paired electrons in an atom gets detached.  The molecule is then unstable and will “steal” an electron from any nearby molecular atom, creating another unstable “free radical” molecule.  The process is like a destructive domino collapse. Discovering the natural remedy to this deterioration is extremely important to everyone.


The Root Cause of Chronic Diseases?  We CAN prevent this Avalanche.

Free radical activity causes “oxidation” in our bodies similar to the rust on that iron and the browning on that apple.  This oxidation is at the root of degenerative diseases like cancer, arthritis, heart disease, aging, and about 80 non‑contagious diseases common in our society today.  Free radical production occurring naturally is increased by stress, pollution, alcohol, smoke, gasoline fumes, and the fumes of all manner of common modern chemical hazards in the average home.  We should eliminate them however we can.


If your body doesn’t make them, where can you get them?

The naturally created defense system against free radicals includes “anti‑oxidants” like vitamins “C” and “E” plus minerals like selenium, copper and zinc.  “Bioflavinoids” found in live plants are vitally important sources for needed anti‑oxidants too.  These are only found in natural plants like whole fresh fruits and vegetables.  It’s easy to see why many people are suffering such complex diseases when a lifetime of poor dietary habits has literally starved the body of vital defenses. This is why super-anti-oxidants are such a great discovery.

You must strengthen your capillary walls with Bioflavinoids

Capillaries are the tiny blood vessels where nutrients are delivered to all the systems, organs and connective tissues of our bodies.  When they fail at any part of the body, that part does not get its nutrients or unload its waste.  Disease is inevitable.  One of the most positive benefits of  the discovery of OPCs (from grape seeds and pine bark) is how they strengthen capillary walls, thus preventing and even reversing the deteriorative diseases so common today.  Proanthocyanidins (OPCs) have proven effective in the treatment of conditions such as:


Allergies                            Alzheimer’s                 Arteriosclerosis                                    Arthritis

Asthma                              Blood Clots                  Bruising                                   Atherosclerosis

Cancer                               Cataracts                      Diabetes                                   Chronic Fatigue

Crohn’s Disease                 Colitis                          Diabetic Retinopathy               Edema

Hay Fever                          Headaches                   Heart Disease                           Hemorrhages

Hemorrhoids                      Hepatitis                      Inflammations                         Jet Lag

Joint stiffness                    LDL Oxidation                        Leg Cramps                             Lupus

Macular Degeneration        Multiple Sclerosis        Nervous Disorders                   Osteoarthritis

Pain                                   Parkinson’s                  Phlebitis                                   Prostatitis

Slow Memory                    Ulcers                          Psoriasis                                   Senility                                    Skin brittleness                    Sport Injuries               Stress                                       Strokes

Varicose Veins                  Vascular Problems


Many people are discovering wonderful health benefits of the patented OPC formula we recommend

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